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Don G February 8th, 2002 04:11 PM

Dress codes
I don't care what the dress code is, I just wish the ships would enforce them. In RSSC Mariner, you dressed according to what was published for the day or ate in your room.

As I said in a recent review of Disney Wonder, the head waiter stopped a fellow in one restaurant saying "In here we ask for jackets and no jeans" to which he replied, "OK, you asked, now where do I sit?'

My complaint is packing ten pounds of clothes to conform and then having to sit with some doofus and his family in shorts and tank tops that they've been wearing the past two days. Why is it the hairier the body, the skimpier the tank top?

The usual response here in Florida to how they dress or how their kids behave is "we're on holiday, no rules".

Roe-Z February 8th, 2002 08:36 PM

Re: Dress codes
Hey, let me guess, you live in do I. I just posted a message right before this that explains how I feel. If you too live here in the "tourist" area, then you too have seen the dress code (or should I say lack of) that walks around the parks and shops. Hard to tell the difference between the trash that lives here and the ones that are visiting. No one says you have to dress to the nines...but, please dress. Unless the cruise lines are going to inforce their requests, they should just not have them at all. Can you imagine what it would look like then. Let's face it. Some people dress because it says so. Without that, guess anything would go. Hope the cruise lines keep those formal nights. If I were having a special night out, I would get dressed up. So why can't people see that this is "their special night out"?

Don G February 9th, 2002 06:38 PM

Re: Dress codes
Still think the problem is the "I'm on vacation and nothing is going to spoil it". I've seen fathers heft their kids up over others in line and put them in front because "My kid has been looking forward to this and nothing is going to spoil it". Or "My wife and I have to dress for work, now we are on vacation and nothing is going to spoil it". To picture the Disney Wonder, go to the Magic Kingdon's Main Street at high noon, throw a net over 2800 people and dump them on the ship.

I've had people tell me not to worry about what they look or smell like. Good point, except when I have gone to the effort to carry the requested dress aboard, take a bath and change from my comfortable grungies. I have to admit the people on Sovereign of the Seas that left wearing the same shorts and tank top they came aboard in looked happier then me. Of course I didn't get to do what they did, or drink what they did, or smoke what they did.

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