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wishbone2006 January 19th, 2006 05:07 AM

Tipping in Euros
Hi im going on the Sea Princess(5/27/06) out off Southampton so we will be taking Euros with us for spending money off the ship. We will be doing the tips that go on your card at the end. I was just wondering if we wanted to tip for room serive ect... could we tip in Euros or do we need to tip in dollars. just didnt want to have to get Euros and dollars out.


Arion July 29th, 2006 11:43 AM

I would think very little of a service provider unable to convert their tips to their perfered currency.

Also bare in mind that on a Cruise ship there is a very high chance that the money will be saved up until they go home, and If that's to Euro-land, then there is little point in you giving them dollers for them to have to convert back to Euros.

Besides - why would a European, going on a European Cruise, in European Waters, tip using a currency from the other side of the globe. Besides, unless I'm mistaken a Euro is worth more than a doller, so a €5 tip is worth more than a $5 tip. Having that said a £5 tip would be better again - particularly if you're visiting Gibraltar.

CLO August 7th, 2006 07:41 PM

I didn't see that the poster indicated that they are European. We did a Western Mediterranean cruise a couple of years ago (Rome to Dover - so Euros and pounds). The majority of the staff were from Indonesia and the Phillipines so the currency in that regard doesn't matter. The crew tend to "work" the same cruise area for a while so it probably wouldn't matter that way either. But dollars are easily changed on the ship. I think we wound up mostly doing miscellaneous tipping on ship in dollars so WE didn't have to change a lot of currency. As far as 5 dollars vs. pounds vs. Euros, if you wanted to tip the equivalent of US$5, then you wouldn't give 5 of the other currencies; you'd adjust down. in the case of pounds, WAY WAY down. Hope the above isn't more confusing than helpful :D

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