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showcat December 7th, 2006 05:59 PM

My singles Halloween cruise review! Here it is everyone!
Ok I see everyone has been looking for my original review that went into a black hole in cyberspace and vanished! So here is one just for us singles.

Pre cruise get together at the Queen Mary. The Queen Mary is a dusty old relic and is not well maintained. My allergies went ballistic on her probally from mold. However one can see she was once a beauty, and you can feel the history on board. We didnt have a big group of people and I wasn't in party mode really yet so I didn't dance but took some hysterical photos.

There was a group of drag queens (real drag queens) who were kind enough to pose for some photos with us. There were also some folks in Halloween costumes, one guy was a giant hotdog so we took pictures with him as well. There were tons of teenagers for this Ship Wreak party. Some singles brought tickets for that then decided not to go when they saw the age group was much younger. Too bad the ship didn't advertise this fact. Our group meet at one of the lounges however and were not mixed in with that crazy ship wreak party.

My favorite part of being on the Queen Mary was going up on deck and walking under her huge smoke stacks, one feels like they are on the deck of the Titanic, a little creepy but cool. I had many photos that had orbs or ghosts in them, one can feel this ship would be haunted, but unfortunatly my camera was later stolen on the Pride when I left it in the disco.

I felt embarkation went smooth and fairly quickly. I think for some reason they did a better job in California at Long beach port then in Florida at port Everglades, perhaps because Port Everglades has way more ships departing everyday.

The Pride is a beautiful ship! Sister ship to the Legend which I cruised on last May. I've heard reviews of people who thought she was dark or complained about nudity in the art. I say are you blind? The ship was bright and colorful, with art everywhere, and if you don't want your kids to know what a naked person looks like in a painting cruise Disney instead!

The Pride staff was friendly and service was good but I would have to say the Legend had better entertainment, shows, and their staff was a bit more funny and Zanny. Perhaps Im biased because I got to know some of them personally. Our cruise director Wee Jimmy was hysterical and always said "I love you" after his announcements with his Scottish accent. He sounds just like Michael Myers in character. They said he was leaving the Pride however and that was his last cruise. The staff of the Pride was getting switched however so anyone on her now will have many new people I didn't get to cruise with. Our room steward was wonderful, they are like Ninjas who magically appear when you are gone. Our cabin looked like a bomb hit it since two single attractive ladies have more important things to do then be organized so while we were off being social our cabin was cleaned and organized for us. We tipped our room steward extra cause he was fantastic!

My complaint would be that the adult only/Aft pool was not kept adult only. These ignorant people bring their kids to the Aft pool which is supposed to be quiet and child free. The staff needs to enforce this better.Kids were also in the hot tubs, most were well behaved but some were jumping and spashing so the staff did address that at the mid ship pool.

Food was very good, service was good also. Lots of choices in both the dining room and the buffet. I highly reccomend the Sushi bar on the ship, it's included and is located outside one of the lounges. If you catch it open make sure to get a roll! Yummy. Room service is free so I always order a continental breakfast. Usually cereal, fruit, and a pastry or yogart something to get my motor running, if Im still hungry I just head up to lido on my way to the pool and get something else to bring outside with me.

Singles activitys- We did 2 truths and a Lie which was a fun way to meet people. We did a Halloween trivia that was also good even though I think the men beat the women. I entered and won 2nd place in the door decorating contest for Halloween. And I also won at Movie trivia cause Im a movie buff :-P There was a cabin crawl, I got to see what a suite looks like and wow I was impressed! Our Halloween party was so impressive! It was one of the best Halloweens ever! Even the seniors went all out with their costumes! The ship was so crowded and everywhere you looked was another great costume. That night is sort of a happy blur for me and went by way too fast. Singles Karioke was hysterical. And one night we had a singles 70's party.

To be honest I wasn't super social on this cruise.Im extremly picky about men and I wasnt' looking for a romance for personal reasons. If I were there were maybe 2 guys on the entire ship I would have considered. I like movie star good looks and I prefer young guys 20-30's.
One was part of our group was actually older in his 40's (think George Clooney) he was my dance partner and became a good friend, the other worked on the ship, so I really don't count him.

I found a smaller group within the group and stuck with them. We were sort of like the "In Crowd" in highschool and everyone wanted to be near us. Let's just say that our group was confident, fun, outgoing, and attractive.

There were some dorky guys who tried to infilterate our group (because we had some pretty ladies) but we stuck to those we liked. We tried to be polite, but some people have little to no social skills; and can not read body language and can't take a hint. My advice is "what's yours will come to you" if it does not it's wants to be free so give up buddy!" Im sure a couple people thought I was a snob, but I don't really care. It's my vacation, and Im not going to waste my time with people I have no interest in.

