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Travel Gripes! Gripe about cruises or getting to one.(airlines, taxis)

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Old September 20th, 2003, 07:55 AM
Joan Kig
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Default Re: The "Holiday" from hell

I dont agree about Carival. We have been on The Victory and Triumph 4 times in the last 2 years and I thought there was something for everyone. Just loved it!
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Old September 21st, 2003, 02:13 AM
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Default Re: The "Holiday" from hell

Hmm, Lots of interesting posts. And even some of the "harsher" posts still had some valid points. I still think that Carnival is more of a "party ship" than many other lines. Do I think that is a slam? NO! Everyline does have its own "personality" and a cruiser needs to find his/her match. I beleive( from everything I've read, and from my moms own experiences) that Hal is a great cruise line, I also believe it would bore me, I believe that Seaborn is a luxurious ship, but I know I prefer big ships. So instead of rating one cruise line as better or worse we should just accept the differences.

I do think that some cruise lines have terrible hiring practices, one of the waiters on one of our Carnival cruises was practically in tears begging us to give him "excellant " ratings or he would get in" trouble". It was as if he was saying he would get fired or sent home if we didn't rate him 5 star. We also found more langauge problems with Carnival employees than with some other lines. We still enjoyed all our cruises( yes only 3) but we went with no expectations the first time, altered expectations the second time( took the kids) and reasonable expectations the third time.
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Old September 21st, 2003, 08:51 AM
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Default Re: Re: The "Holiday" from hell

Bigboy, you are mis-informed at best. I have cruised on CCL, RCI, HAL, NCL, Celebrity, and Ren so far and working on the others but I have seen all types and social incomes on all of these lines. I have seen both CEO's and "working stiffs" on each and every line. As a frequent CCL cruiser I have noticed that on the cruises I have taken the overall "class" of people have been a bit higher! Money does not equate to 'class'. The "top" cruiseline we have been on would probably be considered Celebrity and I saw more people on that ship that lacked class than I have on all the others and the only one that even came close was a three day summer cruise with the party hardy type and most of them still had more class than these supposedly wealthy snots that acted like everyone should bow down and cater to them that I saw on the Celebrity ship. Not all mind you, but a appreciable number on this particuliar cruise which was a longer one.

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Old September 21st, 2003, 06:24 PM
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Default Re: The "Holiday" from hell

What seems odd to me is how defensive some people become when others critique a cruise line, or just 1 particular cruise, as I stated we did have some things go wrong on our cruise, but it, by no means ruined our vacation, it could have been better, but we still had fun. The cruiselines do need to know when things are not up to par, I think you will have the best results when you can relate to the purser,customer service rep, or whomever. demanding will not get you very far, you also have to be realistic in your request, When I was contacted a year and a half after my cruise, it was because of how I presented my cruise experiance, I told them all along it was not about getting my money back, we were fed and still had fun and the money is not why I had contacted them, if I had wanted my money back I could have had every cent back. I wanted them to know that there customer service was lacking so they could focus on and improve that area.
everyone does not have to be in agreement on what is the best cruise line, thankfully we have alot to choose from, there is a vast variety that can cater to the people who want non stop parties,and for people who want to be formal for every meal, for young and for old. I have found pros and cons on all three lines we have tried Carnival, Princess and Royal Caribbean, I can't wait to try some of the others to see what they have to offer.
don't flame people just cause they have had something bad happen,bad things do happen, if all your cruise experiances have been perfect I am so happy for you, keep cruising and the odds are that something will go wrong eventually, I promise not to flame you for having a real experiance, I still hope it does not ruin your whole experiance
go have some fun
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Old September 21st, 2003, 08:27 PM
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Default Re: The "Holiday" from hell

Let me just make this one point because it is being said that Carnival is a party ship for the younger crowds. For one Carnival does have good prices that younger crowds can afford and this may be one reason for this because alot of Schools especially in my area have graduates that book trips with Carnival (and New Orleans is conventient dock in our area also) as graduation gifts. Now second of all, I have seen alot of older people have just as much fun as the younger crowds. I also don't know what is being considerate partying? Drinks at the club and getting down in the disco or belting out some Karoake? Watching the nightly entertainment? Please do tell. Because if this is partying and it's to much for some post to take, then I don't want to ever go on the other cruise line because sounds like they would be much too boring. The only partying I ever see is when these kids get off in Mexico and get stone cold drunk. That's not Carnival's problem, they have no control on what is done in Mexico.

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Old October 4th, 2003, 10:53 PM
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Default Re: The "Holiday" from hell

I've been on four Carnival cruises - and only had complaints about one - and it was on the Holiday. We put our complaints on the comment card and got a letter with a 15% discount on a future cruise. I'm using that soon; going on the Destiny Nov. 16. I like Carnival even though we don't do much "partying". I like the upbeat, lively atmosphere. I like the prices too. I can afford a suite without selling a body part to pay for it!

Janet Lynn

Carnival Destiny
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Old October 9th, 2003, 03:07 PM
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Default Re: The "Holiday" from hell

I understand individuals having independant problems and then over acting and addressing them as a company wide problem. I would agree that in these circumstances a company gets a bad rap. Vise-versa, one good deed or experience does not guarantee another. But when an entire ship expierences a problem;.... that folks IS a problem. If you exclude all the individual situations the writter suffered through, you are still left with many cruiseline problems. Construction, running aground, lack of communication,ect....which is not open to individual interpritation,( well perhaps the communication thing) there appears to me to be enough fault on the cruiselines side, to justify additional compensation. To hold Carnival harmless for these situations, is not founded. To condem the entire company's operating record is.
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Old October 10th, 2003, 03:33 PM
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Default Re: The "Holiday" from hell

I have read this whole tread. (took me 30 minutes) wanted to say my heart goes out to the orginal poster. I too don't understand Carnival. It makes me wonder if they are hurting finicially as I have never heard of such a horror story. I too can't help but wonder if you were offered a cut deal because of the remodeling. I just can't believe they would expect you to pay the same price as others. Maybe your TA made a little on the side- thinking as you were a first time cruise you would not know better. I do want to point out something to the orginal post. It seems that the cruises less then 7 days are not on as nice a ship.(Except for sometimes- a repositioning cruise) Since I know you spent a considerable amount on airfare I would have spent a little extra and took a nicer seven day cruise.

As far as Carnival not being as nice as RCCL- when you compare like ships-example Voyager to Glory or Legend. The cost is pretty much the same. Also only Carnival and RCCL as far as I know offer the cruises less then 7 day. I may be wrong though- maybe I just have not done enough research. and yes I know Princess does offer some mini cruises in repositioning cruises. But it is only a few cruises and only certain times of the year.

Anyway, as I said RCCL's older ships aren't so great either. I still like the fact though that they offer a smaller cruise. Some years that is all we can afford-other years we have had super nice cruises. Hey I have been on Sovereign twice and would cruise her again even if she isn't so nice anymore.

The most we have spent on a cruise was $800 a person. This was HAL Alaska. Loved it though I will say we liked Carnival better even if HAL gave us a larger cabin and bathtub. We have never stayed in a suite but I do hope we will get to try a balcony on one of the newer ships. ( I doubt we will ever be able to afford a suite but the balconys on the newer ships are more affordable)

Anyway I love cruising and I am middle class. So I guess I will continue to take these "economy" cruises and be glad they were offered. I am no fan of one line. I just like cruising. When I can afford it I go for the nicer cruise but when I can't I am just happy to be able to cruise at all.
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