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E June 22nd, 2003 06:51 PM

Norwegian Dawn, Nordic Empress, Carnival Pride, Norwegian Ma
I'm going on a cruise in Aug, and my parents are letting me choose which ship we go on.....has anyone been on any of these: Norwegian Dawn, Nordic Empress, Carnival Pride, Norwegian Majesty, Norwegian Sea? I basically want to kno which one would be most fun for my brother and me....if anyone's been on one (or more) of these ships, can you tell me how they were for teens? like in terms of cool stuff to do and places to hang out and the number of other teens that were there?

Wayne June 22nd, 2003 07:09 PM

Re: Norwegian Dawn, Nordic Empress, Carnival Pride, Norwegia
Hi E. Although I haven't been onany of the ships listed above, I think I have enough knowledge to share my opinion...

The Norwegian Cruise Line's ships offer "Freestyle Dining"- dine anywhere anytime and offer many restaurants to chose from. If you are a fan on food, NCL will be a good choice. But since you listed three Norwegian ships, I would chose the DAWN. She is a big ship; and has a big teen lounge and kids facility. She is big with many open decks. I heard many teens go onboard her. The SEA just got one with a refublishment, so she will be clean and have new furnitures. The Majesty does not have much uniqueness, but bigger than the SEA.

The Carnival Pride is from Carnival Cruise Line and they promote "Fun Ships". I have been on one of their ships and I had Lots of Fun. The PRIDE is very colorful inside. The teen facility is not as big as the DAWN's, but many teens onboard.

The NORDIC EMPRESS. Oi. She is a small ship and does not offer much facilities for teens. She has a small kids room, rather than teens room. Considering that she was built in 1988, many interiors is quiet "out of date". If you want to try a small ship, I think she will be better than SEA.

Overall, I would pick NCL's NORWEGIAN DAWN. If you have any questions, feel free to AIM me, daswimma100. Or email me at

Danp June 22nd, 2003 08:50 PM

Re: Norwegian Dawn, Nordic Empress, Carnival Pride, Norwegia
NCL Dawn or Pride... I have been on Pride (Legend) and its really sweet, awesome Disco, and its got a water slide (like I ever used it). The Dawn looks really cool also, but as for NCL Sea and Majesty they dont even come close to Pride or Dawn. Oh and Nordic Empress is really old (like 15yo) So forget that! But I would agree with Wayne -he knows what hes talkin about.

qkslvr221 June 23rd, 2003 06:12 PM

Re: Re: Norwegian Dawn, Nordic Empress, Carnival Pride, Norw
I agree with wayne completely on the dining and teen facilities, but if you like arcades and more of a teen atmosphere, I would definitely pick the pride. It was a very fun cruise and the thanksgiving dinner I had on the ship was the best.

-Rob June 27th, 2003 10:33 PM

Re: Re: Norwegian Dawn, Nordic Empress, Carnival Pride, Norw
I just got off the Pride and it was awesome!! I would deffinately choose that, but listen to the other guys that have been on like 20 cruises, it makes sense they would know!! But the Pride was awesome, the Renaissance art theme was pretty cool. The Davids Supper Club was cool. 6-course meal, with like people waiting on you the whole time. I got lobster, and right as I took the meat out of the shell, the waiter came and took the shell! Pretty cool.... Anyways, the Pride is cool.

bando June 29th, 2003 12:03 PM

Re: Norwegian Dawn, Nordic Empress, Carnival Pride, Norwegia
My dad sells cruises and takes alot of ship tours... he was just on the Sea and it was smaller and had alot of older people. The Nordic Empress is a smaller RCCL ship but since i have had olny great experiences with RCCL on the voyager class ships i think it owuld be great. The norwegian dawn is new and my parents just took a one night cruise on it. From the pictures and their descriptions the teen area seemed huge and it sounded like it was alot of fun. My recomendation would be to go on some website ( or something like that and look at virtual ship tours. I have olny been on bigger ships but i think that the bigger ones have more of a family appeal so i would resomend one of them :)

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