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J-dizzle June 28th, 2009 11:22 AM

Carnival Liberty Review!
My family left around 5 Saturday morning for Miami. Everyone who was cruising spent the night at my house. We were SUPPOSED to leave around 4, but my mom couldn't find my birth certificate. After tearing apart her bedroom apart, we found it, packed up two cars and was on our way to Miami. My boyfriend and I curled up in the back of my grandmother's car, and the next time we woke up, we were 2 hours out of Miami! haha

Embarkation: Was Crazy! It was our first time ever sailing out of that port and it was mass confusion! We stopped to ask for directions and was told we had to park in a garage. While driving, we saw that we were far from the ships. And they charged 140 Dollars to park for a week! And we drove down two cars! My family was pretty pissed about that! No security, no nothing for 20 dollars a day! After parking in the expensive dark lot, we pulled out our bags and proceeded to an elevator. After reaching ground level, we waved down a shuttle to take us where we needed to go. When we reached our destination, we were greeted by 1000 people standing in line. We joined at the end and we handed papers asking us about our health, and the H1N1 virus and blahblahblah. After going through security and going upstairs to the zoning area, we were giving our zone number, which was 20. Not to bad. We waited a total of 15 minutes before we were called. The embarkation staff was really friendly and helpful. They checked our passports and birth cerfticates and we were handed our Sail&Sign cards. My boyfriend ("Quice") and I, put 70 dollars on our cards each. Then our group headed to take our embarkation picture and board the ship.

J-dizzle June 28th, 2009 12:07 PM

Boarding the ship
This was my family first Conquest class ship. All the other cruise ships were Fantasy (and one Holiday class for my mom, but she doesn't like talking about it much-cruise from hell). The ship is astounding! The atrium was beautiful! So much detail! And the chandelier was so cute! I loved the way it changed colors! By now, it was 2 in the afternoon and upon finding our staterooms, we toured the ship with life jackets in hand. After the lifeboat drill everyone filled the upper decks to wait for sail off. And we waited...and we waited...and we waited. We were informed by our cruise director, Butch (what a CUTIE!) we had a large group of late flights and we were waiting for them. While waiting in the hot Miami heat with 3,000 other people and sweating profusely, Liberty of the Seas sailed by. And Boy, that ship is huge! The pictures don't do it justice! Now that I'm 18, I would love to sail on of their newer ships. By now, it's almost 5 and the ship horns blast loudly letting everyone know...we are officially on vacation.

Quice and I went down to get our first Drink of the day, Miami Vice (virgin of course) and found my mom with stepdaddy. She had a Mimi Vice also, (Non-Virgin of course) and Quice and I had fun drinking hers. We passed slowly trough Miami, and I think we passed the place where Brooke Hogan lives (Not a fan, but cool nether less). Anyway, Quice and I went to further explore the ship and check out places we would dub, OUR SPOT. We walked past a sushi bar on the Promenade, got a plate and sat down to watch the sea. My boyfriend and I are pretty big jazz fans, and went down to catch the Live Jazz Set down in the lobby. They were good!! We had a late seating dinner in the Golden Olympian Dining Room at 8:15, and being the old people that we are, we went to sleep till 7:30.

Here is where the questioning faces came in. Their are two dining rooms, Gold and Silver, both on the same deck, both two stories. However, you can't walk the full length of the ship on deck 3 and 4. My grandmother (Nana) has bad knees and was getting pretty pissed we had to go up to deck 5 only to go down to deck 3. But learned what set of elevators would take us straight down to the living room. Our waiter was Niven, pretty cool dude, cute too. My nana had a crush on him. haha. My nana was the star of the dining room, because on certain nights, the waiters would dance on the tables and my nana was the loudest one in the room! Everyone in our dining room got to know her name and couldn't wait till she did something crazy. We got out of dinner around 9:45 and Quice and I went to the Promenade to go to the Hot&Cool Disco party which started at 10. Circle C kids were using the club tonight, and soon as they left, we headed in. Now, I'm 18, and Quice is 17, and will be 18 in August. Everyone in the club that night was like 50 and they were playing lame music. So we dipped. We walked past Without Batteries, the teen club, and he said he didn't want to go in because it looked lame too. So, we spent that night roaming the FREEZING COLD ship and headed back to the room around 2 to sleep. For the next day was our first port of call...Half Moon Cay.