I do regreat not switching dinner tables (cause our group stuck together) but the reason I didn't was because there was always some person I was trying to avoid mixed in with others I might want to know. There were a lot of young gals I didn't get to hang out with too much on the ship, but now we are getting to know each other via e mail and I hope to perhaps cruise with them in the future and become closer friends. My social circle has once again gotten a little bigger and it was a great experiance.

The ports were fantastic. I had no idea Mexico would impress me that much. But not only are the ports beautiful they have really good choices in shore excurions also. I went snorkling with a sea lion in Puerto Vallarta at Las Calitas, and got a massage in a hut on a hill top overlooking the ocean! I took an all day tour around Mazatlan that included Concordia in the Serra Madres a 17th century village, as well as the Golden zone and Old Mazatlan. In Cabo I swam with the dolphins, and still had time to go to Sammy Hagars Cabo Wabo for lunch and then to the beach!

Over all this was one of my favorite cruises. I would do it again for sure or just fly directly to any of the 3 ports. Hope you enjoyed my review!

gwydiana December 7th, 2006 06:25 PM

Hey Pretty Girl!!!

Awesome review! I want to snorkel with a sea lion!!!

showcat December 7th, 2006 06:29 PM

Glad you liked it! The Sea lion was cute and friendly. Las Calitas is an awesome place where you can do that, regular snorkle, kayak, lounge on the beach in a hammock, take a bananna boat ride etc! Just beautiful there!

chiefillini December 8th, 2006 12:25 AM

showcat, good to find the review and thanks. Starting to plan my first cruise for the 20-30's at the beginning of April. Must say I am little nervous since I have not done something like this before but always up for new adventure.
Did you go to any party before the cruise to get to know the people in the singles group?

showcat December 8th, 2006 01:36 AM

I went to the precruise get together on the Queen Mary but usually just wait till Im on the ship to meet everyone. No need to be nervous you can switch tables during dinner each night to meet the group. Make sure to do lots of activities also and talk to people. Good luck and have a great trip!

Angelgal December 8th, 2006 02:12 AM

Hey Showcat, I loved reading your review. I had a blast at the pre-cruise party on the Queen MARY. You saw me dancing on the dance floor with my friends. I was able to take photos of the ghosts in my cabin and have a photo to prove it. I had a really nice roomie at the Queen.
My "IN CROWD" friends were in their early 30's. We had fun together.
I had dinner every night with two handsome guys that were total fun to have dinner with. We have e-mailed eachother since our cruise. I may see them again on another singles cruise.

I remember seeing you talking with two handsome guys at the buffet with your new gal friend from your home town. I decided not to stop and talk with you because I wanted you to have fun with the young guys.

I am not using any names of my "click" friends to protect their identity.
I hung out with some handsome young guys during formal nights and have the photos to prove it. I invited a cute Canadian guy to the PRIVATE Captains party for past passengers. We walked out with two drinks in our hands and then walked into our vtg singles party that also had free drinks. What a night.

My cabin roomie was a perfect roomie because I already knew her from the vtg Costa cruise. I will never ever be roomie's with a stranger eventhough most singles do match very well with strangers in the vtg match program.

I am planning to go again on the Carnival Pride for next years Halloween Party cruise because it is located in my home port. I want to meet guys from California. Plus, I save air fare money.

I was totally impressed by the regular cruisers who also had great costumes.

QUESS what? Wee Jimmy was replaced by another guy who acts like Wee Jimmy. I thought it was him when I cruised two weeks ago on the Carnival Pride again.
I like the Carnival Pride. I bought me some beautiful fashion jewelry on the ship and real silver in the ports. They had some great prices.

Some guy made a comment that you looked perfect in your halloween outfit. He said you had the body for it. Angel gal

Thoth December 9th, 2006 12:46 AM

Hi Showcat ! Sorry your review was lost in cyberspace. That happens sometimes. Thanks for repeating it here. By the way...great job and THANKS.
Are these single cruises "meat-markets"? Do people really attempt to pick each other up like at a college frat party? I've never been on a "single cruise" and one reason is I'm not so sure I would enjoy the crowd. I sleep solo! :wink:
That said, the itinerary sounds intriguing. For next year, the Pride to Mexico had made my final shortlist. I opted instead for the Valor out of Florida. In 2008 I will strongly consider that Mexico itinerary, so again thanks for your review. :D

Angelgal December 9th, 2006 05:20 AM

Hey thoth, no...... it is not a meat market. It is more like a group of adult singles getting together and having fun with eachother's company.
The guys are polite and nice. There were some guys who were desperate to get laid and we all knew who they were and we all knew which gals chose to go to bed with them.
Then there is the group of singles that find eachother compatiable and we don't see them again because they just want to hang out with eachother.

