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Steve T May 15th, 2003 01:04 PM

How many people do you actually tip
I am goin to be a 1st time cruiser this June 7th aboard the Celebrity Century. On land I am a very good tipper....tipping over 20% when deserved. However looking through my Guest Documents in the Gratuities section they have 7 different people that we are supposed to tip:

Restaurant Service
Waiter $3.50, per person, per day (no problem)
Waiter Assistant $2.00, per person, per day (no problem)
Restaurant Manager $0.75, per person, per day (do you ever see this person)

Stateroom Service
Stateroom Attendant $3.50, per person, per day (no problem)
Chief Housekeeper $0.50, per person, per day (what does this person do for me)

Tour Director $3.00, per person, per day (who is this, and what does he/she do for me)
Coach Driver $2.50, per person, per day(Is this my transportation to & from the airport?)

Steve T

PapaBill May 15th, 2003 03:10 PM

Re: How many people do you actually tip
You have it down for waiter and assistant. The retaurant manager (or MaitreD) is the .75
per day person. I will tip the head waiter or maitre'd if they do anything for me and then in proportion to what they do. I do not tip them just for being there. That's me
Stateroom attendent or steward you also have covered. Chief housekeeper, again if I ask for something out of the ordinary and the chief housekeeper is involved in it I will tip appropriately for the service. Ido not feel any pbligation to tip a "management" employee on an automatic basis.
Should you take a tour or excursion from the ship and let us say you spend a day on a bus touring with a driver and a tour guide. These are the folks listed under cruise tour. You would tip them directly as the tour ends. for a full day Gram and I would give a good tour guide $10.00 and driver $5.00. (proportionately less for a shorter tour.). If you do not go on an excursion or take a different type of excursion, of course you would no incur this expense.
Feel free to have anything clarified if my answer is a muddled as they usually are.

Steve T May 15th, 2003 04:11 PM

Re: Re: How many people do you actually tip

Thanks for the response, although my messages got mixed up. I was actually replying to your message regarding the Turtle Farm, and "Hell" being a complete waste of time on Grand Cayman. I have my mother booked on this tour thru the ship, and am now considering changing her excursion. She is 69 and mobile, but not into snorkeling. Any suggestions, on what kind of tour she can take in Grand Cayman.


cdnguy June 1st, 2003 11:53 AM

Re: How many people do you actually tip
Steve your (no problem) people are the ones we tip. No one else.

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