I_Live_4_Cruises June 28th, 2009 03:08 PM

I am loving your detailed story of your cruise girlie! And your prom dress was gorgeoussss, I hope you wore it for formal night. :)

mmerali June 29th, 2009 10:05 AM

Sounds like fun so far. And yes, CCL Liberty/Conquest Class do not allow complete walkthrough on certain decks ^^ mentioned above. Miami does chaqrge 20/day/car for parking, which, when you consider it, is not horrible, but its not the cheapest you can get either. Embarkation in Miami on Saturdays can get crazy as its the busiest cruise day of the week for them. Batteries can be lame, only if you let it be. You just need to find a cool group of people and do your own events and such. Like I do recall we did a toga party in there one night and the whole group of 30 or so of us went in to dance in togas.

luv2cruise525 June 29th, 2009 11:25 AM

I went to a toga party with my friends and my one friend made me a toga. She made it very skimpy and tight on me. When I told her that certain things weren't covered properly, she told me that it's ok because I looked sexy.. let's just say she was a little drunk! haha

J-dizzle June 29th, 2009 12:11 PM

My family was up nice and early for Half Moon Cay-Everyone but me! lol. My mom went for her usual morning workout and then breakfast. I was awaken by my boyfriend. After being dragged out of Carnival's warm Comfort Bedding, I got dressed and Quice and I headed up for breakfast on the Lido. I got my soon to me usual, cantaloupe, a bagel with some kind of jelly, potato wedges, and an omelette with everything on it but bacon. While my boyfriend just had an omelette and picked off of everything I didn't eat. We had to tender into the island and we all went back to the room to pack up towels and sunscreen. Half Moon Cay is the Line's Private Island, so the Sail&Sign cards was a must for more reasons than just getting off the ship. To get to the tender, we had to meet in the freezing, but beautiful Venetian Palace to receive a tender number. We waited for a good 20 minutes before they called groups 20-24. Then all Hell broke lose. People running to get to Deck 0 to get on the tender. My mom told my boyfriend to run ahead of everyone to save spots in line (for whatever reason...) just so happen that he had both mine and his Sail&Sign...which meant that it would further delay us getting off this bloody cold ship. So I'm flipping out in line, pissed off and running up to the Purser desk to get a new card. 5 mins later, I'm pushing people out of my way to find my family---when Quice shows up with my old card, which is now deactivated. Now I'm really pissed. We FINALLY board the tender and on our way to the island.

Half Moon Cay was really nice. However, the shoreline smelled like sewer. Other then that, so beautiful! We got drinks with our cards, and sat back and relaxed. There was a group on board with maybe 100 or so people in it-it was an Quiceanrira group. And boy, most of them were rude! Never saying 'Excuse me' when they bumped into you, or jumped you in line. Thank goodness I took Spanish for 6 years! They looked at me hella surprised when I would say something to them in Spanish telling them they need to move out the way. haha. HMC had a giant buffet. It was pretty well hidden and hard to find. My boyfriend and I walked for what seemed like forever to find the grub! Someone led us to it. Everything was really good! I stood in line to get us something to drink...yeah...I was waiting for 10 mins to get a sip of Lemonade from little Dixie cups aka two sips and you're back in line. After eating we headed back to the beach and caught a tender back to the ship.

After showering, me and my boyfriend took a nap with all intentions of waking up to catch sail away, but slept till it was almost time for dinner. I don't remember what we had, but I'm sure it was really good. After dinner, Quice and I headed back to the cabin to change for the "nightlife". Yeah right. We went to Club o2, it was still pretty lame, they let 13 year olds in. So Quice and I headed to the back of the ship behind Emilie's which was one of our spots. We sat in the hot tub just talking and ate ice cream. Then did some random roaming of the ship before calling it quits for the day and sleeping...

Next up, a fun day at sea.

J-dizzle June 29th, 2009 11:14 PM

Fun day at sea and Elegant night at sea

I begged my boyfriend to come with me to see the sunrise. My mom woke us up around 5:45, and we walked up one level to the lido deck to catch the 6:05 was beautiful. One the way back to the cabin, we were approached by security and a parent. They asked us if we saw this certain young man. I thought I did the night before, with some drunk kid, but took a closer look and we said no, but we seen him around the ship. As we were walking back, the young man was walking towards the Lido with a lot of friends. I wanted to tell him his dad didn't look to happy...but I had morning breath and he would find out on his own anyway.