There are also singles who choose to be on their own away from the group.
The only reason they book with the singles is because they can get a good rate on single suppliment.

There are also guys who love to suba dive or go snorkling and they try to find a partner to go with because that is the safe thing to do in the ocean.

There are some singles that are hard core Karaoke singers and hang out with that crowd which includes mostly the regular cruisers outside of the singles group.

I only like to dance to live music so I dance until I get tired and then go have a small snack and then go to bed.

The singles who love dancing til the weee hours hang out at the disco with DJ Music.

Some singles don't like to dress up for dinner so they go eat dinner at the buffet most of the time.

My cousin who is a single guy loves the ocean and just goes to a quiet place and reads a book every day. He loves to read at the library.

I enjoy going to the Trivia games that is sponsored through the cruise ship. I also like to shop on the ships.

I don't consider the singles cruisers as a meat market because most of them are first time cruisers and they go for the experience of cruising.
The new cruisers love the attention they get from the other singles.
The experienced cruisers like me have their own routine of what their plans are on the ship and in ports.

Thoth December 10th, 2006 01:27 AM

Thanks Angelgal for your reply to me. OK, you have convinced me, I'll have to look into going to a single cruise sometime. If we get a better rate, then... oh yea !
I don't like to hang out by myself on vacation, so that's one of the reasons I go cruising, in that I can always find someone to enjoy activities with. Sounds like from your testimony, that a single cruise might be actually better for platonic friendships. :o

booboo4031 December 10th, 2006 09:05 PM

I have made a lot of male friends on singles cruises that I have stayed in contact with and I've also met a lot of female friends. A singles cruise is what you want it to be. I was on the Carnival Pride Halloween cruise and I always book a single balcony cabin. I had dinner with the same guy every night and he asked me if I booked a single cabin in case I met someone. My response was 'no'.. it's just I'm too old to play mystery roommate roulette! You meet many people that are there for different reasons .. I like going because there's always people to have dinner with and hang around with etc.... I'm already booked on the Halloween cruise out of Florida. I'm thrilled because I got one of the larger aft balcony cabins. I'm debating between the March singles trip or a singles trip to Morocco in April. Decisions.. Decisions!


Angelgal December 11th, 2006 09:16 AM

Hi Diane, yes, it is hard to decide which cruise to go on next. Decisions, decisons. I presently have a cold so it hard to even think straight. I have to wait until I get better before I decide.
I am thinking of going on the April 1, 2007, with because I would like to visit St. Lucia island again. Plus a friend of mine is going to be there who is a lot of fun. Angel gal

Beetlegator December 11th, 2006 09:51 AM

Showcat, LOVED reading your cruise report and can relate to it minus the Halloween party since I've taken the early Pride cruise in May and wanted to know your take on it.

If you don't mind I like to comment with agreements and disagreements:

I agree that the Queen Mary is a rust bucket but chose to stay onboard because it's right next to the Carnival port and I didn't want to pay extra for a shuttle or taxi to get to the ship. Though the resturant did serve great steaks and good breakfast in the morning of the cruise. When I walk the ship you could see the rotting floor boards and if it wasn't for the history of the ship it would have been sunk long ago.

I too have taken photos of the Queen Mary but did not see any orbs or ghosts in them . . . maybe they were sleeping. I had not encounters with ghosts or spirits even when I turn off my light in my room. So if I were molested by a ghost while I slept I didn't feel it. Maybe your camera was intend to be stolen to get rid of the proof that ghost exist, LOL.

I am glad your embarkment when smoothly but I found mine to be time consuming and the lines long.

I did not have any trouble with the nudity on the ship and also did not find alot of kids who parents would object to the nudity, thank goodness for traveling on a school week. I would not be happy traveling on a Disney cruise.

I agree with you that the Pride staff was outstanding, I even met a young lady from English who would be starting an 8 month stay on the ship, and NO I did not hit on her. I feel that it is different when a male passenger hit on a female crew member and it's much easier when it is reversed.

I felt the cruise director was funny and entertaining and was tempted to buy the cruise video but didn't. Showcat unlike you I did meet my cabin attendant but it was intentional I always want to have the cabin or maid know I can show up anytime just in case, you know what I mean.

