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Trip April 19th, 2006 07:28 PM

Packing Decisions
Do you cross pack? A bit here, a bit there, so maybe just maybe, if your luggage gets lost, you will have something to wear..Do you roll your things, use bubble pack, or cleaning bags to insure wrinkle free clothes?

And who packs, and who gets a free pass?

Do you have a packing list? How far ahead do the suitcases get filled?
Do you now weigh your bags, with the new limits in place? SSHHH one of my suitcases weighed 95 pounds coming back one cruise:(:( OH my!

fasteddie April 20th, 2006 07:11 AM

Packing is very simple at our house. A few weeks before the cruise, the simple stuff like t-shirts, shorts and the like are put on the bed in the spare bedroom (sure hope nobody comes to visit!). Then a few days before, the evening clothes (golf shirts & dockers, etc.) are ironed and hung on a rack that attaches to the top of a closet door. Every day is accounted for, and a spare outfit is packed (just in case). Then the evening before we leave, everything is packed except for the stuff that goes in the carry-ons; each of us taking care of our own clothes.

With all of the regs. of the airlines, it's much tougher to pack for a cruise. We used to pack everything in two large suitcases (and our two carry-ons). But now, with the 50 lb. weight limits, we go with three suitcases. It's a pain, but it's something we've gotten used to. Plus, it makes more room for our purchases. Gotta have gifts for our cat-sitters. :)


Pootersdad April 20th, 2006 07:34 AM

If you asked this question of my wife, you will get an entirely different answer than from me.

She starts putting things in the spare room about two weeks in advance. I, on the other hand, tend to be a "last minute packer", because if I pack too far in advance, I find myself putting in a lot of clothes I end up not wearing.

We usually "cross pack" - half of our stuff goes in the other one's bag. We don't pay too much attention to the weight. You gotta have what you gotta have, right?

On the other hand, our carry ons weight about 50 pounds each...... :D

LisaK April 20th, 2006 11:36 AM

i pack much the same way that Ed mentioned.
I am the designated packer, i don't mind, that way i know that everyone will have enough clothes, and they will match :wink:
The "good clothes" go into the garment bag, hung up with dry cleaner's bags.
Underwear & socks get squished into zip bags.
I make lists.

Luanne Russo April 20th, 2006 02:01 PM

We have been so lucky so far. We have only cruised out of Galveston, so we hand our luggage to the porter, and he puts it on the ship, so no we don't cross pack. We also have no need to weight our luggage, yet!


Brenda in Canada April 20th, 2006 02:12 PM

I had to 'dig out' the summer wear as we cruised in the winter and put them through a rinse cycle to freshen them up and then I ironed almost everything. (Judy-you would have been proud of me!lol) This was a couple of weeks before our cruise but the clothes were dug out before that to go through to choose outfits. I helped my daughters choose their clothes but let my husband do his own thing. We did take too much though!
We do have to be careful about overloading my husband's "poppa disc" huge suitcase.
We do not cross pack, but do take our bathingsuits in our carryons.

Darcy April 20th, 2006 02:17 PM

I pack the night before, but I make a list about a month ahead and make sure all the clothes fit, are in good condition and are washed. I can pack for a 7 day cruise in a carry-on size bag. Over the years I've bought a lot of light weight, wrinkle free clothing that packs down to almost nothing.

susiesuds April 20th, 2006 02:34 PM

I dont cross pack but I am a compulsive packer. See I usually travel with my cousins, who are both the same size as me. I have a alot of clothes at home (3 closets and 2 dressers full) so I always end up packing for 3. A week before I'll get a phone call "Hey Susan can you bring that pink skirt.." or "Hey susie, can you pack those white sandles for me.." ect. I just got this hugeeee bag last year. Its really great. LL Bean sells this rolling can go either way. and it comes in sizes s-xl and really cool colors and patterns. I got the blue hibuscus with my name put on it (really great to find at the luggage carasol!) I have a sytem for packing because im a huge neat freak. Dinner wear is planned out weeks ahead of time so I can coordiante jewlwey and shoes. Than i pack casual nnight time outfits that I can mix and match. Than i pack bathingsuits and coverup. Sandles and shoes are next. and than Tolitries and hair tools are last, usually the night before. As long as it fits in the bag..than im good to go :-)

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