We went back to the room and re woke around 10 to eat breakfast and plan our day. We wanted to play Win, lose or draw, but that didn't start till 12:15, so we went to go play putt putt with my little brother. Oh boy! It was windy up there on the sport deck! A game of putt putt turned into a game of just trying to stand on two feet! But it was fun nevertheless. 12:15 came and we were like 3 minutes getting to the game because we got lost trying to find The Cabinet, on "Deck 4". (Yeah..had to go up to deck 5 and find a secret set of stairs to get there). The guy running the game wasn't to friendly or too into it and wasn't trying to include us, plus, it was dark and smokey down there, so we dipped to find something else to do. We sat up at the lido eating ice cream and caught the last little bit of a ice carving demo. Once again, the Quices were being rude and getting in people's way...eghhhh. We left the Lido to attend Battle of the Sexes in the Piano Man bar at 2:00. There was about 25 people wanting to play...but, no Carnival Rep showed up! We all sat around talking, doing the usual, "Where are you from? Oh! I been there before talk" only to find out no one was going to come. A girl came in saying we were in the wrong place to go to the lobby, so all 25 of us walk to the Lobby where they were playing a bean bag toss. We all booed and yelled for Butch. He never came. So we were forced to find something else to do. My boyfriend was getting pissy and antsy because there was really nothing to do but eat (my fave past time). We found Butch-in a disco dance class he was teaching. We did that for maybe an hour...that was pretty fun. Butch was our cruise director, and was such a cutie, with his lanky tall self. lol.

I got a salad for lunch so I could fit into my formal night dress. Around 7, we all headed to the cocktail party...FREE DRINKS! Then headed off to dinner, which was the best dinner we had so far. Only thing I remember was that I had duck...and it was greeeaaat!

The bf and I went to go change and sat outside the adult club. I flashed the guy my id and card, and went in, looked around and saw it was pretty decent tonight and walked back out to get my boyfriend. I thought cause he had just checked my id like 5.5 seconds ago, he wouldn't check it again, and wouldn't check my boyfriends, but he did, and told my boyfriend he couldn't come in cause he didn't turn 18 till August...bummer. No one was in Club o2...they were all sitting outside and the 13 y/o were pretty much running their club. So off to eat more ice cream for us! After changing to our PJ's, we sat around on the lido just talking and watching music videos and watching people go by. By now, it's 3, and we head to the arcade and played air hockey and somehow played some games on the dance dance revolution machine while guys cleaned up the teen club which was connected to it.

Then, we went back to the room to watch some cartoons before calling it a night.

Next up...St.Thomas!

firsttimecruiser44 June 29th, 2009 11:36 PM

I am really enjoying reading your review. Sounds like a great cruise so far! That sounds like hell when you had to do everything with the sign and sail pass. Do you know why that father was looking for his son?
Well your review is very detailed and I can't wait to read more
Oh and I saw your pictures of facebook. They were really cool. There were a lot of you and your boyfriend. Haha. Ew - Just kidding!

dudestir127 June 30th, 2009 01:19 AM

$20 per day per car, that's $10 per day per car cheaper than New York charges, which is why me and my parents hauled luggage on the crowded NYC subway to our cruise.

Glad to see you had a good time. What is your facebook? I'm interested in seeing the pictures.

J-dizzle June 30th, 2009 01:32 PM

I guess the son had stayed out all night. He looked like a party person and a leader. But everytime after that, I saw him with his dad. lol.

Djcarolina June 30th, 2009 01:46 PM

Very good review. It's nice reading personal accounts & experiences of a cruise and it sounds like you had a great time. Thanks!

cruiseeeeaddict June 30th, 2009 02:38 PM

awesome review!
i know what you mean about trying to play putt putt up there. i ended up there about 4 times throughout my cruise & could never manage to stand up straight between the wind and the ship moving. it definitely made it a lot more interesting though!

J-dizzle June 30th, 2009 10:51 PM

Wow...Ryan called my review cool. I feel so special. For real. lol.

