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Rags April 29th, 2004 01:13 PM

Take your booze onboard!
If you're the live by the rules, afraid to take a chance kinda person, ignore this.


I just don't see what all the fuss is about the alcohol policies on the cruise ships!
Other than beer, which I dearly love, and just have to buy 'by the bucket' on board,
booze is just no problem on ANY ship!

CAMOUFLAGE IT, for goodness sakes! You shouldn't be packing glass anyway.

Buy sugar free tonic, for example, if your booze is white. Empty the tonic, fill with the booze, and pack the bottles. If you're careful, you can even leave the little security ring attached to the lid, or if it breaks off, you can dab a little super glue on it & it will secure it right back. Tell the cruiseline you can't have sugar, if any questions are asked. I've never been able to find diet tonic offered on ANY cruiseline, and besides, it's not booze, right? No one will hassle you. I do it all the time.

For colored liquor, be equally creative. Look at all the bottles in your toiletry bag! Surely you can find room in your luggage or carry on for a big bottle of, say, hydrogen peroxide,
shampoo, sunscreen, lotion, a personal water bottle, etc, etc.--- Just clean them, fill them with booze, reattach the little security ring, if necessary, and then pack in your luggage and/or carry on. The only limitation is your imagination.

No one is going to hassle you. I've never gotten even so much as a suspicious glance from anyone.

If your senses are offended by pouring liquor out of a sunscreen bottle, then just buy the booze in the cocktail lounge and quit complaining. All the cruiselines are banning carry-on booze. It's just another way to gouge you for more cash. I'm equally angry about it, but I just work my way around it.


3FOB5Paradise April 29th, 2004 03:00 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Rags, while I understand your sentiments, I'll say now that abuse it too much, and the cruise lines will respond. They might start inspecting all containers, or who knows....they might increase their prices...after all they DO happen to make a lot of their profits off booze! Without those profits they will suffer.

Kuki April 29th, 2004 04:14 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Frankly.. I'm LOL that anyone would want to go to such as extremes to avoid paying for a few drinks onboard. Filling suntan lotion and tolietry containers with booze???

Cruise lines aren't "gouging" on liquor prices. They set a price, you have a choice to buy it or not, just as with cruise fares!

Perhaps a beach front vacation next door to a bar that sells $1 beers is more in order than a cruise ship vacation!

sea angel April 29th, 2004 04:44 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
It is a bit absurd to go that extreme! After all, for $22.00 ( on Princess) you can get a liter of Abolute Vodka from room service! (other types of booze available at similar rate) Mix your own!
Sea Angel

SAndrea91483 April 29th, 2004 06:03 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
If you do prefer to take your own booze, though, a good note would be to make sure you wash out the bottles VERY THOROUGHLY before you switch contents. Sounds like common sense, right? But I know someone (underage) who tried to smuggle vodka on a trip he went on. He put it in a shampoo bottle, but didn't wash the shampoo out enough first...LOL

fasteddie April 30th, 2004 06:08 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Andrea, did he blow little bubbles when he burped? <G>


Rags April 30th, 2004 07:35 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
This little tirade was basically aimed at all the posts about the rules for bringing booze onboard ships. Some lines have more lenient policies than others, as I'm sure you're aware. NCL, for example, gives you 4 bottles of the liquor of your choice if you are in a Penthouse suite. HAL, on the other hand, has a lot stricter policies. My understanding, from reading other posts, is that Celebrity does not even offer room service booze.

I've read so much complaining, rightly so in many cases, from folks who say that enjoying a drink on the balcony of their cabin is part of the pleasure of HAVING a balcony cabin.

I agree. I also agree that the on board prices for a bottle of booze is not that expensive, but the selection IS limited. Your particular brand may not be available and some people don't want to settle for less.

I think the sore spot is that many people look at this as just another way that the cruiselines gouge customers. Buying duty free liquor on shore to enjoy onboard is something that many people have come to expect.

Also, I didn't mean to suggest that anyone should NOT purchase liquor from the bars or restaurants onboard and I seriously doubt that's a real issue. Just because someone wants to have a drink in their cabin doesn't mean they won't have a cocktail in the lounge or at the dinner table.

Drinks onboard ARE outrageously priced though, similar to a high end cocktail lounge.
$3.75 is common for a DOMESTIC beer. $5.00 & up for mixed drinks and top shelf liquor. Over the course of a decent cruise, that really adds up, if you enjoy your cocktails.

So, the real point here is that if you are really outraged about the policies, then there ARE ways to get around them. And the cruiselines are NOT going to start opening all your bottles! How ridiculous! But even so, what's the worst that could happen? They confiscate it. They're not going to toss you off the ship. You're not smuggling drugs.

And as these posts show, most people are NOT going to go to such lengths to smuggle booze onboard, but for those who really feel strongly about it, there are options.


Pea April 30th, 2004 08:12 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
While I haven't smuggled booze on myslef, I agree with what Rags said.

Most people who want to bring some booze onboard want it for in cabin consumption. This is to compliment not replace the other alcohol consumption who may partake in on the ship. One or two drinks per day in my cabin is not going to break the cruiseline. I am still going to order drinks while I am at the pool and shows.

