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Donna August 20th, 2000 02:27 PM

Looking to (I hope) do one of those Infinity cruises to Hawaii in 02. Gosh, that seems like such a long wait. Actually I'd be happy to just try Infinity on one of their regular itins too :-) I hope in the future we can get a CM cruise on it??
Got my fingers crossed, lots of folks interested in this ship too.


tra4 August 22nd, 2000 09:31 PM

RE: Hawaii
we're doing Hawaii 11/01, but on RCCL's Vision of the Seas. Yes, definately tooooo long to wait!!! good luck on your search!

Dona August 24th, 2000 05:33 PM

RE: Hawaii
I have a cruise planned on the Infinity to Hawaii in April 2001. Really looking forward to this since I have not cruised on Celebrity before and never been to Hawaii. Can't wait.

Does anyone know which city (when we leave Honolulu) we will fly to? Is is Los Angeles, San Diego? Curious trying to plan a post-cruise on the West coast for a couple days .

Donna August 24th, 2000 05:45 PM

RE: Hawaii
Hi Dona,
I was checking into that same cruise and was told you fly back to Ensenada Mexico and take a 3 hour bus ride to San Diego, but I'd check again with your travel agent and make sure thats still the way they will do it. Heard its possible to just make a stop in Mexico and then go to San Diego. So far, haven't heard that they will do that. I too want to try Celebrity and may possibly go on Infinity in
02 to either Hawaii or the caribbean. Hope to hear about the cruise when you return :-)


Jerri September 6th, 2000 11:02 PM

RE: Hawaii
Hi, I just called Celebrity and asked about something I read on the messge board, regarding our 14 day cruise to Hawaii. What I read was Infinity might not be sailing in April. We are already booked for April 7,2001 and put down our deposit, as of now no one knows if she will be sailing, they are only taking reservations for the May sailing. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Let me know what they tell you.

Donna September 6th, 2000 11:07 PM

RE: Hawaii
Hi Jerri,
This is the first I've heard of this, hope you get to cruise to Hawaii. We were actually thinking about the April 17th one, but had a change of plans. You said Celebrity actually told you this?? Well, sure hope to hear soon.


brenda September 12th, 2000 09:31 PM

RE: Hawaii
I am sailing soon, Oct 8th on the Vision Of The Sea on a 11 day Hawaii. I can't wait. It is getting really close now. We are going two days early staying in a hotel on Waikii Beach. Have a couple days to get use to the time chage before sailing. I will post more about the trip when I get back . Bye

Kuki September 12th, 2000 10:00 PM

RE: Hawaii
We did this cruise in 99 on the Rhapsody.. only Vancouver to Hawaii. Its a wonderful cruise, and I'd do it again in a flash.

And we just sailed the Vision last month in Alaska. Did a Virtual Cruise Report daily for CruiseMates.
It's a lovely ship.
Features Editor

tra4 September 13th, 2000 06:53 PM

RE: Hawaii
Please email me if you do a review. We are doing this cruise, Honolulu to Ensenada Nov. 2001. I'd love to read everything about it and the Vision. Have a great time!!! Which hotel are you at?

Melanie September 13th, 2000 11:56 PM

RE: Hawaii
So you liked the Rhapsody cruise to Hawaii. I have found very few reviews of this ship and the Vancouver to Hawaii itinerary. We leave Saturday and I'm just wondering if you have any last minute advise or suggestions.

Donna September 14th, 2000 02:34 PM

RE: Hawaii
Hi Melanie,
Just in case you didn't read this review of Rhapsody by Kuki, same ship and itin, enjoy :-)



Sharon and Will September 20th, 2000 01:32 PM

RE: Hawaii
Our TA told us we sail from Hawaii into Ensenada - and travel by motor coach up to San Diego. We fly out of San Diego.

Has something to do with the Ship's registry not being (of course!) American and since it is cruising Hawaii (U.S.), it must stop in a foreign port at some point (thus, Ensenada).

Whatever, sounds exciting to us and we're just happy to be booked!

Carolyn September 23rd, 2000 08:55 PM

RE: Hawaii
We are also booked on the April 7, 2001 cruise to Hawaii on the Infinity. I had heard rumors that Celebrity was not taking any more reservations for this cruise. Our travel agent called Celebrity and could not get any answer from them whether the ship was sailing or not. We are also eagerly awaiting any news on this ship.


Sharon and Will September 26th, 2000 02:24 PM

RE: Hawaii

What did Celebrity have to say about the Infinity not sailing in April?

Dona September 26th, 2000 03:16 PM

RE: Hawaii
You know the Infinity starts it's first sailing in January. Surely if these rumors are correct, the people sailing before us would have heard something dont' you think!!!


Tom March 12th, 2001 02:31 AM

RE: Hawaii
We're on the Infinity sailing that starts in Hawaii on 3/28 and ends in Ensenada. We received our travel docs this week and we fly back from San Diego. Don't know if that means you will, or if it's just for convenience sake that we don't have to be bused all the way to LA. Enjoy your trip ... we'll try not to break anything!!


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