Going to say it now...sorry for any typos...I'm on my laptop and I don't have spell check on here. lol

St.Thomas, USVI
The family woke up fairly early today for St.Thomas. My mom has been there before on a land vacation and kept bragging about how breathtaking the island was. She was already out for her morning workout and the boyfriend and I headed out for a late breakfast. The view from the ship was breaktaking! I love seeing the mountains. In port with us was two other ships. Carnival Freedom and Carnival...dang, I forgot. Sorry. lol. But we ate breakfast, the usual, and came back to our cabins to get bottled water and sunscreen. We got off the ship without any drama this time(Thank goodness). We didn't have a set agenda, we are really laid back and take things as they come. Right after getting off the ship and turning a corner, was TONS of little shops selling the same things. We went into what seemed like EVERY shop! I came up with the idea that when we came back from doing whatever we were going to do....THEN we will go shopping. I'm glad they listened. We walked outside and was approached by a taxi driver. His name was Julius. All the locals were very nice by the way. He charged us 12 dollars a person for a full tour of the island. The "taxi" was a pickup truck with benches in the back in the bed with shadding. Not to bad, very airy. Just don't set anything on the won't see it again, well, maybe crushed on the road. People here drive VERY fast. Almost DANGEROUSLY fast. But it was still fun.

Our first stop on the island was a peak look over with store. Other tours were there as well and Julius walked in with us. We took pictures over looking the islands of St.Croix and St.John while Julius gave us a brief history of the islands and island life. He showed us where the middleclass lived-those houses go for 500 thousand! It was crazy, cause they weren't that nice. We stopped in the store, and shopped. I got a shot glass to add to my collection and picked up some for my dad while everyone else bought tee-shirts. Our next stop was what I like to call the "Offical" St.Thomas drop off. It was...I can't even think of an adjective good enough to describe it. But it was what I thought of when I think of St. Thomas. You could see all the cruise ships in port, and all the islands and houses and everything else. Some one on here might know the name of it, it is the highest point of view on the island. Anyway, we loaded our truck to head downtown...for what you may ask?...More....SHOPPING! We reached downtown about 20 mins later....and by this time...we all could have eaten the little random chickens St.Thomas had running around. Greatfully, no one wanted to shop, so we asked Julius to take us to get some REAL St.Thomas island food (Since we passed a Mickey D's and KFC on the way lol) he took us to this spot, on a backroad where a lot of locals were. We got red rice with beans and chicken, a big box of it, for 7 dollars. Not bad. Then, Julius drove us to a hotel and told us if we walked straight back...we would come upon a beach. It was around 1, and he told us he would be back at 3:30. We didn't bring our Carnival Beach towels(Big and bulky and heavy when wet) so we laid back under a palm tree in the shade eating. The food was really good! Then we went into the water. There wasn't that many people on the beach, and the people that were there, came from the hotel. The water was cold just like at HMC, but still so pretty. We just lounged in the water. My boyfriend and I decided if something was to happen and we could not go to Bora Bora Island for our Honeymoon, St.Thomas would be next on the list...then Disney World. haha. Marquice is more of the swimming type, always wanting to go way out, so while he did that, I caught up on some reading on the shore in the shade. Too soon, it was time to go and Julius came to come get us from the beach. We made the long ride back to the peir. We had to make a couple of detours, St.Thomas always has some type of road construction going on according to my mother, and it was rush hour traffic. We made it back to ship around 4, with an hour and half to sail off...So you know what THAT means...
NAP TIME FOR JAY AND MARQUICE! YEAAAA! lol. We woke up around 7, only to find that we were not moving. We get showed and dressed for dinner. On the way, we ask why we were not moving and just sitting in front of some island and were informed that San Juan is not that far from here and we would REALLY sail off later that night. That all sounded grand to me, cause the I could always feel the ship moving and it made me seasick.

After dinner, me and Marquice went to change to find something to do that night. We walked into the Thriller dance class which was taking place right in front of the Casino with close to 100 people trying to learn. So we skipped because there was no room for us. (Later that week, we regretted not taking the class after finding out MJ had passed...). We walked about till 11 when the Quest started. You had to be 18, but no one checks for id's unless you are trying to get into the clubs. Marquice looks older than me, while I look 15, and people were looking at me weird. lol. We found a group, a guy named Clarence and his wife who was in the bathroom at the time. He asked us if we were really 18 because we looked so young. His wife came back and he introduced us and she gave us a stank look and said "We are playing with little kids?!?" we informed her that were 18...because she pissed me off, I said I would be 19 in a couple months (yeah...I lied.) The game started off asking for simple stuff, such as a roll of paper, and a piece of candy, but quickly went raunchy. I left the game to go get some raunchy materials...(haha...don't ask lol), by the time I got back, I was out of breath cause I ran all the way, but they asked for the item I was just got from the room. YES! Points for our team. That night, I saw two woman make out, a man in a bra and thong, butt loads of condoms and lube, 5 sex toys, crazy sex positions, and learned what "Moater Boating" was. was a fun night. Our team lost, but hey, we had fun.

