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dfwguy62-Rick October 12th, 2004 11:12 PM

Currency for tipping in Europe

First time cruiser starting in a week. I've had most of my tipping handled by having it automatically added to my cruise fee. But from reading these posts, it's clear I'll need ready cash for any room service and maybe a few other things (special requests, etc.)

1. Given that my cruise is out of Barcelona and 12 nights across the Mediterranean, should I tip in Euros or Dollars or whatever I want?

2. Are the tips for alcohol drinks autocharged to my paycard or whatever it's called? or do I need to keep money on hand to tip the bartender/waitress?

Trying to get a feel for how much small bill cash to keep on hand. I'm not cheap and don't want to be viewed as such simply because I didn't have a few $$ or Euros to lay on the table at that point in time.

pg. October 13th, 2004 01:11 AM

Re: Currency for tipping in Europe
Relax American tipper.LOL
Sorry , I just think it's funny how you guys worry about stuff.
Anyways, you didn't say which line you were going on, and so I can only advise on Princess from my own experience.
Tips for all bar purchases are added to your bar bill automatically(15%) . You just sign the slip.
One dollar bills ( American of course) are mainly used to tip the room service personal, tips range from $1 for coffee/tea to $5 bucks for a meal. Keep a stack of them in your safe to hand out, you won't really need them anywhere else on the ship as everything else is a " cashless " society( just have your sign and sail cardwith you)
In Europe I would think that if tipping the land based tour operators that Euros would be nice, but I am sure they like dollars too( or they used to when I was there 3 years ago, but now may be it has changed)
As for amounts, well that depends on you, I didn't use room service much as our cabin was on the same deck as the buffet so it was just as easy and quick for us to go grab a plate and bring it to our room ourselves.I can't see anyone needing more than $5-7 dollars a day for room service( unless you eat every meal in your room( which is weird)
Tour guides, well that depends , are you on ships tours or privately arranged ones? I would tip more for the privately arranged ones, the ships shore exes are always so much more exspensive that I figure they have built in a decent wage for the guide. I still tip, but not as much.I wouldn't tip more than $5 for a shore ex, and that's only if they actually crack a smile. For a private tour , I would reconsider that amount.

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