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Brad Krewson
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Default illegally dumping

I can't believe your company would allow dumping of any type on any ship in the HAL line. I hold your company in High respect. I have travel your line only because of the quality you give to your custermers. Holland America has let me down. Don't become like other ship lines who doesn't care about our water ways. Please past this on to the CEO & President of the HAL line. This info will also be posted on the CruuseMates website on The HAL message board under Holland America. See below

Ryndam Under Investigation
Officers aboard Holland America's Ryndam have been issued subpoenas by a federal grand jury for illegally dumping some 40,000 gallons of wastewater in Juneau's harbor. The event occurred August 17 when a harbormaster in Juneau spied a brownish discharge emanating from Ryndam. The Coast Guard took samples and identified it as wastewater coming from the ship's sewage system along with sinks and showers.

Originally, Holland America said it had spilled just 250 gallons when crew members were transferring waste into a holding tank. That apparently overflowed and leaked into the Gastineau Channel.

The folks at Holland America have issued a "no comment" response regarding the incident. The company is complying with the ongoing investigation and providing required information. Charges have not yet been filed.

From Cruise Critic web-site

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Default Re: illegally dumping

I agree with you on this topic. Once I was on a cruise and our cabin was just above the refuge shoot. Every night at 7:00 P.M. they would dump al their plastic disposable plates, silverware, garbage, etc. I thought the whole thing was so disgusting.
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Brad Krewson
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Default Re: Re: illegally dumping


It shouldn't be done at all.


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Default Re: Re: Re: illegally dumping

I suspect all ships including U S Military and others are not in full compliance in regards to dumping garbage, oil, and sewage. Just imagine what goes on outside shipping lanes. It is just easier to get caught on satelite or whatever these days. I conclude that there is most likely much less DUMPING now than ever before.
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Brad Krewson
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Default Re: illegally dumping

See the link from the Coast Guard. They can dump just about anything in the ocean after 12miles from any coast. I was very surprised................



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Default Re: Re: illegally dumping

At no time can you dump plastic. You are allowed to dump some dunnage if it's ground up to within 1" within 25 miles of the shoreline.

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Default Re: Re: Re: illegally dumping

When we were on our Alaska cruise in Sept, sometimes there was a sewage odor on Deck 3 of our ship (RCI) & really wondered if they were dumping something. It was a terrible smell. I have a friend that went on Princess some years back that actually saw them dumping garbage. This is absoluely disgusting.
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Brad Krewson
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Default Re: illegally dumping

This info is for any ship in the world from Military Ships and Cruise ships

Nov. 1, 1999
By Petty Officer Roger W. Wetherell
Release #221-99
Coast Guard clarifies pollution regulations
JUNEAU, Alaska -- Recently reported information led the Coast Guard here to clarify pollution regulations it enforces involving both foreign and domestic vessels transiting Alaska waters.

According to federal law, vessels are permitted to discharge sewage within three miles of shore only after the vessel operators treat or process the waste through a Coast Guard-approved marine sanitation device. The federal law also states that vessel operators can lawfully discharge untreated sewage beyond three miles.

"Protection of our natural resources is a top priority for the Coast Guard," said Cmdr. Robert Lorigan, Coast Guard Captain of the Port, Southeast Alaska. "It's our goal to protect pristine Alaskan waters by ensuring that people comply with federal regulations, and ensuring that preventive measures are in place to eliminate illegal dumping."

Additional pollution regulations include:

Plastics - No discharge allowed anywhere.
Food waste - 0-3 miles: no discharge allowed
- 3-12 miles: discharge permitted but food waste must be ground to within one inch, or less, in size.

- Beyond 12 miles: discharge permitted without restrictions

"gray water" - Defined as shower/sink drain water, there are no general federal restrictions regarding "gray water" discharge. However, Glacier Bay National Park has been specially designated as a no-discharge area.
Hazardous substances - 0-3 miles: discharge of materials greater than the "reportable quantity" (allowable by law) is prohibited.
Non-plastic trash - 0-3 miles: not permitted
- 3-12miles: the material must be ground to one inch.

- 12-25 miles, discharge permitted except for dunnage.
- Beyond 25 miles, discharge is permitted.

Sewage - 0-3 miles: discharge only after treatment or processing is completed through a Coast Guard-approved marine sanitation device.
- Beyond three miles: sewage discharge is permitted.

Oil - Vessels are permitted to discharge oil wastes only when the vessel is underway and only after processing the oil waste through an oily water separator, resulting in an effluent that does not exceed 15 parts per million and does not cause a visible sheen.
"Many vessels have redundant systems to ensure discharged material is within the limits," said Lorigan. "We closely inspect and test oily water separators to ensure proper operation and examine maintenance logs, oil record books, and associated machinery."

Coast Guard helicopter and C-130 transport airplane crews routinely monitor vessels while conducting other missions over Alaska waters, looking for indications of improper discharges. It was a Coast Guard helicopter crews observations that lead to enforcement action against a cruise vessel this past year.

Reports of illegal discharges are aggressively investigated and appropriate enforcement action is taken, including fines and penalties.

"The federal pollution laws and regulations for the United States were, for the most part, written in the 1970s," said Rear Adm. Tom Barrett, Commander, Seventeenth Coast Guard District. "The world around us is rapidly changing, so we must periodically review the laws and regulations to ensure they are continuing to serve us well.

"For example, in the 1980s few cruise ships transited the Inside Passage. Now, it is not uncommon to have up to five cruise ships in Juneau a day. With this added traffic, the effect the ships are having on our environment has to be re-evaluated. I am looking forward to our meeting on Dec. 1 with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the Environmental Protection Agency and waterway users to share ideas on how to better protect our marine environment."

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