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donald white jr September 22nd, 2004 02:09 PM

How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
The other day I went to a restaurant with a party of 8. When I got there i was advised that a 15% tip would be automatically added to the bill. Now maybe my glass of tea and water wasn't filled up the second it got empty, and I think my food could of come sooner but at the end I paid the 15%. If your service on the cruise is horrible yes I can see asking for an adjustment but what it seems like to me is alot of the posters are trying to find a way to (beat) the cruise out of a tip and trying to find any reason to.

JaneMarlow September 22nd, 2004 02:15 PM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
I tip 10-20 percent depending on service. I would never dream of "adjusting" off the added gratuity at a restaurant for a large table. If the service was so-so, no big deal. They would get the tip still.

If the service was outstandingly horrid, then I would speak to the manager.

After reading the article "High Seas Low Pay" I am more concerned about fair tipping than ever.

Donna September 22nd, 2004 07:02 PM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
We always tip at least the minimum, and yes there are a lot of people that try to get out of tipping, which I think is a shame, its a part of cruising, like it or not.

MaryLou September 23rd, 2004 05:21 AM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
We always tip in a restaurant. If the service was good, my minimum is 20%. If I feel the service was lacking, then it is 10%. I very rarely leave anything under 20%. Recently, an upper scale restaurant open near our home. It is packed every night and local celebrities have been know to dine there. My son said he dined there last week and left about a 25/30% tip. As he was walking out the door, the waitress came up to him and hugged him and said "thank you". She continued on to tell him that she just doesn't see decent tips there, even with all the local celebs. And my son said she was a great waitress. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Darcy September 23rd, 2004 12:50 PM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
Having been a waitress (I won's say how many years ago!!) I always tip, usually 15-20%. I have been known to tip more for outstanding service, and less for very poor service (this has happened only once or twice in over 20 years). I've found the staff on the cruise ships to work very hard to make sure the guests have a great time and everything is to their satisfaction. I haven't been on a cruise yet that I haven't tipped more than the recommended amount.

Thomas September 30th, 2004 02:20 PM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
I despised the automatic tips for parties of 8 or more and refused to do it at my restaurant for several years. But in the end I had to change my policy and require it to be added. It's amazing to me how some people prior to the change would come in with a party of 25 and after they all chipped in "their share" there was nothing left for the server since a lot of the guests would calculate $10 dollars for my dinner, $3 for my drink, so my portion of the bill is $13 dollars, and then contribute the $13 to the collection. They forgot about the appetizer they had, or the other drink, or the 7% tax.

I didn't like having to do it but I also have to assure my servers of making enough to continue working at my place.


Mike M October 9th, 2004 10:45 AM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
I am an advocate of the 15% automatic gratuity on parties over six. As Thomas said most of the time when the check is divided up the amount collect is the total of the check. I have been the one paying and on many occasions I have had to come up with the extra $30 or $40 just to make sure that the server was covered. I know a number of people would not do it.

On a ship, when tips can be added to the onboard account, I will give extra, in cash to the individual. I have yet to lower tips on my onboard account. On one cruise I did not tip a head waiter. He only stopped by on the last night to collect his envelope. One of my tablemates looked at him with a surprised look and said "Oh my; you are real."

Take care,

scud October 29th, 2004 04:01 PM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
A tip, or gratuity, is a small amount of money given voluntarily as a token of appreciation for a service rendered. According to Webster's Dictionary, the word "tip" is also considered by many to be an acronym: T.I.P. - "To Insure Promptness" or "To Insure Prompt" service. We tip our servers as a way of thanking them for good service. We might also leave a very low tip, or no tip at all, as a signal that the service was terrible.

OLD MAN October 29th, 2004 08:25 PM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
Well, Like I've said before it won't make any difference in about a year when all of the ships put their auto-tipping in place.. And that will be auto-tipping without the option of removal.. Just pay and be quite.. Enjoy your trip and don't even bother to go to the front desk to remove the tips, because you will not be able to do that.. Don't you just love it??OM

H929 March 11th, 2005 12:13 AM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
Ok I am new to this whole cruising thing, my husband and I are booked on our first cruise next month and I will tip the recommended amount or more (definetly not less) but when it comes to a resturant NO way am I going to tip hefty if the service bites. My family has owned resturants for years and tips are given as a way to thank your server for service you feel is good not because someone says you have to..My husband and I took 2 of our children out to dinner just the other night and the service was horrendous First the resturant only had a few people in but it took the waitress over 15 minutes to take our drink order and another 10 to come back to take our food order and we still didn't have our drinks. Then she brought out our 2 kids meals...while the 2 other families that came in behind us and were helped after us ate my husband and I watched our children eat...Finally my husband got his meal and I was still waiting...12 minutes later my meal arrived looking very unappetizing I might add (I have never seen lasagna look so much like my dogs canned food) Well needless to say the waitress got no tip from me but after I talked to her manager hopefully she got a few "tips" from him on how to treat customers.
So yes if I don't feel the service at a resturant warrants the recommended tip I would definetly adjust it and let the manager know why!! Granted I don't think I would take a large group to a resturant I had never tried before (like the one we were at the other night) for fear the service would bite I would definetly go somewhere that I believe has great service and therefore the tip would be a nonissue.

