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wakeys1218 June 23rd, 2008 01:06 AM

Teen clubs on board...
so what are the teen clubs like on it just activities or os ot dancing all night?

Djcarolina June 23rd, 2008 02:17 AM

Teen facilities vary by cruise line and by ship. Some of the more popular ones are Club O2, Optix, Fuel, The Living Room, The Loft, Club Underground and theres 1 more but i forget.

The clubs offer a variety of activities during the day and early evenings, all of which are optional. You don't have to participate.

In the evening the clubs are opened for dancing. Different ships have different policies as far as what kind of dancing is acceptable. I've had ships that strictly enforce a NO GRINDING policy, ones that say it but don't mean it and ones that don't care.

Do a search on the forum for teen clubs, you'll find lots of threads and lots of those have rather legnthy and responses from me. I'll see if i can dig some up.

Also check out the thread entitled "First Time Cruisers: Read This First" also written by me, it'll provide lots of insight into cruising and the teen clubs as well.

wakeys1218 June 23rd, 2008 10:09 AM

Wow thank you that was really helpful i will look that up asap...I'm just really one to have fun and meet new people =)

Zach17 June 23rd, 2008 01:29 PM

Wakeys, you will have a tight cruise. the teen clubs are awsome but be warned about rci. they have a 1am cerfew that sucks! i just got off liberty of the Seas 3 days ago and i was kicked out for inapropriotly dancing LOL apparently only "VERTICAL GRINDING" is alwed. i recomend club 02.

any questions feel free to ask

pead June 23rd, 2008 02:19 PM

the teen director 4 enchantment is brian staples at times he can b an ******* but get on his good side n hell make the parties fun 4 u n every 1 els trust me lol

Djcarolina June 23rd, 2008 06:16 PM

Heres some previous posts

Originally Posted by Djcarolina
OK so first off welcome to cruisemates. If your going on a Carnival Cruise Ship, Club O2 is the name that Carnival uses for all of its teen nightclubs since the CLub O2 Program is sponsored by Carnival and Coke. I spent a lot of my summer on carnival;s ships and trust me, Club O2 is deff. worth going to! Theres always a really cool Club o2 director who is basically just there to organize activities (come and go when u want), Dj at night and pretty much just hang with u. The O2 Directors are really cool and usually pretty young too, in the 18-30 range. Dan was the previous Cruisemated teen host and has now retired from his position here to work as a full time Club o2 director as well as school and hes only 18-19!! There are on average 200 teens on each cruise, if its peak season there could be 300+ or if its down time, 100 or so. There are a lot of activities that the Club O2 director hosts, that range from icebreakers like truth or dare to battle of the sexes, usually every night there is open club time or a "dance" where the Club o2 director becomes a rockin DJ and spins all the latest tunes and requests. On sea days and during ur ship time on port days there will be other activities planned such as X-Box/PS2 hang time, card tournaments, dance classes or just open chill time. The club on most ships is usually open 24 hours with the exception of certain ships and during private function hours. Its a great place to go hang with ur friends, talk read magazines, or just watch some cool music videos on the plasma screen tvs. Be sure that when you get onboard to check your Carnival Capers daily guide to find out when the Club O2 meet and greet is so u can check in and get ur Funpass/Sail And Sign Card stamped with the Club O2 sticker that will grant you access to the club. Also before anyone else asks, Club o2 is generally reserved for teens aged 15-17 only and this is strictly enforced on some ships (bouncers & security) and on others its totally lax. If you do not automatically meet the criteria, then still go and talk to the club o2 director and chances are if u dont act a fool, they will let u in. Good luck and if you have any more questions feel free to IM PM or e-mail me at! good luck and thanks for choosing the fun ships of carnival lol!

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