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Victoria Sky March 25th, 2001 07:00 AM

Steiner Spa
What is it with the negative attitude of most people writing to this site?

I have had beauty salon treatments in the finest spas in the world and still find it difficult to compare to the well trained staff on Steiners.

Maybe you should ask yourself the question..what are you comparing this too? A smelly salon in your high street, with dirty equipment and bored girls!!

i have never honestly had anything as good as these girls consitently achieve. When have you ever seen a dirty spa at sea? Don't these girls offer products to you because they are meant too. When you go to the doctor doesn't he? C'mon, let's face it, if you don't want to buy then say no!

Mandara has a Spa on, I think it was Norweigian Sky, and the service was awful by comparison. These girls have never been trained in the products or the massage. My girl was reading from her instruction manual while she did my massage. She told me Steiner had rejected her! I can see why!!

So...give these guys a break....relax and enjoy...I do !!!

Victoria Sky

Evan Stansbury March 29th, 2001 01:08 PM

Re: Steiner Spa
I am glad you enjoyed your day at the spa.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to Steiner. One of my best friends worked at Miami corporate headquarters in the upper echelons and described her experience as essentially day-to-day "horrifying".

As for the ship, itself, many of the Steiner "girls" - usually blonde with a little bit of British attitude- have befriended me on board. I have often gone off with them on treks throughout ports or even hung out with them at the staff frinking table, when they let down their hair (pun intended) and always tell me the same story: INCREDIBLE pressure to sell meaningless treatments and products to the guests. Most of them regret ever signing on and wait for nothing more than "finishing their contracts" and getting back to the beauty salons where they got their training. (Believe it or not they also think American guests are a bit uptight about spending money in the spa on a "holiday". Go figure!)

This pressure to sell obviously hits many of the passengers, who resent the hard-sell and the endless battle to avoid soft- and hard-sales pitches.

There is not a chance in the world of changing Steiner, stopping young women and men from taking their year at sea with Steiner, or convincing those who've had the Steiner hard sell from squawking.

You are the lucky one. (I knew there had to be a few!)

By the way, Steiner's sells some sort of bath oil that smells like eucalyptus and is FANTASTIC and well worth whatever they charge for it! Greyish-purplish bottle.

Ron April 2nd, 2001 07:56 PM

Re: Steiner Spa
Jeez Victoria, do you work for Steiner or something? When you complain about the negative attitude on this board, maybe you forgot the topic is "cruise gripes."
"Smelly salon on your high street?" Where do you get this?
Maybe some people don't appreciate paying top dollar for a massage , then having some snotty Brit telling them (during the massage) how awful thier skin is and how they need to spend hundreds of dollars on creams and lotions. I finally had to tell her if she said one more word, she wouldn't get a tip. Maybe you should get a job with them if you don't already have one.

Jim Munkittrick April 15th, 2001 10:41 PM

Re: Steiner Spa
My wife got a massage, in cabin, twice last November..Steiner had the contract on the Norwegian Sea. She has planned to get a massage three times on this upcoming cruise....Highly skilled, wonderful lady....thoroughly professional.

Thulewx April 16th, 2001 06:02 AM

Re: Steiner Spa
Be prepared for a change - I think NCL went to a different Spa company - don't know if it's already changed or waiting for the current contract to run out...

SuzieQ April 21st, 2001 05:16 PM

Re: Steiner Spa

I just posted a message on another Steiner thread, but I'll say it again...

I befriended one of the Steiner staff last year. I learned that a lot of the girls had just finished the training course in the UK...they were complaining that their wrists hurt because they weren't used to giving massages all day. My therapist said that the pros were giving the new girls lessons at night, helping with techniques. So while you and I were fortunate to get the pros, someone else might have gotten a tired, inexperienced, sore, new person. Also, the girls are responsible for their own treatment rooms. My therapist kept hers immaculate and even offered me her CD player and some Richard Marx to enhance the experience. But who's to say they all do, or that they get the chance to clean up in detail between the clients. My therapist said that she sometimes didn't get lunch and could only manage a bananna between people.

Only after my wonderful treatment last year did I realize that the service I had gotten from a different therapist the year before was sub standard. Honestly, I couldn't believe the difference and I had the same treatment both years!

As for the pitching of product...I agree that you should expect it. That is part of their job.