I agree with your complaint that adults should not bring their kids to adult pool and Carnival should enforce this policy. Also I read that a former sport reporter was arrested for molesting 2 kids in a sauna.

Food was good on the ship but do not order salmon in the continental breakfast because I got very sick. I assume the salmon was not refrigerated and was just sitting out somewhere.

Showcat, you and the other hotties must have broken alot of hearts of some of the single guys on the ship if not all. Everyone have to realize this is a single cruise and certain people have expectations on meeting attractive people it's human nature, even though they may not be attractive themselves. I can understand your avoidance of these gentlemen but that part of life. I can understand you being attracted to other attractive people.

I would LOVE to have been there when the "DORKY GUYS" tried to infilterate your group but you can't fault them for trying. As I mention before there where more unattractive people in the single group I was in that attractive ones. I may agree with you somewhat with the saying "What's yours will come to you" but I say "Do your homework" before going on any single cruise and be realistic in your expectations. I can imagine guys thinking you being a snob be you can't blame them for trying. But I also understand you constantly avoiding men you are not interested in which would be embarrassing in most cases.

I am glad you made more friends on this cruise Showcat and hopefully down the road see you on one of these cruises.

Thoth December 12th, 2006 02:43 AM

"quote="Beetlegator"] Everyone have to realize this is a single cruise and certain people have expectations on meeting attractive people it's human nature, even though they may not be attractive themselves. I can understand your avoidance of these gentlemen but that part of life. I can understand you being attracted to other attractive people.

I would LOVE to have been there when the "DORKY GUYS" tried to infilterate your group but you can't fault them for trying. As I mention before there where more unattractive people in the single group I was in that attractive ones. /quote] "

By no means am I attempting to step on anyone's toes but I'm going to open this can of worms. :evil:
How does one define "attractive"? :?: Do they mean physically attractive such as good looking? Only a dupe picks their friends based on looks. Sad to say there must a great deal of shallow folks in the world. Young women kill themselves to be thin to the point of anorexia, older women carve their faces up to look younger. Men spay this Rogaine crap on their heads. Every body's on pills to lose weight. What's wrong with middle age ?
As a single guy,I love to converse with intelligent women and have noticed a correlation between brains and weight. It seems that woman who have conceded defeat on the "looks" issue, make up for it with intellect. :idea:

dmcrews4202 December 12th, 2006 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by Thoth
By no means am I attempting to step on anyone's toes but I'm going to open this can of worms. :evil:
How does one define "attractive"? :?:

Yeesh...let's not start those bad stereotypes (beauty vs. intelligence).

This might sound hokey, or a cop-out but I think different people need different things at different times in their lives.

Some people need physical attractiveness more, others need emotional connection, or intellectual stimulation. And these desires change as people change. The trick is finding someone who fulfills what you need at your point in life, and whose needs you meet in theirs, whether that is as friends or lovers.

At my point, I think it's a shame to limit your choice of friends based on how beautiful/handsome they are. I'd like to know what kind of company they are. But then again, I am at a certain point in my life. Others may (and certainly should) disagree with me. 8)

Angelgal December 18th, 2006 05:40 PM

I get attracted to singles who have the same interests and values that I have. I don't care what they look like. I like to hang out with both genders on the cruise ships. I don't look at age either. If someone is fun I hang out with them. On my last cruise I was hanging out with a group of teens who loved singing Karaoke. I plan to mail them the photos I took of them.
Some people say I should act my age but I don't care what people think of me. I hang out with whomever I please. I love to act silly on the cruise ships. I like to make my friends laugh.

HEY SHOWCAT! When is your next cruise? Want to go with me on the April 1st,07, with group? I need a roomie. The ship is going to ST. LUCIA and the Southern Carribean. Check it out. We can have lots of fun. I think it is the Carnival Legend. I think I am going to be cruising on a lot of Carnivals this year. I will most likely get upgraded to SILVER LEVEL as part of the Club level. I will reach the VIP group soon. Angel gal

Thoth December 19th, 2006 05:02 AM

"Some people say I should act my age but I don't care what people think of me. I hang out with whomever I please. I love to act silly on the cruise ships. I like to make my friends laugh. "

That's the philosophical locale I've reached in my life as well. The best advice I was ever given was "be yourself" . It's been a revelation reached later in life that most will either like me or they won't, and I have limited control of their sentiments.
As for acting silly on cruise ships, I'm bad about that. Karaoke machines are a lure to make me play the fool then disarm everyone with self deprecating humor. Does it truly matter? Will In see these people again?
NO ! :wink:

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