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WhatsHerName April 11th, 2011 02:27 AM

Norwegian Star Review
okay so.
i went on the Norwegian Star on Feb. 5th. It was rlly fun and i had a blast. The Teen Room was pretty legit.. only 47 teens were on my cruise and only about 14 or so of us hung out together.... there was a lot of drama and i almost got pushed through a glass door in the library by some dude that had been on my case since the first night... but whatevr.
Over all we pulled "all nighters" every night. which was awesome! The food place called the "Blue Lagoon" was one of our main hang out places.. we had out "Buffalo-Wings-O'Clock" and no one would stop us from getting our Buffalo Wings. :p they were the best buffalo wings i'd ever had. xD the buffet was amazing! and the fancy dinners were delightful! i tried so much food i wouldn't dare tough if i wasn't cruising. my personal favorite of my "new foods" was a "Chilled Strawberry Soup" it was one of the most amazing things i'd ever eaten! The shows on the cruise were so amazing! the last one called "Elements" blew me away! there was fire and water and ice and magic acts! it was breathtaking!
My family didn't see me much so most of the pictures were without me. but they knew i couldn't get off the ship so they were 'okay' with it.
The "White Hot Party" night was one i prolly won't forget. We (me and my cruise friends) went in the "Spinnaker" after the teens had already been asked to leave. this was one of our more mischief nights. we were going to pour water on one of the guys that we met on the cruise because he was being an a$$ to alot of the teen girls... but anywayz! the tallest member of our group had a chef hat on (don't ask) and everyone else was trying to be sneaky and keep our presence in there on the DL.. but NO xD he had to see our Teen Director and wave like a mad man and say "HIII MENPHIS WE'RE RIGHT HERE!!!" so he motioned and mouthed to us "GET THE F*CK OUT!!" While wildly point towards the door.. soon security was on us. we ran like mad hell to the elevator.. we lost some people in the "scatter" attempt and finally got into an elevator.. we're pressing the 'close' button as fast as all hell and then we see this little old lady yowling at us to hold the elevator.. it was like something out of a cartoon... xD we were yelling at the elevator to CLOSEE!!! and the poor old lady with a walker was yelling at us to hold it!!

yeahhhh we had some pretty wild times but i loved every second of it....... besides the whole almost getting my a$$ beat by some big guy... >..<
overall amazing cruise! amazing ship! amazing food! amazing staff!

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