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tigggg98 January 3rd, 2004 10:59 PM

Which hawaii cruise line
Hello All:
We are going on our Honnymoon in Oct 04! And wanted to know what people thought, was a good cruise line to go with. 10day on Infinity, NCL 7day on prid of America, or the 11day NCL wind, and last RCCL 11day on serenade of the seas. What do you all think? And is Oct a good time for Hawaii and what about the sailing time to mexico?
"O" this is our first cruise! Please any help would be great..............

Jeannie B. January 4th, 2004 04:38 PM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Not too sure about when the best time to cruise Hawaii is, but my husband and I were on the Infinity to Alaska for our honeymoon last September. We had a wonderful time. The cruise ship was lovely and we had a cabin on deck 2. We had an outside cabin, and there was plenty of room in the cabin. The service was terrific and the food outstanding. As far as I am concerned, any woman who comes off a cruise and does not feel like a queen, she needs to tell everyone why she does not feel that way. My vote is for the Infinity. Jeannie B

PapaBill January 5th, 2004 06:01 PM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
October is a wonderful time to visit Hawaii. You have some of the best weather, smallest crowds and best prices.
I have sailed NCL Wind in Hawaii and done their 11 day itinerary (with two days pre cruise in Honolulu ). We had a fabulous time but I am not sure that I would book that ship again.
Any other cruise (other than Pride of America) will be a repositioning cruise for a ship on it's way back from Alaska. You would either sail 4 days across from someplace like Vancouver and then do a 7 day Hawaiin cruise or do a 7 day Hawaiin cruise and sail to Ensenada (4 days)..
Pride will be doing all 7 day Hawaiin cruises when it sails, with all US crew.

After 12 cruises I am going to sound like I shouldn't be posting here when I recommend you look into a 11 day two island land based tour for your honeymoon.
Gram and I just returned in late October from 5 days in Oahu and 6 days in Maui. Having done both and had a great time on both , I must say I got a lot more out of the land based trip. We are currently planning as far out as October 2005 and that will be a 11 or 12 day split between Kuai and Maui. 5 or 6 days on Poipu Beach area in Kuai and
5 or 6 days down in Wailea section of Maui.
Prices in Hawaii in October are dirt cheap as this is the low season yet ironically this is actually the best weather.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and I hope you enjoy whatever you choose for a Honeymoon.
Check out the comments I wrote on this trip over in the chat section by looking in older messages back in late October.

starfighter January 6th, 2004 09:12 AM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Hi Tigggg98, Well, if it was me, I would fly to/from Hawaii, rather then spend all that time on the crossing, and take the 7 day cruise to the 4 major islands on the brand new ship "Pride of America". I would also incorporate a Hawaiian resort stay either before or after the cruise and, in that way, enjoy both worlds of paradise. Sometimes you can book a resort/airfare combo for the same price of the airfare alone. I'm just not big on spending 5 or 6 days at sea without being able to say "Land Ahoy".

mlbcruiser January 22nd, 2004 08:25 PM

Re: Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Happened to read this thread since we are "sort of" looking at HI cruises months from now. I LOVE cruising and have been on l5, w/the l6th coming up in a few wks. BUT! The last poster was right on. If you see the beauty of HI and not at LEAST stay 3 nts. before or after your cruise, you will regret it. And it's true - the pkgs. are often cheaper than just airfare. Where you might run into trouble is getting a pkg. w/say 3 to 5 hotel nts., but find you then can't get the air home for a further out date to allow enough in-between time to cruise! Not sure about it but it is something to check on. We took a mediterranean cruise 3 yrs. ago. I started thinking the air was such a big part of the expense (even though we had one ticket from phone miles!), it would be a waste not to stay a bit longer! We ended up renting cars (2 different ones for the first and last days on land) spending 4 nts. before and 4 after the cruise. Went to Lake Como, Venice, Sienna, cruised, then to Positano and on up to Porto Fino, w/our last nt. in Milan, then home. Greatest vacation we ever had! SO many cruisers were scrambling to get reservations in Rome and change their airfares for AFTER the cruise, realizing that here was ROME and they wouldn't get to really see it other than from a cab to the airport! You never know when you are in a "we may never pass this way again" scenario. Now, you might LIKE a long sea crossing, but STILL spend some time on at least ONE of the Hawaiian islands! Bon Voyage, whichever ship you choose.

sandracus February 11th, 2004 12:18 PM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Not sure where your home base is but Aloha Airlines ( 800-367-5250 )
has $139 each way from Burbank Airport to Maui and some other islands as well.

luv2cruise February 17th, 2004 05:22 PM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Yes, I agree with the previous posts about staying in Hawaii pre- and post-cruise. The cruise part is wonderful, and it's a very relaxing way to get from island to island while you sleep, and you have the added bonus of being at sea, which I love. We stayed in Honolulu for 1 day precruise (it was also a stop on the itinerary that sailed 7-day roundtrip from Maui) and Maui 3 days postcruise, and that was a great trip.