All I know is that I would really regret spending $$$ this year and getting anything less than the service I got last year. So, since noone can guarantee the experience, I'll be spending my $ on jewelry.

Victoria Sky April 23rd, 2001 06:32 PM

Re: Steiner Spa

Great comments......

You are right, they work hard, but they get paid vey well. What is wrong with that?

These girls seem to stay on for more than a short period of time. Some of the girls I met said that they are making great money and travelling the world. It can't be that bad, compared to the conditions they would have in their home town salons.

Sure, I can see your point about the products but mine seem to work. O.K. I am no Cameron Diaz but I need help. The moisturiser I bought is good, probably better than the one I was using, even if it was more expensive.

So, I go back to my point, these girls deserve a break. The service they give is alright and certainly beats the Salons in London that charge similar high prices and don't match these standards.

Your thoughts are appreciated.......

SuzieQ April 25th, 2001 11:20 AM

Re: Steiner Spa
Hi Victoria,

I absolutely agree with everything you've said! :)

I was just trying to point out that it's a subjective experience with factors like skill level/ fatigue playing a role and that's why some of the poster here might have had a poor experience!

Just for kicks...I read a Steiner complaint once that floored me...I think you'll love this one:

Cruiser complained about the Steiner staff being rude and restrictive of traffic through the facilities. Apparently, the children in the group wandered into the spa and the staff said that under 18 were not allowed in that area without an adult and asked them to leave. The cruiser came back with the children so they could see the spa. They were walking around, taking a looky-loo when Steiner staff asked them to leave included. This cruiser was miffed. Could you imagine laying on the table in the paper panties while the Brady Bunch takes a tour! lol

Victoria Sky April 26th, 2001 07:24 PM

Re: Steiner Spa
Suzie,'ll give the kids councellors a new idea for their treasure hunts!!!!

Come to think of it, why is it always my lounger that they hide the kids hunt prize under!!!

Good to chat....thanks for the laugh


kimmie2429 August 11th, 2011 02:53 PM

Okay, so if steiner is so repituable, why there is no one that can be contacted directly through their company. A girlfriend and I just came off a carnival crusie where steiner was the spa company onboard, and we were charged for treatments that were never recieved. We were never explained the cancellation policy and the customer service from them was horrible. We got no resultion from carnival, in turn they gave us a letter to contact Steiner directly. the numbers liosted for steiner, no one ever answers and it sends you to a busy signal. I really believe Carnival Cruise line needs to really reconsider who they sub-contract their spa through. Unhappy Cruiser!!!!!!

kimmie2429 August 11th, 2011 02:58 PM

This spa group sucks! A girlfriend and I just had an issue with carnival and steiner. We were charged for services never recieved from Steiner, we were never told their cancellation policy. When we filed a complaint with Carnival, we were referred to steiner and given a number to contact them. None of the contact information given works. We have yet to be able to contact someone from Steiner about our issue. i really think Carnival needs to re-negotiate the contract that they have with this company.

chestercatten October 3rd, 2011 01:50 PM

Steiner Spa
I had the most unpleasant experiences at Steiner Spa on my recent Princess Cruise ( I have to say that prior to that time I had been on two royal caribbean cruises and the experience, each time, with Steiner was much better.)

This time it seemed that the sole purpose of a spa treatment was to provide a forum for the staff to pressure you (and I mean HIGH PRESSURE) into purchasing hundreds of dollars of products. Now I happen to like Steiner products and have even ordered them after my cruises in the past, but this time I didn't want anything. The woman who did my facial was visably angry that I wasn't purchasing anything (the facial itself was excellent - too bad the experience was spoiled by what followed). The Masseuse (massage just so/so) kept me for 15 minutes after my treatment to try to sell me products. she literally blocked the door. I was very late because she was 20 minutes delayed in starting my treatment and now kept me even longer. NO was not in her vocabulary.

A vacation is supposed to be relaxing. A spa treatment is supposed to enhance that, not detract from that. Horrible experience. My sister, her husband and my husband (I am female, in spite of the name) had the same experience. The more aggressive one has to be with the staff the less pleasant the whole experience becomes. Take a lesson from Estee Lauder (Red Door) leave the suggested products at the checkout desk with a note and let the patron decide without pressure.

