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TWOFER October 13th, 2000 06:05 PM

This isn't just about cruisers that don't know how to be considerate, it goes for those in hotels, motels and even next door nieghbors. Why can't some people close doors without slamming them?

Helen October 14th, 2000 06:24 PM

People today are just RUDE & SELFISH......I can't fathom was not how I was raised. In the car today, I couldn't hear MY radio because of the blarring of the tunes coming from the car behind me!! I guess his needs were more important that those around him!!..YIKES!

And how about PUSHERS....On a Celebrity Cruise (from N.Y.) I was pushed and shoved the entire time...lines formed to enter the dining room...taking the tender for excusrions was a nightmare!!....I felt like a sardine.

cheri October 18th, 2000 11:45 AM

I don't post very often but you hit my nerve here! Door slamming in a hotel or any public place is sooooo rude. We just returned from a weekend in Atlantic City. The people in the next room must have gone in and out twenty times at all hours and slammed the door each time!!! No consideration for others. Glad my mom didn't raise me that way!

Boomer October 31st, 2000 07:45 AM


Ditto to door slammers.

However, there is a company who makes a device that alows the door to close slowly, eliminating the "explosion". It's sold as an aftermaket device but the inventor told me he is going to the OEM as well. see? For every problem, there is a solution (even if people don't use common sense) and an opportunity to make $$$

What a country???

Paul Motter January 6th, 2001 10:01 PM

I hate door slammers, too. I had to call the front desk on Princess lastr cruise because they had a broken firedoor that wouldn't stay open. The crew walked throu it every 5 minutes and everytime it slammed. It was right outside my door! They did fix it though.

dan January 17th, 2001 04:44 PM

I'm in agreement about door slammers - in hotels or on cruise ships - I try to close the door quietly. Unfortunately, the hotels and cruise ships don't make it easy. One can't turn the door handle without slipping in the key, thus, you have to pull the door closed. For security reasons, the doors have at least a 3/4 inch or more strike, making for a harder pull.

The hotels and cruise ships share some of the blame. For steel door and/or frames, the door manufactures make rubber door silencers that help to deaden the sound.

Another peeve I have is the drawers in the rooms. Some of these are also hard to close without making noise. This again could be resolved by the hotels simply by using plastic drawer slides and rubber stops.

All of this is just to say more can be done by both parties.

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