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Bob D January 17th, 2001 08:28 PM

So Long Carnival
We are scheduled to sail on the fascination on the 27th of this month. After reading about the new tiping policy by Carnival, I called the guest relations dept. to voice my complaint. The RUDE lady on the other end informed me that the policy was not going into effect until Feb. 3rd so it didn't effect our cruise, thus she said I didn't have a complaint after all. In a way I guess she was right, but we cruise at least once a year and sometimes twice. We are planning another cruise this summer and we were looking at sailing on the Destiny. However, if this tippig policy is still in effect at that time, I won't have to call back and complain, because I'll be going back to Celebrity.

Bruce Chafkin September 16th, 2002 02:55 AM

Re: So Long Carnival
Bad news Bob,

Celebrity - and just about every cruise line - is switching to auto-tipping this year.
Please read below for a little background info that may ease your mind.

I agree that service on ships generally has gotten worse over the years.

But please read carefully: I have worked on 18 ships for 11 different cruise liines over the past 27 years. The internal tipping policies have been the same on every ship - ALL TIPS WERE POOLED. Please read that last sentence again. Its important.

When you gave me an envelope of some cash, it didn`t stay in my pocket very long. As soon as the last passengers disembarked the ship, all the service staff met at the Captain`s table in the diningroom. We all put ALL cash tips on the table for counting. Then the Maitre d` split and handed the money out to EVERYONE, based on a complicated point system administered by him. Today with auto-tipping, the smae system is in place. The only difference is that most of the cash comes from the Purser`s office. We still pool ALL the money in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. NOTHING HAS REALLY CHANGED. Please read those last two sentences again. They are important.

To repeat, we ALWAYS knew we would receive a tip regardless of service levels. We still do know today that we weill receive a tip regardless of service levels.

Now please explain to everyone how auto-tipping has damaged service levels.

Once again, I agree that service levels have generally deteriorated over the years (I also observe that the quality of guests has deteriorated at the same pace), bu tyoumay be blaming the wrong reasons for the problems that exist.

ssantow January 5th, 2003 09:31 AM

Not really a tip
Well if that is the case, that all tips are pooled and it does not affect service, then I see no reason to tip. Don't get me wrong, I think these people deserve all they get but lets take a closer look here.

My tip does not go to the person I give it to. This means that what we really have is another surrcharge by the cruise lines that is used to suplement the income of the service staff because the cruise lines refuse to pay a decent wage. It is no longer a tip.

I am not against tipping, and in fact are quite generous in my own tips. I am however against add on surcharges. Do you remember the stink that was raised when cruise lines removed the port charges to make their cruises look cheaper, but added them on when you booked? We have the same thing here. Lets call it what it is, a service fee.

cruisegirl January 9th, 2003 11:48 AM

Re: So Long Carnival
I would have to disagree regarding calling the tip a service charge. I have worked as a waitress in the past and many restaurants do this pooling as well. I personally do not think they should pool the tips because some do deserve more than others. I will never forget having to split my tips with someone who dragged their feet all night.

My suggestion is if you do not like having your tips added to your s&s account all it takes is a call or visit to the Pursers desk to have it removed. We did this when we sailed on the Pride. I prefer to tip personally as as much as I feel I want to. Besides have you seen the amount ......$9.75 per day on Carnival....that includes the room steward, head waiter and asst. waiter........that is not a very generous tip for the service these people give us. A waitress/waiter makes more on a Denny's breakfast!

Now knowing that they pool tips I think I would leave the tips on the s&s card and slip my waiter, asst. waiter and room steward additional money in their pocket that they don't have to share.

DanaB January 13th, 2003 12:13 AM

Re: So Long Carnival
Let me get this straight, I was just on a Christmas cruise (RCCL Sovereign of the Seas) and our waiter and assistant waiter were so awesome, we tipped them WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY more than the suggested amounts. So they did not get to keep what they earned from us? This makes me sick to my stomach! Do they even get to see the notes we wrote to them and put in the envelopes with the cash?


ertimariu January 17th, 2003 10:21 PM

Re: Re: So Long Carnival

Billie Jo January 30th, 2003 11:19 AM

Re: Re: Re: So Long Carnival
OK I am the first one to tip an extra amount for good service. My problem is if I tip the waiter extra because he was outstanding he doesn't get that money. That is unacceptable.

LisaK January 30th, 2003 11:32 AM

Re: Re: Re: Re: So Long Carnival
unfortunately the only way to be sure that your waiter, cabin steward whomever gets that little extra something is to quietly "slip the bills to them". "grease their palm" for lack of a better word. i hate the fact that with traditional tipping all tips are pooled and then doled out according to rank and seniority, which means that the so-called "Head Waiter" (who does nothing but show-off in my opinion) will get more than the busboy who works his tail off.

MARK101 February 3rd, 2003 10:44 AM

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: So Long Carnival
Lisa, I agree with this idea, that is how my sister and her
husband tip. From what they've said their service has been
outstanding, because the people see their tips right away
instead of at the end. As they say, tip as you go


sptrout February 5th, 2003 04:40 PM

Re: Re: Re: So Long Carnival
As of last week (Summit 1/20 sailing), Celebrity has not changed to automatic tipping.

Newbies April 29th, 2003 11:02 PM

Re: Not really a tip
Well said! Agree with you completely. A tip should be a reward (and an incentive) for good service. We stopped patronizing restaurants that automatically add a tip to all bills years ago for precisely that reason.

We'll be taking our first cruise this summer and had no idea that tipping on cruise ships worked this way. Very disappointing. As you say, it is clearly not a tip but in fact just another added charge. Rather than add it in later, we'd much prefer that the cruiselines add it in up front--as part of the cruise price--and not allow "tipping" at all.

PJ May 22nd, 2003 05:12 PM

Re: So Long Carnival
Newbie...take your cruise and on the last night, look at what you were charged for the "service fee". Then divide it by the number of days of your cruise. Then think back about the experience you just had for however many days. Think of the meals - the royal treatment you received - the personal touch that the wait staff will most likely provide you. Think back to the number of times you left your room, only to return to find the beds made or turned down and the cabin cleaned. Think about the staff you saw on board the ship - always working, nevery loafing. You do that, and I guarantee that you'll be pulling your wallet out to give them more. And I honestly think that the only thing you'll be disappointed in on that last day is that the cruise is over.

Rich&Natalia May 23rd, 2003 07:55 AM

Re: So Long Carnival
I think Newbies' just pointing out that many industries are making the process of tipping less voluntary. I would have to agree. If usually overtip at restaurants, but if they automatically add 15%, I don't tip a penny more. It's just the principle of it. I'm still of the old-school belief that tips should be a reward given, not automatically expected.

As for autotipping, it shouldn't matter to most people. The only reason for it is to make people actually go and ask to have it removed to avoid tipping. Not too many people would actually like to go and explain why they don't want to tip the waiter or the cabin steward, or whomever. If you always tip anyway, then the only thing it'll deprive you of is the satisfaction of handing over the envelope.

If you slip your waiter some extra cash, I have no doubt that it'll stay in his or her pocket. If you're going to overtip, you should probably do this instead of adjusting it on your account.


Mishelle May 31st, 2003 05:41 PM

Re: So Long Carnival
I like to have the tip already added to my card. I don't feel like I have to worry about forgetting someone. I will tip extra where I think it is deserved but I will be glad not to have to worry the last day. I also don't think $10 a day per person is that much I know a week in Disney we spent way more than that for tip in meals alone. Michelle

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