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Mara March 1st, 2001 11:26 PM

I too am confused...tipping
Question......for the Disney Cruise....the catalog says that we are to tip $14 per person per cruise for server, $14 per person per cruise for assistant we also tip the 20% of the meal in addition to that tip...or is that what that $14 tip is for. And....for the per cruise tips.......when are we to distribute that money.....will they tell us? or what? sorry....first time cruiser :) and way too excited :)


Mary Ann Hemphill March 2nd, 2001 06:53 PM

Re: I too am confused...tipping
The suggested $14 covers all tips to the waiter--unless you want to add more for extraordinary service. No need to worry about 20 percent of the meal price.

A 15% service charge will automatically be added to all bar bills, from cokes to wines. Be careful of one thing on the bar bills: There is a blank line for tips--adding something here would be in addition to the 15% already added. Don't tip twice!

Mary Ann Hemphill

Robocop March 4th, 2001 10:43 PM

Re: I too am confused...tipping
On the last day of the cruise you will find envelopes in your cabin. You can place your tips in cash in them and distrubute them to whom and how much to each as your feeling dictate. The amount "suggested" is basically an average. You may adjust up or down at your discreation according to how you feel about what they deserve. Many lines, (I'm not sure if Disney does), allow you to 'pre-pay' your tips and they will come directly out of your onboard account and be distributed for you. Some people like this option, some don't. I just happen to be one who thinks tipping is a personal thing and wish to present the proper person with what I feel is approprate and do it in person. This goes for when I think someone deserves less than the suggested amount as well as those that I feel have earned more. I do suggest that you keep a supply of small bills handy to tip room service as they are tipped at the time of service, and not at the end of the cruise.

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