Frankly I think the people that will go ahead and tip 15-20% regardless of how there service was are the people that allow resturants to treat customers poorly. Wait staff are then under the assumption that they can get away with it and still get a decent tip.

Diverbl March 12th, 2005 10:31 AM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
Sorry to say, I have to agree with you, Don. Many of the posts on this board and on others that I have read seem to be rationalizations for people to justify avoiding paying for goods and services on board the ship. Between adjustments to tipping, smuggling liquor on board, etc., really seems that people nickel and dime to a great extent.

I don't believe in tipping for poor service, but I don't look for ways to avoid paying a grauity where it is clear to all that the gratuity is a large part of the employees compensation.

The cruise line does not make money on tips.

I know, people will say it is not the money, it is the principle. Others will say the money they save on tips, or on liquor they bring on board, they use for shore excursions or something else, but I think, if you are going to sail on the vessel, you should abide by the rules and customs of the vessel.

Same with formal night - they have it for a reason and people should respect that, or choose ships that don't have it.

Sorry I got off point here, but all of these issues are related, I believe.

Anyway, have fun on your cruise. :)

pg. March 13th, 2005 01:10 AM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
Americans tip 25 to 30% ? That is outrageous, here the normal tip amount is 10 to 15 % , except for exceptional service, then 20%.

I do not tip more then 10% if service is poor, and if the service is horrendous, and I see no mitigating factors( restaurant is crowded and I can actually see the staff struggling to keep up) then I might tip less. I normally tip 15%.

People who overtip so - so service are ruining service for the rest of us, cut it out!!

I don't mind an automatic tip of 15 % for large groups since some people are cheap and don't throw in their fair share of tip,and then those of us who do have to throw in extra. I would expect decent service though. I understand some things going wrong though, and I am not heartless. If it is really busy and the restuarant appears understaffed I don't punish a waiter or waitress who is really trying to keep up.

Thomas March 18th, 2005 09:23 AM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
My data shows Americans in my area of the country tip 15% - 18%. Some will tip 25% and some will tip 5%. And then there are some who tip $3 regardless of the bill. I guess they can't figure percentages.


BobBeaSea March 21st, 2005 07:53 PM

Re: Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
The whole shipboard gratuity mess is going to go away soon I believe. The cruise lines are getting tremendous flack from their employees about getting stiffed. Once the first mass-market line incorporates the gratuities as part of the cruise ticket (note: not prepaid gratuity) the rest will fall into line immediately. Gratuities are a cruising tradition that has really not been embraced by modern cruisers and it is only a matter of time until it is gone. I was on Voyager - Mar. 5 sailing, my first cruise in 12 years, and I was stunned at what I heard from our waiter and stateroom attendant about modern cruisers. The level of skipping out on or badly reducing the gratuities seems to be quite high. Both of these gentlemen are long term employees (16 & 22yrs.) and have witnessed the changes that have taken place, particularily in the last 8 years, according to them. I also noticed it on our last night in the dining room- a lot of vacant seats. The cruise lines really have no choice but to fix this problem themselves and that means adding the amount onto the fare. When that happens everyones' thoughts on gratuities won't matter.

Thomas March 30th, 2005 07:30 PM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
I fear that tips are going to be added onto the fare as a "fee" and not be adjustable except upwards. While I certainly am in favor of the staff getting the recommended tips from everyone, what I'm concerned about is once the fee is added then we will gradually become inclined to tip more as a matter of custom. Then we will be tipping the same amount despite the fact tips are now a fee attached to the ticket price.

Also, tipping is incentive based. If you want the server to give extra special service it is our custom to tip for this.


showcat March 31st, 2005 08:42 PM

Re: How many of you auto adjust a tip at a restaurant
I hope Im not one of the one's your referring to. I over tip if the service is excellent .I work in the tipping industry. But if the service is lacking at at a bar or eatery yes I will tip less, this applies for a cruise as well. Some things are forgivable others are not.

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