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Old June 11th, 2003, 10:02 AM
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Default Re: POLL: How did you meet your spouse/partner/significant o

I met my husband at work and found out that he lived around the block from my house! Actually, while we worked together, I didn't think he liked me very much. I remember that we took the train home together on my last day at that job and I asked him to keep in touch and not forget about me. He looked at me strangely when I said that which really made me think he didn't like me, but a few weeks later, he called to ask me out on a date.

The strange look from him that day was because he knew he wouldn't forget me and was already planning on asking me out.

We had such a romantic courtship and were married 2 years later on Feb. 29th! Our first real anniversary is coming up next year!!!

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Old June 11th, 2003, 10:11 AM
Lisa K
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Default Re: POLL: How did you meet your spouse/partner/significant o

What great stories!, here's mine. I met Richard through my best friend at college who is Richard's cousin. My best friend was getting married, i was to be in her wedding party, well last-minute one of the groomsmen had to cancel and she asked her cousin if he wouldn't mind stepping in. Are you still with me? Ok my girlfriend and all his family call him"Ricky" well, guess what i was picturing???(can you say little boy?) We were going to meet for the first time at a Jack & Jill shower, well i came down with a real nasty head cold, i wasn't going to go to the shower, but my mother in her infinite wisdom convinced me to go, just to make an apperance because it was expected of me. I hemmed and hawed, but i managed to pull myself together, sniffles, sneezes and red-nosed. I was most pleasantly surprised to find that the person i was to stand-up with a this wedding was an adult!! Well, Richard took very good care of me that day, he was(and still is) very attentive, gentle and caring. He is a big teddy-bear of a man. He told me after we had dated for awhile and were getting serious that it was love at first-sight for him. I guess that goes to show you that love is blind<VBG>. I knew that he was the "one" right away - (after the stuffiness cleared out of my head). Almost 18yrs and one son later, we are booked on our third cruise together, taking the son along this time.
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Old June 11th, 2003, 11:26 AM
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Default Re: Re: POLL: How did you meet your spouse/partner/significa

One night at a bar I was sitting with a bunch of friends and some people I did not know. I stood up and leaned over the table and I felt a hand on my butt! I turned around and I had never seen this guy before. I did not say anything and he left. The next night I went to a club with a friend of mine and there was the butt checker again I pointed him out to my friend and said" You see this guy over there? This is him..I am going to marry him" Less then a year later we got married.

This was love at first sight and we just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary..he is my soul mate and my best friend................

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Old June 11th, 2003, 12:00 PM
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Default Re: Re: POLL: How did you meet your spouse/partner/significa

Interestingly enough, all 5 of us (on that first cruise) "hooked up" with someone on the ship, but none of the relationships lasted. One of them did marry their guy, but it did not last (he was a real jerk, unfortunately).

Now, anytime I see these ladies, they ALWAYS say that I got the only good one of the bunch, which is true!
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Old June 11th, 2003, 09:08 PM
Keith & Rita
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Default Re: POLL: How did you meet your spouse/partner/significant o

I met Rita in my second life. In my first life my wife Vicki, of almost 30 years and my high school sweetheart, was killed in a traffic accident three days before our youngest daughter's wedding. The funeral was held on the day that was supposed to be Julie's wedding day.

Six months after the accident and after Julie's rescheduled wedding, her and my other two married daughters, encouraged me to attend a singles' dance were I met Rita. As it turned out we had attended the same high school, me two grades ahead of her, and both of us very unaware of each other at the time.
Well, the rest is history as we married in Las Vegas after a year and a half courtship, and have been on 10 cruises since. I have been lucky, I found love twice! Corny, but true!

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Old June 11th, 2003, 09:24 PM
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Default Re: POLL: How did you meet your spouse/partner/significant o

Ron and I met on a beach in St. Croix (U.S.V.I.) in 1965. He was living with his parents on island and I had just moved there with my folks shortly after my high school graduation. Since the Continental population at that time was less than 15% and seeings how I was 18 years old (and female) and not a tourist.... Ron actually *heard* about me before he met me from several people. He and his buddies used to hang out at the beach club where we had a membership and he came *looking* for me, We dated for several years; I left and went back home to Alaska; he left and went for an all expense paid "vacation" in Viet Nam for 2 years and finally we ended up back on St. Croix and got married there. For our 25th wedding anniversary we went back to the island and went to the church where we had our ceremony. This was just after the hurricane and the church was undergoing renovations and we were able to get a small piece of the slate tile floor as a souvenier. We also talked the caretaker into taking our picture standing where we had those 25 years before (albetit dressed a tad differently!). Now we're in our 35th year and living our lives to the fullest.

Deborah (and Ron)
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Old June 12th, 2003, 12:14 AM
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Default Re: POLL: How did you meet your spouse/partner/significant o

My husband, Phil and I went to to the same college, St John's University in NY and I joined the yearbook staff, photo department. I was dating alot but spent a great deal of time at the yearbook office. My husband was the photo editor. Another friend of mine joined and we hung out as a group on Friday nights.
After about 6 months when I had broken up with my lastest boyfriend ( int hose days that happened quite frequently) I was at a party at Phil's house.,he asked me to become an associate photo editor. And about the same time my friend Barbara also became one at the suggestion of the assistant photo editor, John. we then spent alot of time in the darkroom developing pictures ( this was a Catholic college, so no hanky panky in school).
After awhile I began to date Phil and by the end of his senior year and my sophmore year we were married. Barbara and John married a few years later.and the 4 of us are still close. We are godparents to their daughter and they to our son.
We are celebrating our 35th anniversary next week.
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Old June 12th, 2003, 10:32 PM
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Default Re: POLL: How did you meet your spouse/partner/significant o

Believe it or not, it started with a coin toss. It was the end or our senior year in1972. My girlfriend and I were looking for summer jobs. We stood outside two stores and flipped a coin to see who would go to which store. Well I won the toss to go to the local "dime" store. While waiting for the manager, this handsome yound man in a yellow shirt ran back to get the phone. I thought to myself, humm, I think I wouldn't mind dating him. Well I got the job and within a week, I got the guy. He asked my out while I was dusting shoes and he was sweeping floors. That was 31 years ago. I'd say it was a lucky toss of the coin.
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