12 came and we headed to the arcade to play some more games before we headed up to the lido for some gross pizza (dough too sweet) then we sat around singing and dancing to the music videos on the big screen and watching fast little 12 yearolds walk around like hootchie mammas. Then we went back to my room to watch Bride Wars....but ended up watching the inside of our eyelids.

Next port...and my faveee...San Juan, PR!

J-dizzle June 30th, 2009 10:51 PM

Donde esta Senor Frogs?!?
San Juan, Puerto Rico

We all did the usual. wake up, eat breakfast, get off the ship. Today, we were docked with the Caribbean Princess and meet back up with Liberty of the Seas. We docked right in the middle of everything seems like, as soon as we past the gates, we were bombarded with offers for taxis. We declined everyone and decided to check out the city on foot. We all were handed Senor Frogs coupons for Free Shots and found out the drinking age was 18. Hecks yeah! My family tried to find something that were were all interested in, but guessed it...SHOPPING (Boo.) We picked up little knick-knacks, which was the same anywhere, I got another shot glass and blah. I hate shopping. My mom, seeing how bored me and Marquice was, told us we could go, just make sure we got back to the ship in time. So we DIPPED! We walked aimlessly around the city trying to find Senor Frogs. We found the Clothing store, and turned in the bottom of our coupon slips to get a free necklace. Then we saw a huge fort and walked towards it and up the big hill. We could do a self tour for 3 dollars each, not too bad. And the fort was cool (check out the pictures on facebook yo.) It had awesome views of the city and of the ports and cruise ships. We spent an hour there before continuing our quest for Senor Frogs.

We finally found some signs leading us there...we felt so dumb because it was a street over from the port! The drinking age was 18, which I am, one checked id's. We got our free blue shot (which tasted like kool-aid) and got a order of chips. They gave us balloon hats and we stood on top of chairs. It was a club atmosphere and it was fun. But Marquice dad asked us to get him a bottle of Puerto Rico Rum. We asked the waiter what was the best place to get some, and he gave us directions, but it was too loud to really grasp them, so we nodded our heads, and went on our way. On way, we saw my stepdad headed back to the ship since everyone had went their own ways. We told him about our quest for rum and told him about Senor Frogs. We walked there and they got drinks while I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri. In the city I live in, we are one of the rare few that can take alcoholic beverages out on the street. But there, we couldn't and we were starting to be pushed for time. So we gulped everything down, and me, I'm not a drinker by no means, so I was starting to feel the effects from the shots and my daiquiri. On the way, we stopped to ask a lady for directions which she gave in Spanish. I translated and we were on our way to a place called Don Q. They had big bottles for 15 R E E D R I N K S! We got Pina Coladas and some other orange drinks. They were we got plenty. After about an hour and a half. Me and Marquice was REALLLYYY feeling it. I couldn't focus my eyes to read...or to barely walk, plus, it was hotter than hell, and my body felt warm and fuzzy. lol. We got back on the ship and went to my room where my mom was. She could tell we had been drinking, she wasn't mad at me, I was legal. lol. We went up to the Lido for lunch and sail away where I drunk plenty of water and ate just in case if I threw up, it wouldn't just be stomach acid and pineapple. haha. Then we sat and watched Wall-E. It was so cute. Marquice didn't drink water and went down for a nap, and woke up with a headache and was quiet all during dinner. Around 10 we went to the Fun Hop where the Blue team (BLUE! there it is!) met in the Victoria Lounge. Karaoke was running late and a lot of the blue left because all the other teams were doing fun things. After they cleared the singers out, the 50 people who suck it out went in to get face paint and sing songs. Marquice was being a hangover baby and wanted to go back to the room to sleep before 11 for the deck party. We got up a little later than 11, and went up, but it was kinda lame. I tried to get into and have fun, but Marquice totally ruined my night cause all he wanted to do is sit because of his massive headache. I wasn't feeling to hot too, so I went back to the room and slept, face paint and all, till the next morning...

