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Djcarolina July 10th, 2007 12:27 AM

To Those Of You With Concerns About Drugs
I'd Like to take this opportunity to bring this report to the teen boards from the main page. This obviously will also be directed at our member pokedasmot as well as any other members who have questions about controlled substances on cruises.

"Pair Arrested in Grand Cayman for Marijuana Miss Ship
Two cruise ship passengers who arrived in Grand Cayman on Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas last week Tuesday didn't leave with their ship because they were in custody for importation of "ganja," or mariguana, as it is more commonly known in the U.S.

Brittany Anne Pitts-Day and Joseph James Termini, both American citizens who reside in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, were held in seperate lockup facilities on Grand Caymen from Tuesday until they could appear in Summary Court on Friday. Pitts-Day, 25, was held at the West Bay lock-up; Termini, 21, was kept at the George Town Police Station.

The magistrate, Margaret Ramsay-Hale, imposed a fine of $500 each for possession of the marijuana, and $250 apiece for the importation of a pipe for smoking it. She also ordered them to pay $125 each in costs. The magistrate said she was taking into account the fact that they had already spent four days in custody when she imposed the fine.

Asked how they happened to come about with the "ganja" and a pipe, Termini said he bought the pipe after their ship stopped in Jamaica. As many of us who have been there know, he said that people with drugs for sale were chasing them in the open marketplace.

Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale commented that the pipes are freely sold in Jamaica, "leading some stupid tourists to believe they were legal."

Here is a summary of the case by Crown Counsel Kirsty-Ann Gunn: An officer on duty in a neighbourhood near downtown George Town, Grand Cayman, saw Pitts-Day in the company of a known drug offender. When the officer spoke to Pitts-Day, she said the island man was "a friend and they had known each other about a week." But when he asked her were she had come from, she indicated she had just come off the cruise ship that day, which obviously did not make sense.

The officer was unable to prevent her from walking away with the known drug offender. However, based on his suspicions, he sought permission from the captain to board the ship. The security officer on board paged Pitts-Day several times, but received no answer. Cayman officers were then escorted to her cabin. On their arrival, only her male companion, Joseph Termini, was present.

Officers found some marijuana stalks on a counter top and in a garbage bin. They also found a wooden ganja pipe with partially burned ganja in it. When Pitts-Day returned to her cabin later in the day a search was requested and officers found a plastic wrapping of ganja in her purse. She and Termini were arrested and cautioned, taken to shore and booked into custody.

Interviewed the next day, Termini said the stalks were part of the ganja purchased in Jamaica. He denied smoking ganja in Cayman waters, and said he thought he had cleaned the pipe since their arrival here. He also said he did not realise "ganja was taken so seriously here."

Pitts-Day also said the ganja and pipe had been purchased in Jamaica and smoked en route to Cayman. Ms Gunn said there had not been time for laboratory analysis of the ganja, but its weight was estimated at five grams. The magistrate said the lab report was not necessary because the defendants' admissions were sufficient evidence.

Defense Attorney Phillip McGhee said Pitt-Days' experience had been particularly unpleasant because she was without a prescription medicine and had to be taken to hospital while in custody.

At West Bay, the running water supply was not what it should be, he said. "She has suffered much by way of consequences already."

He said she had cooperated fully with officers and apparently now realised her stupidity.

Based on a report in the Grand Cayman Compass"

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