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Sheila July 16th, 2001 01:32 PM

Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
This is our 12th cruise and most of the cruises have been with Carnival Cruise Lines. This was the once in a life time cruise that involved the entire family a total of 14 paying passengers and also my parents 54th wedding anniversary.

This situation concerns my hushand, my daughter age 3, my son age 9 and myself. I have attempted to contact Carnival Guest Relations with no results. If you have any input please contact me at

We enrolled our children in Camp Carnival as we had done on every cruise. Our 9 year old was eager to participate as he had done in the past. He talked about how much fun he had and the special things he got to do when he went. This was a different cruise this time.

When we walked into the Camp Carnival, which was a very small room, it contained the minimum "to get by" toys for small children. No nap area and one disgruntled care giver. We had pages of paperwork to complete and then we were told that my 9 year old could sign himself out anytime without parent supervision. The care givers at Camp Carnival required us to wear a pager due to our 3 year old daughter. We understood this was a good idea but if we were on a shore excursion how were we supposed to contact the ship? We were told that the children could only stay in Camp Carnival for only 6 hours each day and that we were required to pick them up for meals. If we were on a tour we copuld make arrangements for a fee to have the children taken to the buffett for lunch. This was not what was published in the brochures and definitly not what we had imposed on us in the past.

Day 1 - We picked up our children after 5 hours and 49 min. The care giver was rude and very short in responding to our questions concerning what type of day our children had. Our son stayed in the room with his sister as we had asked him to do. The care giver stated that "we encourage the older kids to come and go and we have other activities for them to go to in other parts of the ship." I explained that I did not want my son running loose on the ship with out adult supervision. I was told that was a responsibility of the child and parent.

Day 2 - My son asked that he not have to go back to Camp Carnival. He also stated that he was not allowed to participate with the other kids in the age group because he was told that he had to sign himself out to be able to participate. He knew that this was not acceptable by us. We did not use the services of Camp Carnival on this day.

Day 3 - We were in Dominica. We took the children to Camp Carnival due to having a shore excursion at 100pm. We told our son that if he had to sign himself out to be able to participate in the activities for his group that he could do so. We arrived back at Camp Carnival at 515pm as soon as we got in from the shore excursion. We were then fined by the camp care giver. This was a fine of $8.00 for extra child care due to not being back from the shore excursion by 500pm. My husband signed the fine and I took this up with the Purser. The purser verified that the shore tour did return late and removed the fine from our sign and sail card. This was not over the 6 hour limit that had been set by Camp Carnival Staff.

That evening my son stated to us that we had been discussed by the care givers and that the care givers had been "mean" to our daughter. By screaming at her and making her stay within a closed area and not being able to play with the other children. We went back to the pursers office and attempted to get to the bottom of this. The purser stated that he would check into it and get back to us.

One of the care givers called our stateroom and said that there had been a huge misunderstanding. She also stated that the fine for being late had been removed for our sign and sail card. She stated that our daughter was a delight and there was not a problem with her staying at Camp Carnival. Then 3 young girls came to our stateroom and asked to speak to me. The young girls were the care givers at the Camp Carnival. One young lady handed me the pager that my husband returned to he when he had picked up the kids. They said that the pager had already been charged to our sign and sail card ---amount $75.00----that we were responsible for it until Friday. My husband stated that we would not be using their services anymore. I then explained to him that we had no choice but to use them because of the shore tours that did not allow children. My husband agreed to keep the pager and stated that he would bring the kids in the morning before the tour. He also tipped each of the girls $5.00 each and asked that they take good care of our little ones.

Day 4 - We took our children to Camp Carnival. Our son and daughter did not want to go back. We took them against our better judgement. The shore tour that we had scheduled would not allow our children to participate. We arrived back at our ship at 420pm.

My husband went to Camp Carnival to get the children. He found that we were being fined for the second time this was the amount of $5.00 due to picking our daughter up after 400pm. Our son had signed himself out and no one knew where he was because the group he was in was not at the location stated in the paper.

He was demanded to sign the fine and that he could not take our daughter until it was signed. He was not to bring either child back to Camp Carnival because they were not being picked up on time whether it was the tours being late or not.

He refused to sign the fine and the care giver refused to give him our daughter until this was signed and handled. My husband then went past the care giver to get our daughter from behind an enclosed fenced area. The care giver called security. This story esculates from here.

My husband makes his way back to our stateroom and informs me of the situation. My son was there and stated that the care giver had "smacked" our daughter. I proceded to remove her clothes and found an adult hand print on her back and well as fresh bruises and scraps on her legs.

Security knocks on our door when my husband opens it the security guard grabs my husbandby the left arm and forced him into the hallway. The security guard stated that the hotel manager wanted to see him NOW!

