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Tom & Mary June 16th, 2006 05:58 PM

Tom & Mary-Magic of $2 Bill
Magic of the $2 Bill: This is another low-cost way of getting a high return. We start collecting $2 bills weeks before the cruise. We take with us $20--$30 in $2 bills. I call these our magic potion. I take a $2 bill and keep folding it until I have a small square, with the large imprint of the $2 covering the surface. I use the $2 bills a lot in the beginning of the cruise. It's important what you say when you give it, otherwise it doesn't have much significance. When I give it to a server, I say to them, “Give me your hand.? When they give me their hand, I take it and with my other hand I show them the folded $2 bill; then I say to them, “I want you to know this is a magic $2 bill and I can promise you that during this coming week something special is going to happen to you, something that will make you very happy, and when it happens we want you to come tell us.? Very few servers have ever seen a $2 bill and that alone gets their rapt attention. Then you can see by their quizzical expression that their thinking; it's crazy but who knows, it might work. Who among us doesn't have some form of a lucky piece? A lucky coin, a rabbits foot, a religious medal. We’ve had the most amazing, wonderful things happen as a result of giving out these two dollar bills; not the least is the friendliness and the exceptional service we have received from our servers. [If you don’t tell the story, the effect is greatly diminished]

beth6966 June 19th, 2006 06:59 PM

Cute, reminds me of Pay it Forward. :-P

lougee1043 June 23rd, 2006 11:57 AM

just my simple opinion-- but it sounds like you are talking to a child when you say that---------------crew staff have seen every kind of tip that you can think of and a bunch that escapes you and me both

Fern June 23rd, 2006 10:11 PM

Hi Tom & Mary,

While I'm sure this is fun for you, from what I've heard on message boards and from our stewards, $2.00 bills are not really good for tipping. The "tipee's" have to take them to the Purser's office to get them changed into "real" money. Many overseas banks won't accept $2.00 bills. They are also leery of the "new" $20's. It's best to tip in smaller bills or with old $20's.

As lougee said (sort of!), the staff will go along with whatever you do. Unless you ask, they're not going to say that they don't want these bills. I also agree that it sounds like you're talking to a child. JMO.

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