With Princess, you can order bottles from room service to be delivered to your cabin. that's great, except they don't offer any liqueur and that is all I drink. I don't think it's fair that a vodka drinker can get a bottle for in room consumption, but a kahlua drinker can't.


Paul B April 30th, 2004 12:23 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Just don't drink, save your money for tours, and have a natural high! Just think of all the alcoholic calories available for dessert items.

Curt J April 30th, 2004 01:37 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
I smuggled a bottle of Crown Royal aboard once (No peroxide bottle though, lol). The first night I left it in plain view in my stateroom and was sure it was going to get conviscated. To my surprise, my room steward had put it on ice! Great surprise considered I was not supposed to have it. I still spent over $300 on booze on a 4 night, so they ain't going belly up cause of me.

RSP April 30th, 2004 02:12 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Being a nondrinker i want to thank all of those
here that purchase their booze on board. The
profit margins on alcohol keep the price of my
cruise low.

sea angel April 30th, 2004 06:34 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
I'm sorry that I like Vodka. It's somthing I starting enjoying in college many moons
ago. LOL I really do wish Princess had Kahlua for you. \
Happy sailing,
Sea Angel

Pea April 30th, 2004 09:34 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Sea Angel - No problem with you liking vodka and being able to get it through room service! Not your fault you like a kind of liquor they'll deliver! :)

I just wish that if they are going to allow bottles to be delivered to the cabins that they expand the menus a litte...grrrrr.


DemolitionMan May 2nd, 2004 08:48 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
you can always request ahead of time to the ta or the cruise line directly. tell them your situation, how you drink thier stuff, and once in a while you would like a bottle of [insert favorite vice here] in your cabin for a nightcap or pre-casino courage. like i was reading somewhere else on wine, the cruise line wants to make you happy, but they don't know what makes you happy until you tell them.

Dave the Wave May 3rd, 2004 08:57 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Why bother? You can buy a bottle of liquor on the ship in the shop for about the same price as at home.

DebC May 3rd, 2004 10:40 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Wow, it amazes me how many people seem to think alchohol is ESSENTIAL to enjoying a vacation. Take their booze away or charge what they consider too much, and you'd think their vacation is ruined, absolutely tragic.

I enjoy a drink every now and then, and wine with fine dining. So I'm not anti-booze. But if someone told me I could never drink another alchoholic drink the rest of my life, it wouldn't bother me all that much. It's just not necessary for me to drink to have a good time. In fact, I prefer to keep all of my senses fully operational to better enjoy my vacation or cruise, thank you very much.

All this elaborate plotting of how to smuggle booze onboard because folks can't stand to pay for their 6-drink a day celebrating at cruise prices is actually amusing. And a bit sad at times.


Dave the Wave May 3rd, 2004 11:30 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Only 6 drinks a day? That is a lightweight. I must have alochol to fully enjoy myself. I buy a bottle of Vodka on the ship the first night to mix with my tonic and lime I bring with me and an 18 pack of Budweiser to supplement my bar tab. The first afternoon usually starts with a bucket of beers by the pool.

maho May 3rd, 2004 11:48 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
if you aren't considering taking your booze on board why would you go into a listing tilted "take your booze on board"
all of us BAD PEOPLE who smuggle booze on board go into these topics cause we get enjoyment out of reading how everyone else does it

Dave the Wave May 3rd, 2004 12:57 PM

Re: Re: Take your booze onboard!
I don't need to take my booze onboard because it would take up valuable space in my suitcase reserved for beer. I can buy booze on board in the liquor store and I do. I can't buy a case of beer in there. I start with 18 or 24 beers in my cabin. I probably buy another 30-40 throughout the ship during the cruise as well as assorted mixed drinks. I just like to have a little bar set up in my cabin in case I get any girls in there to see my sea shell collection.

Thomas May 3rd, 2004 09:58 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Who has to bring alcohol on a cruise to have a good time??? ME!


Laurie M May 4th, 2004 12:33 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
One of the reasons my husband & I ten to drink more on a cruise is because we don't have to worry about getting in a car and driving home. Its not that we HAVE to drink while on a cruise, its that we CAN. :-)

Rags May 7th, 2004 01:35 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
You know what really amazes me?

The people who are amazed that some of us are really big booze hounds. Dave The Wave and I are probably about blotto by lunch. Then we have to take a nice little afternoon nap so that we can get up in time to stay up all night & get smashed.

You know, it's really funny how different we all are and how differently we rank what is important to us on a vacation.

You see, I'm probably too hung over or buzzed to really feel like dressing up for the dining room tonight, so I might try sneaking in in a pair of jeans.....

I'll be willing to bet that some of you folks will about have a stroke! You'll also darn near let it ruin your whole vacation. In fact, you'll be so ate up with it that you'll start a 94 post thread about the horrors of dressing down in the dining room. OH MY GOODNESS!

I hope you'll realize that this entire post was completed with tongue planted firmly in cheek.