My husband, myself and my daughter went to the pursers office in the main lobby where the situation became even larger. The hotel manager was not there so we took this up with ther purser. The purser made several calls but did not locate the hotel manager. We waited approx an hour with the security guard until the hotel manager finally came to us. The hotel manager stated " he was very busy and had a ship to run that he did not have time to deal with this issue." He also stated that he would talk to my husband the next morning. When I spoke up he put his finger in my face and told me that this was not my issue and he would not talk to me. I continued to try to explain to him about the hand print and bruises on my daughter. The hotel manager turned and went into his office and slammed the door behind him.

At this point the pursers lobby was full of people and the security guard had my husband by the arm again. We were then escorted back to our stateroom where a guard was stationed by our door or following us anywhere we went on the ship.

Day 5 - 730am The pursers office called and spoke to my husband. The hotel manager wanted to see him in his office in 5 minutes. We went to his office. The security guard was waiting outside our door where he had been all night. He escorted us. We arrived and I was told by the head of security that I was not allowed in. My husband stated that he wanted me in this meeting.

The hotel manager stated to my husband that he was not welcome on the ship and at 1030am we would be docking in St Kitts that is where he would be disembarked. My husband wanted to know why the action was being taking and why his daughter had marks on her from Camp Carnival. The hotel manager said that he had his orders from Miami and that it was the end of the discussion.

I spoke up and wanted to know the reason he had these orders from Miami and what was the crime that my husband had committed. The hotel manager stated "You are not involved in this and he did not deal with females! I am a very busy person with a ship to run. If my husband wanted me to know he would have to tell me."

I interupted him and asked what he was going to do about the marks on my daughter. He stated that I would have take it up with the office in Miami. The discussion was over.

He turned to the head of security and asked him to escort us back to the stateroom and to return with my husbands passport.

I interupted again. I stated that he was not getting my husbands passport without legal representaion. The hotel manager stated that he was all that he needed and that he strongly recommended that I keep my comments to myself or I would be the next one gone.

We were escorted back to the stateroom and we packed my husband while under the supervision of the guard. The guard stated that we would have to take the passport to the pursers office so that we could have the arrangements made for my husband to fly from St. Kitts back to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Escorted again we returned to the pursers office. The first Purser explained that she did not know why all this was happening and that she needed the passport so that Carnival could make the arrangements for the flight for my husband and that we would be responsible for the cost of the airfare.

We ended up paying for the flight and meeting with customs officials to completed the paperwork for my husbands disembarkment. I rode to the airport where we had to pay a tourist tax for flying out of St Kitts.

I returned to the ship and paid my taxi fee. The next morning when we got back to San Juan I received the bill for my sign and sail card. I had the child care expenses that had been removed and then added again and also the transportation for my husband to the airport had been added.

I have not had any luck with Carnival as far as getting satisfaction for the WRONG that was done to both my child and my husband. PLEASE HELP if you can.

PEB July 16th, 2001 02:00 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
You might want to move this to the Ask the Cruisemates Staff or the Chit Chat section so it is seen by more people. You will probably get more of a response there. I sure hope someone can help you out.

renae July 16th, 2001 02:51 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
my first question is - why haven't you called an attorney????? i guarantee that if anyone EVER touched/hit/smacked or handled my child in anyway there would be action taken - not only by me but my attorney as well.

a1 July 16th, 2001 05:55 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
did you get witnesses at the crowded pursers desk, names and home tel ?, make contact, check they will back you up, and get into court.

~*TaRa*~ July 22nd, 2001 07:26 AM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
THats horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wut ship in carnival did u go on?

TMC July 22nd, 2001 12:04 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
Why would you consider taking your childern on a crusie if they weren't going to be with you. In trusting them to people you don't know. Having them spend their days on board ship would you like to do that? You could of picked tours to include them, instead of adult only. I would of cancel my tour if I felt my childern were in jeopardy. You spent the money to bring them with you, why not lose the cost of the"adult only" tour to enjoy them and keep them safe. The first mistake was yours, bring them on board. The second was not removing them with the first incident and the third was the action the ship took. Let's look at the big picture and take responsibility. For your actions, could of made the out come better.

Sun72143 July 28th, 2001 03:55 AM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
TMC: Give me a break!!! They had NO reason to be treated the way they were. When has wanting to go on a vacation with your family grounds for child abuse? Are you saying the staff had the right to hit that child because the parents wanted a few hours "alone" time? Then tell us smart one... Why are there kid's programs, beepers, and private babysitters? It's pretty obvious these folks did nothing wrong except choose to sail with that particular cruise line. What a shame. Personally I'd sue thier ass off and take free cruises on thier competitor's ships for the rest of my life. I hope it all works out for you.

Kathy August 3rd, 2001 10:41 AM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
Way to go!!!! I agree. I'd definitely take legal action. As for TMC...You're response is very harsh.

pipefit September 16th, 2001 07:49 AM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
Well i have the simple solution. Try this> Spend some time with your kids!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or better yet leave them with there Grand parents. Anyone that would take kids on a cruise and then drop them off to be away from them has something wrong with them. You need help.