Cruise ships beware --- keep this up and you will loose more than you will make. Sub contract to someone else or set your own standards.

misguidedangel November 11th, 2011 08:09 PM

I`ve been on 11 cruises and ALL of the cruises I have been to the spa for a treatment or products. I have no complaints or issues with the spa at all!!!!

I`ve had facials, pedicures, seaweed wrap, and a massage. I felt awesome after each!!!! I love the products and if I don`t want anything I say no thanks. Then again, I also generally try to get my product refills onboard because I have to pay $25US for shipping and anywhere from $3-10 for customs clearance fees for any shipment to Canada. I figure I can almost get a bottle of Sharp Shower Gel ($30) for the shipping cost!!!!!!

Some people on holiday are very stingy and tight with their money--they are the ones with S&S balance extremely low...I may be on a ultra tight budget for my upcoming cruise, but I still have a reasonable S&S budget that allows me a pedicure!

Tasha85 December 21st, 2011 11:19 AM

They are not paid very well at all! It is 7.5% commission on every treatment done and every retail product sold.... I was lucky to bring in $300 a cruise! I was in the Spa from 7am to 10pm everyday apart from the 2.5 days I had off a week.....however if for some reason the ship could not dock on a port day then you had to work so some days you wouldnt even get your days off! The spas opened at 7.30am and closed at 10pm - the chances of you leaving the spa at 10 were slim!!!!
The target of the spa on the Carnival Conquest was 100,000 dollars per FIVE day cruise so there you can see how the team have to work like dogs.
And no one on there made a cent.... just the 7.5 commission which equates to basically zero. If you break your contract before the 9 month is up then you lose your commission from that month and have to pay your flights home - some people have to just stick it out to try and get enough air fare!

Surfguyxxx1 January 28th, 2012 06:06 AM

I usually get at least 1 massage on a cruise and the name I see is "Elemis". Is that the product brand name and Steiner the parent company?

djuliana February 7th, 2012 01:27 PM

Oh , my , you are a supervisor of Steiner !!! I ve heard that speech before !! haha

Surfguyxxx1 February 24th, 2012 04:44 PM

Working in an operating room doing surgery all day hardly allows me time to work for someone else!

Dhill February 24th, 2012 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by Surfguyxxx1 (Post 1417324)
Working in an operating room doing surgery all day hardly allows me time to work for someone else!

WOW your a surgen thats pretty cool what kind of surgerys do you do?:)

Surfguyxxx1 February 25th, 2012 10:02 AM

General; alot of daVinci these days and some laparoscopic.

buttons16 February 26th, 2012 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by Tasha85 (Post 1406426)
They are not paid very well at all! It is 7.5% commission on every treatment done and every retail product sold.... I was lucky to bring in $300 a cruise! I was in the Spa from 7am to 10pm everyday apart from the 2.5 days I had off a week.....however if for some reason the ship could not dock on a port day then you had to work so some days you wouldnt even get your days off! The spas opened at 7.30am and closed at 10pm - the chances of you leaving the spa at 10 were slim!!!!
The target of the spa on the Carnival Conquest was 100,000 dollars per FIVE day cruise so there you can see how the team have to work like dogs.
And no one on there made a cent.... just the 7.5 commission which equates to basically zero. If you break your contract before the 9 month is up then you lose your commission from that month and have to pay your flights home - some people have to just stick it out to try and get enough air fare!

Im not getting something. No one is forcing you or anyone else to work for Steiner spa. If someone is unhappy working for them then leave after your contract is up...BTW you should have known what the salery was prior to signing up.
However I have sailed with my wife on many cruises and we both were always happy with the services...And yes I know how to say no and I know how to end the subject if they persist in selling products...BUT that does'nt take away from the great service I received.:)

michelleclark12313 November 8th, 2012 05:04 AM

Some people don't appreciate paying top dollar for a massage , then having some snotty Brit telling them how awful thier skin is and how they need to spend hundreds of dollars on creams and lotions.pressure to sell obviously hits many of the passengers, who resent the hard-sell and the endless battle to avoid soft- and hard-sales pitches.