Last port of call, Grand Turk.

Zach17 July 8th, 2009 12:27 PM

the carnival liberty has by far been my favorite cruise

J-dizzle July 8th, 2009 02:16 PM

Mine too.
My mom wants to sail it again, but I'm looking for some more ports to go too.
So we are arguing whether to sail it again on a slightly different itinerary, or sail Carnival Freedom, to all new ports.

But either way, it's a cruise for next year and I just want to be on the ship

dudestir127 July 8th, 2009 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by J-dizzle
Mine too.
My mom wants to sail it again, but I'm looking for some more ports to go too.
So we are arguing whether to sail it again on a slightly different itinerary, or sail Carnival Freedom, to all new ports.

But either way, it's a cruise for next year and I just want to be on the ship

My motto has always been "if it's not broken, don't fix it." You know you liked Carnival Liberty, go back on that. My family liked Carnival Miracle last year, so we went back on it this year and had an awesome time again.

cruiseeeeaddict July 8th, 2009 09:32 PM

carnival liberty's also been my favorite cruise, by far. we booked again for next spring break. i can't wait to go back!

J-dizzle July 9th, 2009 02:36 PM

I guess so. And the only plus would be to get more in depth at the ports the second time around.
And I guess with a whole new ship load of people, things will be different and then with my boyfriend being 18 about to turn 19, we can do the same stuff.
Because we didn't really bond with anyone on the ship like I have done in the past. We kept getting weird stares from people for some odd reason...I kept checking to make sure my dress wasn't tucked into my bathing suit (Like on this other cruise I was on, except, it was tucked into my underwear...embarrassing haha)

But either way, my mom is paying for it, so it's up to her.

17andacruiseaddict July 23rd, 2009 09:39 AM

i know im late i just started reaidn this lol. even though u already know i saw your pics.....anyway, lets get on with the review!!!

J-dizzle July 24th, 2009 01:04 PM

I did kinda slack off. lol

Grand Turk:
Such a laid back place! The ship docked basically in the beach. We were the only ship in port today (thank goodness) and was off quickly. Right upon getting off the ship, you can see there is NOTHING but beach. You walk right into a little shopping area, then a plaza with all kinds of cute little shops where you can buy little trinkets. We headed to the beach and rented a cabana where we stood in line forever. Also, me and Marquice rented out some snorkel gear. After my family found our seats, the old folks got some drinks, my bro and my cousin hit the Margaritaville pool, while me and Marquice went out to the FREEZING cold water. Water in Grand Turk is VERYYY rocky, so be careful and you might even want to wear some water shoes. Earlier in the cruise in Half Moon Cay, Marquice cut his foot doing something (Probably something stupid), but this time, he was more aware of the huge rocks everywhere. The ship had to be only a few hunderd feet away and it was kinda scary seeing it that up close and having it tower over you. But anyway, this was our both time snorkeling and with all the destinations we went to that week, we couldn't find a place that we could jet ski or snorkel within our budget, since we could rent it for 10 dollars each all day, we jumped at the opportunity. Marquice is very adventurous, and I thought I was too until the cruise. As soon as I stuck my head under water, I could see all kinds of big huge fish sticking to rocks beside my feet and started to freak the OUT! He thought it was funny and pulled me along. I learned I do not like to snorkel. My goggles kept getting foggy, it was hard to breathe with the added pressure, I didn't like the sting rays I was seeing. Yes, STING RAYS were further out. This is what my mom has on her video camera: Imagine me, swimming like Micheal Phelps in the Olympics, screaming. haha. I so left my boyfriend out there (at least there was other people out there looking at the rays too), but I was not about to get stabbed with their tail things, so after that ordeal, my time in the water was over. lol. I chilled with the 'rents and granny till Marquice running back with his adventures. He's so cute when he gets excited. He tried to get me to come back out, but that was a big no. So we walked over to Margaritaville to the pool. It was nice, they had a DJ and a swim up bar and a flow rider. We watched people make huge wipe out and then watched the Mrs. Margaritaville competition. WOOOW! A grandma won hands down! She was booty shaking and she even popped a spilt! Part of me was disgusted, but the other part of me just couldn't stop watching. lol. We chilled out here for a while and headed back on the ship for lunch (mmm....salad...) and headed back out to the pool to swim and enjoy being on land. (I really enjoyed not moving, got sea sick every night). Soon, it was time to head back to the ship where we took a nap and very good showers before dinner. I don't remember what we did this night because I didn't write it down. haha.

