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ejb November 10th, 2009 06:14 PM

Just returned 11/08 from Hawaii
We just got back 11/08 from 14 day Hawaii cruise on the Golden.

I know that many have posted reviews on here but I did not want to write a long review unless someone wants info, so if there is anybody that has a question or would like to see a review let me know.

If not, then in general it was a very nice cruise.

katlady November 16th, 2009 07:32 PM

I'm trying to convince my hubby to book this cruise. How was the crossing? Did you hit rough seas? What was your favorite port and why? Do you think you had enough time in port? How many seas days did you have? Did you found the islands to be expensive? Do you get off the ship in Enseneda or do they just throw that in for the Jones Act? Thanks for your help. :DI went to Oahu when I turned 21 years old, but haven't back in a long while. My hubby has never been there.

ejb November 18th, 2009 06:25 PM

I have not been able to get on the site until today, sorry about the delay.

We loved the cruise. It was rough seas for the first day and a little the second day and then smooth the rest of the trip. The weather was the best! Even coming back the last day was smooth. Our favorite was Maui and then Kuaui. We plan to go back now but just stay on Maui and fly to Kuaui for couple of days.
The reason for this is there was not enough time to do all we wanted to do. In Hilo we rented a car and drove ourselves around. That worked out great. We drove to the gardens and waterfall plus explored. The car was $59+tax and $15 to get into the gardens, the waterfall is free to the public.
Hawaii was nice but to city like for me. We loved the Arizona and the tour that went with it. Well worth the $79. This is the port where you stay the longest and we did not need it. It was Halloween so Waikiki, the beach area was nuts with all the parties.
Kuaui was laid back, great garden insland. We just used the shuttle there but wished we had rented a car. We needed more time here to go the places we wanted to go.
Maui was the best for shopping and you could walk to the beach. The nicer beaches were farther away so you needed to get a taxi. The have great places to eat and lots of shops (for my wife) and there was more to do but once again you need more time. This port is tendered so you get in a 1/2 block long line to get back on the ship by 5PM.You don't get off the ship until after 9AM so not much time to explore.
We found out that another cruise line there sails around the Islands and stay 2 days at each Island. That would have been better for us. You fly there and back and save about a week of vacation.

Nothing there is expensive. I did not notice anybody trying to stick it to you.

Ensenada was a waste. We took the shuttle into town. During the trip into town(only about a mile) they try to get you to go to the blow hole. Some that did said it was nice but you are gone almost all day. We walked around for a few hours getting drug into every little junk shop and dive.
Bought a cigar and one of those bobbly head turtle things as a joke and went back to the ship and smoked my cigar and watched the harbor traffic.
We loved Hawaii Island and will go back but on land to give ourselves more time to get lost.
Also you only need to go to Hilo Hatties on one of the Islands not all. They are all the same and most of the stuff is in a little store called ABC.
It's like a 7-11 with souvenirs.

One last thing I will say and will probably catch hell for it but.... There were more people over the age of 70 on this cruise than any other I have been on. Some of the seniors in two piece bathing suits will be something that I can never "un-see". We are not that young(middle 50's) and we were the beautiful people. Trust me, we are not beautiful people!
If you are over seventy then I will catch hell from you HA! It was not a problem just an observation.

The ship was nice the entertainment was good to excellent and the food was the same. Sabatini's was the best and worth $20/per.
Princess is a class act and if you could spend more time on each Island I would do this cruise again. It's great if you like sea days, if you don't this is not the cruise for you. Counting Sunday leaving and Sunday coming back it is nine days at sea and you need to get involved with the onboard activities or you will find yourself just walking around the ship, bored.
Hope this helps some.

zolushka November 29th, 2010 10:12 PM

Hi Eb,
Thanks for the review & information,
We going same cruise Dec 22 - Jan 05
Please can you help on Maui and Kuaui ...
looks like there are 2 Piers on thise islands, which one uses Princess?
Planning to rent a car not sure location to pick, can you tell which rent-a-car you used?
Were there any "last minute offers" for a cars, or locals with "driver to higher" services on the pier?
Renting a car in the TOP season is sooo high ... over $150 for those few hours ...

Thank you!!!

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