Trip Planner

katiewilliams9 May 8th, 2014 03:37 PM

Working for Steiner all you need to know
Im going to list good and bad on my experience
steiner something you have to do, something you will end up to hate

Firstly I went to college for 2 years to get my level 3 and seen a girl who applied for steiner here i found it a great idea for me, so after 2 years it was finally my turn, my turn to leave after all my friends have left for uni. mum spent loads on helping me get to steiner, you dont get paid while your in london and i was there for a month so lucky you dont pay for your food in the YMCA. only had to pay for breakfast and lunch in the academy. alot hate the academy but i loved it this is because i love what i do, i went to do facials/beauty therapy. and a lot mention about the teaching, to me it was fine a lot of friendly staff. there was 2 that was miserable and a bit strict.. but isnt there always in school or college? but uch they made me angry inside dont speak to me like that please hmm :( you do get told to get more make up on and lipstick sometimes not always in a bad way. one teacher did go around the class individually saying more lipstick your eyeshadow is messy and she said to me i dont know what is going on with your hair.. my hair was good everyday it was cause i had just had a massage that it went messy and had a bit of oil in it.
uniform was a pain. its white and you go to the academy so early in the morn and by the time you get home and had some food its nearly 7oclock, i used to wash my uniform in the sink, and it would dry by the morn waiting for the washing machine was a joke and only did it once. i shared a room with 3 girls the room was fine to me 4 mirrors and 3 sinks but some where not as nice we where lucky. all we did was laugh and revise all night getting angry that we didnt know all the ingredients in most of the products haha.
for food in the academy was nice, bp cheese and beans or a paini yum, YMCA to me was fine ALOT complain about this, it made me bloat like bad but im not one to complain about food, it just didnt taste as nice as home thats all.
4 weeks later of revising massage and facials oh and no money! it was finally my turn to leave, i left 2 days after i found out and was so nervous! yey finally about to follow my dream
so I arrived on my ship with 1 other girl i was so lucky to be with her, our manager met us and showed us to our cabins, they were tiny!!! i knew they wer but towards the end it got annoying no space for clothes or to move, some are big tho i was a bit unlucky here. got to the spa to find out we had to manage our own column there was already 2 other facialists so i didnt stand a chance to do what i loved the most unless i went out and proved myself i could get my own clients and good retail it was impossible tho as i was in a triangle where if i werent getting any clients cause the manager would but them in other therapists columns cause they had good retail then i couldnt get good retail either or re bookings! i can see her point cause she had targets and money to make, but for me this was annoying it was my dream to work on a ship i never have got complaints either so i and others where made to be on the 'side' like cleaning and promoting for ages 2 and a half hours sometimes, and yes this was for 14hr a day think about it, and there was no going home you never left ha! i have spider veins from this and my calves where so bad when i was in my treatment room i used to sit down and have 5 mins to my self cause it hurt haha sounds stupid but it felt i had been cycling for hours.
14hr shifts where a killer i heard on different ships you work different times ours was half 7 until half 9, sometimes this was ridiculous as for example formal nights there will be no guests and the last guest would have been in at 5 or 6 and your there until half 9 along with the rest of the 12 staff doing nothing but clean. yes a spa should be spotless but we had to clean like stupid for example if it was quiet we would deep clean your room for an hour and if you didnt have a client the next morn this would be in your column again i mean didnt i just clean my room last night? :shock:

looking at all the places i could go before i left was amazing look at all the places i am going!!! which was good dont get me wrong better than sitting at home on a cold morning but to find out you need a taxi to get to the actual place or city was annoying and sometimes cost a bit, obv some ports werent like this and could just get straight off. this dont seem a problem i no but when you work 14hr a day with 1.5 days off a week and you a off on a port day and need to travel far to get somewhere nice and be back in work for half 2 cause you only have a half a day off it was annoying specially when you didnt port until like 10 sometimes :( upsetting. when you had a full day off it was the best thing ever!
there was group A and group B, so that means port days wer split up so not every port day did you get off, this was hard for me as i knew when it was a port day i wouldnt get a clients cause those with higher retail would get them so i used to be a bit like hmm no point me being in the spa today so i just stare out the window all day and wish i was out side. i did some amazing things that i wouldnt even afford if i was at home and there would be no one to do it with me. so that was good, money wasnt good 1000 a month thats 700 a month in english just about so thats like 2 pound something an hour so you needed all the commission you could get! but you always had money if you get me cause you werent spending it not everyday you can buy a expensive watch, handbag and send money home for your holiday right? :D