Chyna_c September 20th, 2001 03:15 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
wow, wonder where this post hasn't been posted!!! I have seen this same post all over the boards, is it real or just ploy to smear Carnival? I do not work for the cruise line at all. But to keep posting this all over the place without any real "details" makes it look highly suspect of being "bogus."

Rick September 24th, 2001 02:54 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
I agree something wrong with this tale......why would one ask advice here? Why not see a lawyer? More to this story than meets the eye! HIGHLY unlikely that this happened as described.....HIGHLY UNLIKELY

kc November 16th, 2001 07:49 AM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
Well , I think Shelia has got some serious problems. This does not seem like a true story. I hate to sound mean, But come off it. After the first day, when my kids said they didnt want to go back, I would have never sent them. What kind of parents are you guys (if this is a true story)? Would you prefer to have a better vacation, then to not worry about your kids? I think someone needs to call dss on you guys for even making up such a sad story.

Gloria February 24th, 2002 08:32 AM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
AS I read Sheila's story/truth, I kept asking myself some of the same Q and wondering just what these people are like. It is a terrible story, and perhaps part of it is true------but there are always 2 sides. I feel confident that the way the father/husband handled the situation was a " bit" more aggressive than what is reported to warrant removal from the ship! And I agree that there were certainly some shore excursions that allowed children.

Jean April 8th, 2002 03:09 AM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
I agree, there is something definately missing in this story! And if someone had left marks on MY kid, I would have immediately taken them to a doctor & get a report for the police & had photos taken and contacted an attorney. I wonder why none of this was done. AND I would NOT have left my kid somewhere where he could sign himself out & have the run of the ship...

I'm shocked at the story, but there is something missing here...

cruisefan April 18th, 2002 04:40 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
I'm not sure what went on here but I can't figure out why you took the children if you planned on dumping them while you vacationed. It would have been much cheaper and certainly more convenient to have left them at home. We take our kids with us for a FAMILY vacation.

You could have chosen shore tours that were appropriate for the kids rather than being selfish and thinking only of yourselves.

I also am taking your story with a grain of salt. You have only given one side of the story and I'm not sure that you even know what went on with regards to your husband. Perhaps the two of you should talk.

Other than in the introduction to your story, you never mention the 14 other family members that were part of the group. Did they abandon ship?

I'm not sure that anyone can pass judgement on this story with the vague information you have given. If it happened as you state it, I can't believe you are writing this rather than talking to your lawyer.

Something is fishy somewhere!

Rob April 20th, 2002 03:52 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
First if it is true by the end of the lawsuit they would change the name to Robs cruiseline once the settlement was done.
Second if you do plan on taking your kids on a cruise sepnd time with them don't lock them up in Camp Canival all day.
Third and my true complaint is why send them back especially "against your better judgement" and if people are yelling at them. and they don't want to go somthing is wrong.

there are alot of screw ups in this story on both parts
but if they hit my child it would take more than a security guard to stop me from getting at the camp carnival caregiver

But I think it is more Carnival bashing


Sissybug April 24th, 2002 06:25 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
I have to wonder what the incentive is to Carnival bash??

And you all are right. Anyone treated my kids like that, I would have left way before they kicked me off and would take action without needing to get backup or support from the boards.

Sherri April 25th, 2002 09:36 PM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
If that incident happened to me
First I would use the lovely Ship to SHore phones to find an attorney to meet me in San Juan.

Second..If my husband got kicke off...I sure as heck wouldnt stay on board.

Third....I woul d take pictures of everything.

Fourth....If this were legite...I am sure the Captain would have been involved, ir I darn sure would have gotten him involved.

There are no o ther gripes to this extent on the boards...had the Camp CArnival been that bad on that sailing...I am sure that there would be more people reporting it.

Parts may be true...the rest an exaggerated farce.

Darlene June 9th, 2002 01:14 AM

Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the ship
Did you contact an attorney? I would sue!!! Hope you took pics of your daughters bruises and hand mark on her!

Debbie Carter June 21st, 2002 09:19 PM

Re: Re: Camp Carnival Abuse results father gets put off the
Could not agree more. That was my first thought, why take your children on vacation with you if your going to put them in a camp for the week? Enjoy your FAMILY VACATION TOGETHER! Its one thing to use the facilities for one night so spouses can have a meal together.

Georgiagirl567 June 22nd, 2014 10:56 PM

I know this is old . But I have a hard time believe in fall of this !

But most importantly - why did you bring your kids back three more times after they stated they didn't want to return to camp carnival?!

Real Batman July 11th, 2014 01:04 PM

I'm not a Carnival fan... won't travel with them again, BUT this is a 14 year old story (based on the date of the original post) that has so many holes in it that it would seem to be a farce. There are two sides to every story - and the original poster has slanted it strongly against Carnival. Her actions are not consistent with what a normal and prudent person would do making the entire story suspect.


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