Post Edited (05-07-04 13:54)

Cocoa May 7th, 2004 03:10 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
The only thing I would be concerned about is the leaching of the bottle. I would stick to Scope or Listerine bottles that are designed to contain alcohol. If you use a LDPE shampoo bottle you may be drinking the inner few microns of the plastic. I would never consider putting gasoline in an old milk jug.

Dorothy May 8th, 2004 09:25 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
You got it Laurie! Having the CAPTAIN as my designated driver is quite wonderful!


maho May 10th, 2004 12:11 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
I always cruise with "the captain"
with a little diet coke ; )

pebbs May 10th, 2004 01:25 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Are the bags inspected by a federal agency (versus the cruise ships securtiy) and therefore have no jurisiction to remove anything that is not specifically deemed dangerous or illigal.

This in not a statement, it is a question because I do knot know the answer. I just know that the TSA would not take alchol out of your bags, checked or carry on. Perhaps if you took it out on the plane, then the flight crew might take issue. It just seems to me that the cruise ships cannot use the screeners as an avenue to confiscate liquor. Imagine how long it would take to load all that luggage on to the ship if they opened every suitcase that appeared to have a bottle of liquor in it?

this just doesn't pass the reasonableness test.

GLW513 June 2nd, 2004 03:14 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
I have mentioned this on another thread.

I overheard two guys on the Liddo Deck on a recent cruise on the Miracle discussing how they had smuggled 5 cases of beer onto the ship by placing it in a large suitcase. The actual purpose of their conversation was how they were going to attempt to smuggle 5 more cases onto the ship at the first port of call. They talked back and forth about how it would look suspicious taking this large suitcase off the ship. They finally agreed that they would purchase a similar suitcase fill it with beer and come back on the ship. Not sure if they were successful.

Lets examine this: 2 guys + 5 cases of beer in two days. And if they were successful it would be 10 cases in 7 days. Now I am all for having a good time...but I think that this is a little extreme.

bombero June 5th, 2004 04:44 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
Really, I don't know what all the fuss is about. I always bring my own beer. Nobody has ever stopped us, or questioned us about it.. Not even when I've bought 8-10, of some really great beer at some Island and brought it back to the ship to enjoy. I think, with all the cruise lines, the KEY is MODERATION. They are concerned about your safety, and more so about the other passengers you come in contact with..

. May 21st, 2005 11:53 AM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
I think these posts are funny. Those who don't want to sneak on booze, please don't!

Those who do... stop talking about it on public boards would ya?! Eventually the cruise industry will catch on to all the tricks.

On my NCL trip last winter, I put 3 shampoo bottles in the same zippy bag. (shampoo, not booze, really!) They called me down to open my suitcase. They barely appologized for the inconvienence of it all...

The part that really cracked me up tho, is that they did not check the collapsable cooler right near the shampoo with the flask of whiskey in it...

They will grab your booze, if you are silly enough to not read the policies and just sneak it in the original containers, with no concealmeant.

The people I saw in that room losing their booze, used no concealment OR used the obvious.. listerein bottles and such.

Guys, go to Private messages when discussing stuff that not everyone does.. you know what I mean! I searched the web once looking for packing tips and stumbled across a site that discussed sneaking pot on to the ship. There are other venues for some of us.

I find is amazing how many posts there are about pill containers not allowed -that you MUST have scripts, the orignal bottles etc. When I brought on my son's meds (heart condition) I had them in my pocket, NEVER checked, looked at or anything! I was ready with all the BS that was suggested I take. Meanwhile in my carry on was my vitamins.. I take a mix of multi, Bcomplex and calcium, 3 tablets total. Had them in one bottle mixed together. Also, never checked, opened, even looked at. So in there I couldn've had all sorts of popable goodies. Maybe some cruise lines like to screw with SOME people, the way airlines check 'some' bags randomly. But the pill threads I still don't understand, having taken on so many pills right in front of them. I believe *some* of the people with their paranoid posts are just SO straight in life, they worry about every little step. I'm really not sure, but as diverse as we are... another venue for this may be better.

Again, go private you sneaky ones.. we who want these tips and want to pass them along, should keep it on the low. It only riles up the hot-tub-chair-saving-picture-perfectly-dressed-takes-3-cruises-a-year-and-wishes-they-could-make-all-the-rules-types.

Thomas May 21st, 2005 01:20 PM

Re: Take your booze onboard!
I once carried a bottle of Kahlua in plain view right through security, put it through the x-ray scanner with my carryon bag, and was escorted to the room with it in my hand. Once I met my cabin steward I told him I like a Kahlua/cream at night before I go to bed and he had a carton of cream on ice every night in the cabin.

I wish I had the time to research back through these message boards to find the poster who worked for RCI in the management ranks who posted how they did a survey on a couple of sailings to see the effect of their alcohol policies. On one sailing the passengers were allowed to bring all their own liquor they wanted without any problems. On the other sailing they confiscated every bottle they could find. To their surprise, the alcohol sales at the bars were virtually the same!

This tells me the policies are in place to selectively enforce them when they deem it's necessary. Like when someone is carrying their bottle of JD onto the pool deck and drinking straight from the bottle. You know if they didn't have the policies in place someone would eventually be doing just that.


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