Nextttt....Fun day at sea!

J-dizzle July 24th, 2009 01:23 PM

Fun Day at Sea

Marquice and I woke up late today, knowing there might not be much to do. We arrived on the Lido, just in time to get the usual breakfast omelet from Kirk, our omelet maker who we always made convo with. We sat and watched the Debarkation Talk on the big screen on the Lido while we ate and sat down with the Caper to decide what we wanted to do on our last day. There was really nothing to do till later that day, which was fine with me, cause we sat around listening to island music till lunch, then I ate that too. I loved their sandwich bar. lol. 12:30 hit and we headed down to the Amazing Hunt in the lobby. We found our team mates and went on a 20 min picture scavenger hunt where we came in first place. Yeah, we kinda cheated, the Carnival guy wasn't that into it and we showed him the same pictures more than once since we was just making tally marks and not actually marking what we had off. Hey! We were trying to win a Ship on a Stick! But, instead, we got medals. Oh well, we rocked them all day proudly. We sat around and ate again, well, Marquice watched me eat till around 2:30 and we went to the Marriage Show with Butch, very funny. But awkward because Marquice and I were whispering answers to each other that Butch would ask, only to find out my mom and stepdaddy were sitting right behind us! And my mom wanted to know what we were whispering about the whole time! lol.
So...after lying our way out of that one, we just roamed around the ship till 4:30 where me, my mom, step daddy and Marquice went to go play water wars and we found another family to play it with. They were soooo much fun, I wished we would had found them earlier in the cruise cause they were about our age. Water Wars is a water balloon fight in cages and you catapult your balloon into the other person cage, and whatever team is the most wet lose. It was really fun. My mom got some good pictures. We played for about an hour, back to back, till another family wanted to play and we let them take our spot. I headed for the water slide, which is loads of fun. haha. I'm such a big kid. Other than that, we walked the ship till it was time for dinner. Dinner was good and sad, we had to say goodbye to our waiters. They were the best we ever had on a ship so we tipped them really well and then we went to Showtime, which was like a passenger talent show. They dressed them up as Athena Franklin, Madonna, Britney Spears, James Brown (Who was played by our team mate in the Quest, and Elvis, who was played by this cutie Asain guy I was admiring the day before in Grand Turk. lol. He forgot half the words and was just mumbling, but it was soo funny, the saved the best for last. We went back to the room to pack up for the next day and put our stuff in the hall and just hang out and enjoy each other company and talk about our next cruise and did couple things I'm sure you guys don't want to hear about.
Debarkation went well, we were one of the last people on the ship and enjoyed a good breakfast.

Overall, this was a fun cruise. I wish there was more people we could relate to, but oh well. Maybe we will go on a four day er where there are more people our age and who we can identify with. We can't wait till the next one. And I will try to chill out next cruise, because I kinda forgot I was on vacation because I was trying to do it all. Next cruise will def be way more chill.

: ) Liberty is my new fave ship.

17andacruiseaddict July 25th, 2009 11:12 AM

sounds like fun. yeah, it seems like when u go on a cruis with somebody, u always want to be involved in the activities onboard. as oppsosed to when u go by yourself and meet friends there, u guys just kinda roam the ship doing things that arent planned.

cant wait to experience the liberty for the second time, in just three weeks from today!!!

very good review. i was wondering how u remember exactly what u did each day, but then i saw that u said u write it down (lol that could be a big help). idk if ill write on cuz im not that into taking notes (even in school) lol. but i will be sure to come back and wtie as much as i remember. we just booked our transportation to the ship and a beach excursion for st. thomas. and u know ill post my pics probably the day i get back lol

luv2cruise525 July 25th, 2009 11:33 AM

That was very detailed! I'm always too depressed and lazy to write up a review when I get home even though I remember pretty much everything about all my cruises. I leave in 18 days for cruise #6 and I'm not as far down my lists as I usually am :(

J-dizzle July 25th, 2009 03:23 PM

I can't wait to see them.
I get bored looking at my own cruise pictures. lol

17andacruiseaddict July 27th, 2009 05:28 PM

haha i know! i think i review mine at least once every 3 weeks

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