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CruisinDenise October 9th, 2002 11:04 PM

Tipping on top of Tipping
A recent thread about all-inclusives made me wonder about the pre-charged sign&sail cards.

Yes, sure, you can remove it and tip by hand. But it's a hassle. So what if you want your favorite crew to get more, you tip them, right? Has anyone ended up tipping more than they normally would have just because of a need to do it in person?

And then, if tips were included in the cruise fare, would you still tip the standard on top of that? Has anyone who's taken a tips-included fare done extra tipping?

It just seems like I'd tip more than the pre-charged tip just to make it personal.

rootgrl October 10th, 2002 11:16 AM

Re: Tipping on top of Tipping
That is my point exactly, Denise. I want to tip more to any one who gives me exceptional service & make it more personal, but what would be the point if they are just going to pool it with everone else?

sdl October 14th, 2002 01:11 AM

pooling tips anyways :(
Heard on another board that crew members, especially in the dining areas, have to bring all tips to the table, and that and all the pre-paids are added together, the boss gets his cut, etc., and the balance is equally divided amoungst the staff.
The one area of interest was that anyone who was not auto-tipped had the 'reason given' by the passenger on the form reviewed and if they claimed it was due to bad service they had a risk of being fired!
So, if you want them to get a percentage, auto-tip is as good as any.
If you want them to get more than that, you would want to tip in some way that it wasn't obvious they were getting cash (thank you note w/ money behind and sticky alerting them to keep it for themselves) or do it on the sly somehow earlier/later.

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