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Old June 23rd, 2007, 10:43 AM
Pat Hagan Singles Editor's Avatar
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Default A Must Read: Travel Insurance FAQ

Hey everybody:

There is a wonderfully informative article just posted on Cruisemates' homepage regarding that often misunderstood subject: Travel Insurance. Written by Cruisemates Editor Paul Motter, it contains vital information about travel insurance that all cruisers should know about. I sometimes see postings here on the singles board from people wanting to know should they buy the insurance and asking a myriad of questions. Paul Motter's article tells you everything you ever wanted to know about travel insurance, so I hope all of you will go to the homepage and read it.

Pat Hagan, Singles Editor
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Old June 23rd, 2007, 07:36 PM
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Thanks, Pat. So many times I see people post that they don't buy travel insurance because they're "young and healthy". On one cruise, I saw a "young and healthy" man being evacuated off the ship due to a compound leg fracture he suffered on a shore excursion.

My health insurance doesn't cover air evacuation, and the medical coverage on a cruise ship or foreign country is vague and subject to interpretation. I just look at travel insurance as part of the price of cruising. And it's not that expensive when you compare it to a $25,000 air ambulance bill.

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Old June 23rd, 2007, 07:48 PM
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Hi Pat, I did learn some new things about travel insurance that I didn't know. Plus I learned that Celebrity cruise line will charge a $100. cancellation fee if you cancel after 85 days. Most cruiselines will give you a full refund before 70 days. They don't charge a cancellation fee.
I also learned that some insurance companies refund your cruise money if you "CANCEL FOR ANY REASON" which means you changed your mind.

These are my ideas about travel cruise insurance:

Insurance can cost from $30. on up for a cruise. Some agents will pay for your cruise insurance if you book with them. I have done that sometimes.

It is best to "WAIT" until you make full purchase of your cruise because if you change your mind about cruising..... the insurance company will not refund your paid insurance money. I have cancelled cruises several times and had my cruise deposit refunded because I cancelled before the ship's deadline date and I got a full refund.

Another time.... I changed my mind about a certain cruise date but I had already paid $84.00 for travel insurance when I made my deposit that was non-refundable. I was lucky that I was able to call the insurance company and asked them if I could move my insurance money to another date on that same ship and they approved it. "WHEW". Maybe some travel companies don't do that type of deal so I got lucky.

For many years I never bought travel insurance and I never had a problem. But after 9/11 one of my work friends had paid $3,000. for travel to the middle east. She had not bought travel insurance and she chose not to travel because of the fear in her heart.... so she lost the money. The singles group land trip was successful and they all came home safe.
Right after 9/11 many people were afraid to fly to the cruise ports so they lost their money because they didn't buy cancellation insurance.

I decided to start buying travel insurance because my parents are very old and one of them could die anytime so I make sure I buy insurance where I can cancel out in case one of my parents' gets ill or dies.

Then...... I started to notice that some people young and old get into accidents in the ports. I decided to start buying medical insurance since my Blue Shield Medical insurance doesn't pay if I leave the country or go on a cruise ship. I also started thinking about "WHAT IF"? What if I should get ill all of a sudden and I need to be flown home? So now I make sure the insurance covers me for that possible problem.

I think those are the people who put their heads in the sand and think that nothing will happen to them if don't dwell on it. 'DUH"!

In Jan.07, I cruised with a singles group and there was this man that fell in port and fractured his leg. He had surgery in Mexico and came back in time to complete his cruise. Meanwhile, he was wondering how he was going to be able to fly home with a cast on his whole leg. How would he sit in an airline seat? That was his question when I was talking to him.
HE DIDN'T EXPECT TO GET INTO AN ACCIDENT. BUT.... he had full travel coverage insurance. "Whew".

This is something else I have noticed with SINGLES cruising. All of a sudden they say they can't cruise because they have to work or... they are having some home family problems. They decide to stay home instead.
I think those people should buy "Cancel for any Reason" insurance.
I have heard that some singles just walk away at the last minute and don't seem to care that they have lost their cruise money. Cruise ships never return money at the last minute. That has been my experience in noticing the importance of buying insurance. My attitude is to buy insurance to have peace of mind and if I don't need to use the insurance it is even better because I come home healthy and safe. Angelgal
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Old June 23rd, 2007, 11:57 PM
BornOnJuly4th's Avatar
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I always suggest that people buy travel insurance and I do it myself, too. It's such a small price to pay considering all the things that can happen, especially medically. I have known several people that had to get airlifted and that can cost a hefty penny, usually around $25,000.

