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CruiseGary August 15th, 2009 04:49 PM

Cruise Ship DJ's
I DJ'd on ships up until recently - both for the Teen Clubs and the ships Adult Night Clubs. I worked on the 5 major cruise lines - it was a great experience and if I don't mind saying, I'm a good DJ with good mixing skills and an ever growing wicked collection of tracks. Most ship DJ's have come from a wedding dj background - not a club or radio DJ background. I am still on ships, but in another position and lovin' it.

But what makes a DJ good, is their ability to play and seemlessly mix, tracks what you want to hear, mixed with some new stuff, to keep it interesting. Guests come from all over the US, Canda as well as the world, so its great to have current knowledge of whats happening musically for the international guests onboard.

Some ships have various DJ promo subscriptions, however its not unusual for many of the discs to be missing, "borrowed" but never returned. Thus many ships tend to have a limited selection, with lots of older music . The good DJ's will not rely on the ships inventory - they will provide all their own legal music.

So take your favorite CD's with you and ask the DJ if he/she will play some tracks for you - it's your cruise!

I mean do you really want to hear the electric slide 1000 times?

Happy Crusin'

Djcarolina August 16th, 2009 03:11 PM

I don't know what ship you've worked for, but Carnival and all of the brands under their line as well as Royal Caribbean and all of their affiliates utilize Promo Only, the same music subscription service that radio stations and my company uses. This provides the ship with current music well before it hits the charts and ensures they have a good music library. Most larger cruise ships have reformatted their booths to be capable of utilizing Serato systems.

What relevence does this post have to the teen cruisers who will not likely be participating in any of the nightclub activities where the staff DJ will be present.

Finally, advising guests to consider giving music to other DJs is really both unprofessional as well as illegal for all intensive purposes.

CruiseGary August 16th, 2009 05:17 PM

22,000 songs, and you paid for them all?...hmmmmm

CruiseGary August 16th, 2009 05:27 PM

test page for delete

mmerali August 16th, 2009 06:31 PM

While I would love to see you two duke it out, I'm going to jump in here. My experience with the teen club DJ's (and believe me, its extensive), has been that the cruise line does provide a subscription service for them to use. I've seen DJ's (more than once) passing around the Billboard Hot 100 for requests (as old as maybe a week, but who is going to complain about a week old music?). I have also been inside a DJ booth while he was mixing - I've seen Promo CD's as well. I would find it rather hard to believe that any DJ is expected to go to work and not be given the means by which to do his work, especially at sea, where availability of things is very limited.

Now, I've also seen Teen hosts who are not great DJ's throwing music on a playlist on an Xbox 360 or PS3. Even then, the music is not old either - might be behind a week or two, but given the time it takes to ship and deliver something to a ship thats only in a US port once a week, sometimes less, its not surprising.

As for the professionalism, I would lean to agree with Ryan - it is unprofessional to provide a DJ with music, especially when he/she's up there doing their own thing. It is also very illegal if you do not own the distribution rights to the songs and the DJ plays them in a commercial setting.

And just FYI, I hear the electric slide perhaps twice all cruise once in the Teen Club, and once on the Deck Party.

Djcarolina August 16th, 2009 10:55 PM


Originally Posted by CruiseGary
22,000 songs, and you paid for them all?...hmmmmm

Absolutely, every single track in our music library was obtained either through the purchase of the original album or through our subscriptions to Promo Only and TM Century's PrimeCuts Weekly music subscription services. Illegally obtaining music from others or through sites like limewire or torrents is both morally and ethically wrong and also provides for good opportunity to ruin a machine.

Mike- If we had a "thanks" button on this site i'd hit it.

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