overall, go for it if beauty is what you love or massage, hairdressing or fitness, its a life time opp just remember you put a lot of money into this and it does stress you out, you dont have enough time for your self and your eyebrows get bushy, you havent shaved your legs in a while, yes there is targets to make your manager may push you and ask WHYYY and feel upset and useless but you will never see them again right? i did and soled what i wanted i only did a certain amount cause i wasnt getting paid and treated good enough. its 9 months of your life you dont like it then come home, life is good and bad on the ship but everyone is soo nice and you make great friends who stick by you everyday and crew bar is great up until 3 in the morn with a massive headache in the morn but sometimes you cant make it cause your sooooo tired.
steiners made me upset and angry :( words cant explain it through here im frustrated and hurt. its not a dream but it has become an achievement, yes i did it! not every day you go to some of the places i went to such beautiful sites just not enough time. on there website it says steiner you can travel the world.. but as soon as you arrive to the spa it is YOU are here to work haha. you repeat yourself like mad, hi my name is.. where are you from.. this is the frangnani oil... who are you here with.. you cruised before. i was going crazy!! good luck to everyone its a weird life onboard but remember 9 months of your life why not experience it just remember its a money making company id love to change the rules!! :roll::cry:

ShoreLoafer May 25th, 2014 08:38 AM

What shall we do with a drun... Oh... employment issues?
Hi everyone,

I've been studying the Steiner employment issue recently (online, as I don't actually have any crucial interest in that, it's done for purely academic purposes, so, myself, I am reluctant to invest greater amounts of time and money in this research), and I must admit that I have found a number of negative comments, mostly regarding five key problems with that, videlicet:

1) tremendous overtime;
2) slave-drivers for managers (killer attitude);
3) excessive focus on pushing cosmetics and other relevant products, with the s#!t actually being put AHEAD of the quality of services in terms of importance and employee appraisal;
4) insufficient investment to earnings ratio (a person has to pay $$$ for simply being allocated to a ship by Steiner, the amount being even greater if we consider indirect losses, i.e. time, etc., and eventually only gets $$ or even $ in return, so to say. Not that it would always be like that, of course, but such risk is definitely to be considered);
5) complete lack of any labour protection (whereas you do expect to have some in the 21st century, but there are people saying that refusing to work extra-long hours gets you fired, failure to sell heaps of cosmetics leaves you with no customers, being sick gets you thrown overbo... erm... dismissed from the vessel, and so on).

As to the veracity of the comments, well, if we omit the marginal ones, both those saying something like "oh, the Horror, the HORROR!" with no factual substantiation and those that sound like "All you complainers can go to hell, you're nothing but miserable losers, whereas I did succeed greatly, bla bla bla ambitions, bla bla bla hard work, bla bla bla corporate interests, etc." (the latter ones, actually, are typical for use in dubious schemes, as these appeal to a person's self-esteem and are therefore damn effective for manipulation, trust me), we still have a number of decent and somewhat neutral comments, written in a very reasonable way, that refer to the aforementioned key issues. On the other hand, these aren't as numerous as one would expect when speaking about a company that hires 2000 people yearly.

At any rate, Steiner, as we all know, retains its monopoly over the onboard SPA business as of today (A market share of 90% DOES mean a monopoly. Period), so I assume that a person with a wish to do a SPA-related job afloat WILL have to deal with Steiner, one way or another. So, the question of eliminating the threat of the five aforementioned circumstances to a certain extent is, I guess, vital for a great number of people, both newcomers and ex-Steiners who consider the opportunity to return to a ship (yes, there are people like that, as far as i could see, though I haven't got a slightest idea of the actual number thereof).

This is where we confront some major principles of life itself, which are universal, worldwide and eternal. The one I'm talking about says that __an individual will NEVER beat a system__. So, if a person is dissatisfied with his or her Steiner experience and desires reimbursement (let's assume it would be fair and just), he or she will never handle the great amount of money, time and effort required in order to get a claim like that through a court successfully, especially considering that the company's registered in Bahamas, if I am correct. In the meantime, the company DOES have the required knowledge, resources and motivation to repel any legal claim like that, even if lodged by our litigative friends from the United States, not to mention the rest of the world.

