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Texasmunk March 27th, 2004 09:16 AM

TA versus the cruiseline
It bugs me that the cruiseline won't "talk" to me and makes me go through my TA.
I understand the business relationship, having been in the industry many years but now that I am out fo it (had to go make a real is a tough way to earn a living), I would like the ability after the $$$ is all paid, to get direct info or make a change with the cruiseline instead of having to "convince" the TA of wht i want and then hope tht he or she can "talk" the cruiseline into doing what i am asking.
Oh well, at least I am getting on another ship.

Dave the Wave March 27th, 2004 09:47 AM

Re: TA versus the cruiseline
I've experienced the same thing. I booked my next cruise directly with RCI and can call Jorge anytime I have questions without having to deal with the 9-5 M-F TA. The price was the same I saw on many online sites. Last time I used a TA, I would call RCI with a question or want to change cabins and they said my TA had to call.

Texasmunk March 28th, 2004 01:58 PM

Re: TA versus the cruiseline
You hit the nail on the head...but when the agent won't make the call, that is the frustrating part!
I KNOW the cost of the upgrade, have passed it on, but can't seem to get someone off their *** to make it happen. having spent too many years in the industry, knowing the procedures, the policies, etc.....went through this agent because the rate was dramatically better than the cost using our other eligible pricing. I am giving the agent an opportunity to make money on the upgrade, as much as they made on the initial booking!
Oh well, we cruise twice a year, guess that is revenue our current TA does not need.

Cruz Crazy April 21st, 2004 09:49 PM

Re: TA versus the cruiseline
If you have an agent who doesn't take care of all your travel needs, then you need a new TA.

My agent does everything for me. If I email her a question, she answers me the same day. If I email her and tell her I want to book a cruise, she will always call me personally that same day, even though I tell her at her convenience.

I have made numerous changes, seating, cabin etc and she always takes care of it immediately.

I only called RCL once to see if Labadee was still on the itinerary and they of course answered the question. I didn't think it was necessary to call my TA with that.

I, too, cruise twice a year and my TA is glad to have my business.

I've also sent many other people to her and she always thanks me.

Not only does she have the best prices, she has great customer service and that means a lot to me.

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