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cruzzz1000 July 16th, 2009 07:45 AM

Has anyone been to Manaus in the Amazon River?

I'm wondering what excursions you might have done and how you liked them?

I was thinking of going fishing somewhere down the river since there are 3 different ports on this particular cruise.

Thanks for any input.

Parrot Mom August 21st, 2009 10:17 PM

Yes, we did the Pzcific Princess in of the trips in my "bucket" list.
For us... seniors...we took the tour of Lake January and the Lily Pads which included lunch on the river.. The tour that has you up in the middle of the night they tell me it rained the whole time

Devils official tour, but hot and humid as Hades..

we did do the aeral tram in Dominica.. extremely exciting through the rain forest.. There are people on the Princess Board who are more into Princess and the trip... We really enjoyed it, but not the anbiance of this particular ship

Triton August 22nd, 2009 02:24 PM

We sailed the Amazon River this past April. Manaus was such an intersting city - built on the banks of the river. It's a bustling old city. No bridges, buses or the like - they all travel in boats. Everyone has a boat to get from one side of the mighty river to the other, or from the East to the West (takes 5-days by their local 'ferry').

My partner took some incredible pictures on our cruise and they are available on Youtube. I'll take the liberty of posting it here (hope he doesn't mind) L O L . There are three vids, one of Manaus and two of the excursions we did in Manaus. HOT and HUMID! but beautiful there.

You can fish. I recall fishing excursions, specifically for fish, clean and grill them. There were a couple of passengers we spoke with who did this excursion and loved it.

We didn't do the fishing, but were on the Lake January tour which was simply amazing!! The giant lily pads were beautiful. The River was just beginning to rise for the season. We also saw the meeting of the two waters which was incredible. The Rio Negro and the Solomese (sp?) merge to form the Amazon. Spectacular experience.

Enjoy the vid (we have more from the other ports as well if you're interested, PM me).

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