If we turn to the history if labour relations in the Capitalistic era, however, we could see that the same situation persisted in just about EVERY branch of industry, let's say, in the late XIX century. A typical contemporary blue collar had all of the problems we are referring to herein, and even if any laws of the country he used to live and work in did provide for a way for him to protect his rights, he would never be able to do that due to the lack of resources. But, eventually (and, for that matter, gradually and painstakingly), the issue has been dealt with to a certain extent. The solution for opposing the system back then (here, we mean large industries, huge corporations, tycoons, etc.) was, according to the principle mentioned in the previous paragraph, was to establish a COUNTER-SYSTEM. Of course, that would be by far weaker than the dominant one at first, yet people actually did that. By themselves. These counter-systems evolved into the most effective worker protection tool Capitalist countries have ever known - labour (professional) unions.

I am not going to describe these thoroughly here (you can find a lot of decent material on the Net), but the cornerstone thereof was the SELF-COORDINATION of workers in a specific area. A dominant employer will have no hesitation getting rid of a single protester, yet it won't be able to fire everyone and thus cut its own throat (no employees = no business = no profit). Of course, there are numerous labour unions in existence already, but none of these has any international influence, these are mostly country-specific. And while crew personnel like officers, mechanics, etc. is in fact protected by a number of global maritime regulatory acts and cetain organizations dedicated to the protection of their rights, non-maritime (by definition) employees like barbers, fitness instructors, masseuses, etc. do not have that luxury. Hence, I'd suggest it is worth to establish some sort of an unofficial labour union for people working or intending to work in the maritime SPA industry (which, nowadays, means "with Steiner").

I say unofficial, because founding an official international industry-specific worker protection authority would require an immense amount of effort, one would probably have to dedicate his or her entire life to that. On the contrary, an easily built website of simple design, with a forum moderated strictly to allow only reasonable, substantial and thruthful comments, would provide a number of benefits:

1) This would be the MOST valid source of information on the problem, as by now all we have is a bunch of comments spread over different complaint sites and the silence of the employer itself.
2) It would help Steiner employees coordinate their actions with each other, e.g. try to form a team of people sent to work to a certain cruise ship immediately upon finding out of their allocation and prior to meeting each other (and their future managers, by the way), so that they could make prearrangements for combatting the key problems referred to herein, if any shall be encountered onboard.
3) The site would have a high probability to have a stable Google rating when things like onboard spas, cruise ships and the like are searched for, hence, aside from becoming an ever more effective platform, it could even yield certain financial profit for its hosts through advertising, perhaps.
4) It could get customers involved as well! As I read in some comments, customers are displeased by certain circumstances (the hard sales approach, in particular) as well, so, if it's confirmed, it could contribute to the change for the better, as the opinion of customers matters much more for a business than that of its employees (applies to any business operating in any industry all around the world and at all times).
5) The site could also be a productive platform for communication between employees and Steiner itself! Really, a Steiner PR manager providing reasonable and respectful answers to the concerns people express would benefit all of the parties involved, as, firstly, the company could enhance its reputation by demonstrating adherence to its official statements, secondly, those who aspire to work at sea would have a reliable source of valid information, plus customers would also see for real that their opinion matters and is considered and respected, which is an undisputed positive factor.

By the way, please don't perceive this idea as an anti-Steiner measure. On the contrary, I have great respect for the people who have been able to build and develop such a grand corporation, regardless of the sometimes questionable way some of their managers seem to do business, and I do suppose that eventually the endeavour would result in beneficial consequences to the company as well, in the long-term perspective, in terms of sustainability.

Once again, the site doesn't have to be Steiner-specific, if anybody has any concerns about the possible legal and practical complications. Ideally, this would be a portal encompassing the entire scope of non-maritime ship personnel and the problems related thereto.

All right, tired of writing by now, so if there's anyone out there appreciating the standpoint and willing to undertake the implementation thereof, you're welcome to grab the idea and use it as you see fit. Well, if it does come true, I will have enough material for my future thesis that I will have to write in order to get my Master's degree in economics in a few years (that's for you guys out there who wonder about my own motives for writing that :). April 13th, 2016 09:44 AM

Good morning to all, I am a last Year student of medicine and surgery and I want to do the Medi-Spa at the Sea Physican course in Miami and work onboard for 7 months. Can someone tell me his/her experience as physician? How much can I earn in one month? Can someone send me a copy of the contract for physician?
Thank you

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