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Barb1963 November 25th, 2005 09:30 AM

sound reasonable?

Now that I am entirely confused by the whole tipping issue after looking through these threads, does this sound reasonable in the tipping department and have I forgotten anyone? (I would hate to look like a cheap Canadian) lol.

Flights- tip the flight attendent only for extras, alcohol ect. 15% ok?
Baggage handlers 4$ for 4 bags
Is the sail n sign card charged at the beggining of the trip or do we have to state that we want it charged at the beggining?
We will pay the automatic gratuity. 140$ 2 people 7 nights.
2$ for room service
10$ to the cabin attendent at the end of the trip as an extra
10$ to the wait staff as an extra at the end of the trip
1$ to the bar staff occassionally on top of the 15%
5$ to excursions operators if it's exceptional
15% at port of calls restaurants with extras if we drink and eat longer (adjusting to the 10 to 30% depending on service)
Cab drivers 1-2$ for every 10 we spend

Whom have I forgotten. Sorry I am sorta sitting here in confusion after perusing this board.
Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Realizing everyone tips differently I am just looking for some guidelines. I am used to going to all inclusive resorts and tipping a couple of bucks here and there any everywhere throughout the trip.


mobster75 November 25th, 2005 10:33 AM

Re: sound reasonable?

Originally Posted by Barb1963
Flights- tip the flight attendent only for extras, alcohol ect. 15% ok?

I've never heard of tipping a flight attendant. They charge enough as it is for the drinks... $4 for a soda is ridiculous. (nevermind the alcohol).

- mobster75!

Fern November 25th, 2005 08:05 PM

Hi Barb,

First, keep in mind that we often over tip according to many people here!

I agree with mobster75, don't tip the flight attendants.

We usually have four bags and tip the porter (baggage handler) at the pier at least $8.00 ($2.00 per bag). If they are friendly instead of surly, we tip $10.00.

The Sail and Sign will be set up when you check in. They will automatically charge your credit card (or whatever you use) $10.00/pp per day.

$2.00 for room service is fine, unless you order a huge amount!

We tip our room steward extra depending on the service. If they only do the minimal (make the beds, clean the bathroom, replace towels, etc.) we'd tip probably $20.00 extra at the end of the cruise. If they go out of their way for us (as our last steward did) we tip more.

We've never had exceptional service by the wait staff and don't ask for anything special, so we don't tip extra. If we asked for and received special service we would. We also don't tip the bar tenders extra unless they've done something special for us. We did tip several of the bar waiters extra on our last cruise because they anticipated our needs!

On every excursion except one (which was really bad!) we tip the guide at least $5.00, and sometimes tip the driver $5.00 as well. (We never tip the driver's "assistant". What the heck does he do, anyway :?: )

If you play the table games in the casino, some people tip the dealer. Also, if you use the child care facilities onboard, many will tip the workers.

Also, keep in mind that the cruise ship staff's tips are pooled. They may get your extra tips, and they may not!

pg. December 5th, 2005 08:45 PM

Tipping a flight steward, now I have heard of everything. That is just plain silly.
As for tipping extra, that is extra not mandatory. Some deserve it and some don't. If you just tip for the sake of handing out money then you are not rewarding exceptional workers , in fact you are just encouraging mediocracy.
We tip for room service one to three dollars depending on what is ordered.

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