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dawcruiser February 9th, 2005 07:29 AM

Recent report says NCL now MANDATORY
A recent report said that begin in May of 2005 ALL NCL ships will have a mandatory service charge added to ALL on board acconts.

This should not be news for anyone. Cost of providing services to paseengers has gone up while the main source of income for service providers has gone down. There was a day when all passengers tipped service providers on ship. The tip has laways been seen as the main part of the income. Passenagers don't tip as they once did. So it has become absolutely necessary for a different pay plan to begin.

Think with me for a moment. On your job you are paid by gifts or tips (they are the same thing) from your customers, (and yes even if you are in manufacturing you have customers they would be the person who buys your end product), these customers no longer want to pay or give you a gift or a tip for your efforts. Would you continue to work at your place of work? I would really beleive the first few weeks you might but eventually you would look for another job ou have obligations too, bills to pay, kids to feed, retirment to plan for.

Now your company could do two or three things. First thay could say it is not our problem as you leave to go work some place else. Second, they could raise the cost of the product they sell to pay you but that would cost them to lose their competitiveness in the market place. Their product would now cost more than X's product. So they probably won't raise the cost to make sure you get your salary, tip, gift or what ever you want to call it. So here is what they will probably do. They will hide your tip, salary, gift whatever you want to call it in an added fee. They will sell the product you make and then just when the customer is ready to take delivery they say "Oh by the Way" there is an added fee we must charge you. Trucking companies do it every day. They call it a surcharge for fuel cost. Your cruise tickets have a disclaimer where you can be charged more if their cost goes up substanitially.

So I have this to say. Welcome to the market place fellow cruisers.


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