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cheric September 8th, 2000 04:10 PM

Now I know!
Never cruised before but have one scheduled for 2-18-01 (Millennium). It sounds like most of the things you find rude and disturbing at sea are the same things I've found rude and disturbing on shore all these years! Now I know what to look out for!!

Donna September 22nd, 2000 12:42 PM

RE: Now I know!
The thing with rude people, you just don't expect to find them while on vacation, but alas, they are everywhere. Its just kind of dissapointing when on a cruise, you feel like you left that all back home, just to find out different. I just don't let that kind of thing upset me and and the vacation, its just not worth it.

I'm sure you cruise on Millennium will be everything you expect it to be and more.
Have a feeling this will be one of many cruises in your future, have a great time.


Helen October 13th, 2000 07:49 PM

RE: Now I know!
I hope you have a great cruise....It is just wonderful, inspite of the problems we talk about....I just responded to "cruise gripes be gone"...take a look.

I would suggest that you request a dining table for 2 (or whatever your group size is)....the biggest problem I have found is being seated at dinner, day in day out, with people I don't care for. On my last cruise, they gave us a table for 6 anyway...but it was made up of people who asked for tables for was the table next to us...and we asked them to move down and join us.... I guess the point being, we all wanted the same thing so had more similarities than we would have been with without this request.

I was on one cruise that my tablemate was so objectionable, I had trouble eating...
the last nite we talked and I found out why he was so I understood, but it was the LAST nite...

You did hit the nail on the head.... What line are you going where....maybe
we can give you some detailes. Bon Voyage...It is GREAT!!!!

cheri October 18th, 2000 12:07 PM

RE: Now I know!
Sailing on the Millennium to East. Carib. There will be eleven sailing together. I'm quite concerned since it is our first cruise and they said they couldn't assign us a cabin number even though we booked in July. We have a guaranteed category 2-B with a verandah so at least we can avoid the crowded pool chairs and sit out on our own balcony and catch the rays. Hubby and I really need this vacation. We have been planning this cruise for thirty-three years and finally .... can't wait! I am so excited I don't know if I can contain myself until February!

Helen October 18th, 2000 09:20 PM

RE: Now I know!
It sounds FANTASTIC....I believe it is pretty standard that they don't assign the cabin until the last minute....there is an option to select your cabin at booking, but it costs MORE!! With a veranda how bad can any cabin be?? !!!!!!

Don't be afraid to use room service to bring you snacks while you sun on the deck. It's free...just a small tip.

Have you discussed a table for 11 with them???...From the ships I have sailed, the tables are for 10....or you could get 2 tables of 6....who knows, there maybe talbes for 12...but I would be sure to check it out in advance.

I would suggest that you bring water shoes...and snorkeling gear...and put a bottle of rubbing alochol in a zip lock bag....should anyone get a jellyfish sting, it will take care of it immediately..... I carry this, and have never used it.

Your long awaited cruise will be all that you have been waiting for!!!!

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