Originally Posted by Angelgal
=It is best to "WAIT" until you make full purchase of your cruise because if you change your mind about cruising..... the insurance company will not refund your paid insurance money. I have cancelled cruises several times and had my cruise deposit refunded because I cancelled before the ship's deadline date and I got a full refund.
One quick note to point out if you wait until final payment to buy your travel insurance. Most companies will NOT cover you for pre-existing conditions if you don't buy coverage with a certain number of days after you have put a deposit on a trip.
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Old June 24th, 2007, 08:22 AM
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It may be a good idea before buying travel insurance to check with your employer to see if you are covered for medical problems / evacuation. My company covers all out of province/country emergency medical problems and medical evacutaion, thus I never buy the cruise insurance.
I am willing to risk the loss of the cruise price if I miss the ship, as this is less than half the cost of my vacation. I can always change my flights and use them at anytime within a year, and most pre-cruise hotel rooms give a 24/48 hr cancellation policy, so my risk is only the cruise. If my employer did not supply the medical benifit, I would definitly buy this coverage.
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Old June 24th, 2007, 10:53 AM
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Hi Born, you are sooooo right about cruisers with pre-existing medical problems should buy their insurance as soon as they put a deposit when they book a cruise.
Can you believe my old parents don't have any pre-existing medical problems that are serious? My dad is 95yrs.old and my mom is 85yrs.old. They haven't seen a doctor in two years. I don't have any serious pre-existing problems either.

I have met some cruisers who tell me they have some serious internal medical problems and they look really healthy when you look at them.
They have to buy insurance as soon as they book a cruise.

I had a Canadian friend who worked for a company that covered him totally 100% for medical when he traveled on cruise ships. He wouldn't buy cruise insurance but if for any reason he couldn't cruise he would lose his cruise money paid. But he is in top health and has never missed a cruise.

I know for a fact that there are some singles that just change their minds about cruising because something came up for them and they lose their money. Meanwhile.... their assigned roomie gets the cabin all to themselves. I have had two friends tell me they got lucky and got their own cabins because their roomie didn't cruise and they totally liked having their own cabin.

There was one gal whose plane got delayed so she missed meeting us at the port. But Delta who had cancelled her flight.... flew her to Puerto Vallarta and paid for an all-inclusive Hotel resort and she had a great time for three days. She didn't buy travel insurance so she couldn't get money for the three days she missed out on the cruise. But she told me she had a great time in Puerto Vallarta. She got lucky because there are times that airlines don't care and you have to find your own flights to get to the next port if you miss getting on the ship.

I always carry three credit cards in case I have an emergency where I have to pay for a last minute flight with a different air-line to arrive in time to cruise. Most INSURANCE COMPANIES don't pay until you give them your bills. So I have to be ready to pay out of my own pocket right away. I was told by my travel insurance company to always get a letter from the airline company stating why the plane was delayed and why the flight was cancelled because that is my proof that it really happened.

It is also best to buy travel insurance from a private company instead of the cruise ship insurance because if the cruise ship is at fault for not providing what you paid for and there is a problem..... the ship will most likely refund some of your money and also give you a bonus discount on your next cruise with them. You can also put in a claim with your travel insurance. You end up getting double benefits according to a travel agent I spoke with a few years ago.
Hey Born... have you heard of anybody getting benefits from a cruise line and plus insurance money if something goes wrong with the cruise?

I think it would be nice to buy travel insurance from the cruise lines because if you get ill for any reason you don't have to pay any money up front. But on the other hand I find their insurance can cost more than buying outside insurance.

I have heard some singles say on the cruise ship that they want to go see a doctor on a ship for some stupid reason. I tell them it will cost them $100. just for the visit. They say to me, "It's not freeeee.......
I also tell them "Don't say you are having a problem with your digestive system and pains in your stomach because the doctor can order you to stay in your cabin and you will not be allowed to leave the ship when we arrive in a port. I saw that really happen to some lady who complained of minor stomach problems. She was fine but they wouldn't let her off the ship.
If you become really ill with a stomach virus the ship will pay for your doctor visits. The reason being is that you most likely caught the virus on their ship. My advise is to please follow the doctors orders and stay in your cabin so you don't expose other people to your virus. You will get great room service because the doctor ordered you to stay in your cabin.
Plus... you most likely get insurance money for your cruise being ruined by the illness. I am thinking... I don't know for sure since I have never had that problem and I have never heard of any single getting ill with a stomach virus.

Do some of you know that if you get sea-sick that if you go to the ship's doctor they give you a shot of meds that clears up the problem right away. They say that within 15 minutes or 30 minutes you get okay.
This is another reason to have medical travel insurance.

In all the years I have cruised I have never had to visit the medical doctor because I try to be real careful not to get ill on the ship. I wash my hands all the time and I don't eat or drink in any port. But, I still play it safe and buy insurance.
One time my sister got really ill on a ship and I had bought her medical insurance. She doesn't believe in buying insurance but I do.... so I bought her medical insurance. She saw the ship's doctor and was ill for two days on the ship. She arrived home ill and had to have gal-bladder surgery. Her own medical insurance paid for it because she had been having a problem for months but her own doctor didn't know it was a gal-bladder problem until the ship's doctor told her that was her problem.
The ship's doctor saved her life because her own doctor told her she would have died within two weeks if she had not had surgery because her gal-bladder was gangred sp. and ready to fall apart. Angelgal
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