Just my opinion, but I don't think a lot of NCL at all. We have cruised all over the world (going to South America this year), and I've been on NCL 3 times and do not think it compares favorably with Royal Caribbean, Princess, etc. I think you could do better than NCL.

Happy traveling,

Kimba February 20th, 2004 07:32 AM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
I'm going with PapaBill and say take the two island land package holiday. We stayed in Waikiki for three nights on a stopover and loved it. Looking forward to going back too but would not bother doing a cruise, too much to see and do on the islands. If you really want to cruise go to the Caribbean instead.
Of course this is only my opinion and you will do whatever you choose and I really hope you enjoy it!!! Have fun.


Frequent Cruiser February 20th, 2004 10:46 AM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
My favorite time in the Hawaiian islands is nighttime, and the best way to experience Hawaii at night is on land. My preference would be to visit at least two islands, probably Oahu and one other (your choice), in addition to cruising the islands. For most people who don't have oodles of time, this would point to the NCL 7-day cruise with land sightseeing before and/or after the cruise.

I would love it if there were an inter-island cruise RT Honolulu of 10 days that would spend at least two full days on Kaui, Maui, and the big island, Hawaii.

cruisecrazy April 4th, 2004 04:09 AM

Re: Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Actually there is a cruise on NCL's Pride of Aloha, which u probably already know about now, that does an overnite twice - Maui & Kauai and visits 2 ports on the Big Island also although it is only a 7 day cruise. However, since it is Honolulu to Hon return u can spend lots of time before & after on Oahu at less cost than for a 10 day cruise. It's the one hubby & I are 'doing' next Jan. and saving lots of $ by doing just that..Happy cruisin'!

hcat April 5th, 2004 12:21 PM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Thanks for all the help & suggestions--Guess we are narrowing down to a cruise to Hawaii & then stay over a few days after..leaning towards Infinity but await a review of Island princess from papa bill --Wish they could leave from US & just pass thru Ensenada--maybe by the time we book that will be an option.

slyre April 6th, 2004 05:41 PM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Hi there,
We did the 12 night from Vancouver to Hawaii last September aboard the RCL Legend of the seas. I can't recommend it enough! The weather was great and there was nothing boring about 5 days on the ocean. There were so many activities planned that we never had a dull moment. We got to see all the islands (2 days in Maui, and Honolulu) and spent an extra night in Honolulu and it was a fantastic trip.

hcat April 8th, 2004 12:08 PM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Legend is also a ship I'd lke to try--seems very much like Enchamntment whihc is my favorite ship. How did clearing customs work when you left from Vancouver?

Tanya May 27th, 2004 11:08 AM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line

I'm also getting married in October 2004 and considering a cruise to Hawaii as well. Did you decide on taking a cruise?

When is your wedding date?

Dide July 11th, 2004 07:24 AM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Did the NCL Star's 7 night last Sept - T'was Perfect !
Doing the NCL Wind's 10 night this Oct ...

peggyann1943 October 6th, 2004 06:13 PM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
My personal choice would be the Island Princess, RT from Los Angeles......after all, it IS the "love boat"................and I just LOVE Princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust Me!!

hcat October 9th, 2004 06:48 PM

Re: Which hawaii cruise line
We made our decision. Booked March 06 on Summit RT from LA It's a nice ship we have recently been on & we love Celeb.(just back from Constellation)

Pete A November 12th, 2004 04:36 PM

Re: Re: Which hawaii cruise line
Could you please tell me more about your cruise on the Island Princess?
We are planning to go on the 15 day rt from LA, what time of the year did you go ? is March a good month? How did you like the ship ? How was the open sea ? Rough?
Did you leave fro San Pedro or Long Beach ?

Thanks, Pete

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