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Travel Gripes! Gripe about cruises or getting to one.(airlines, taxis)

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Old July 31st, 2005, 12:32 AM
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Default Re: Re: We can't afford----- so is it alright if we -----???

Banker- If your wife likes to go shopping in port and on the ship then thats what she should do. Perhaps your wife doesnt like the beach or pool but goes on the cruise for other reasons such as shopping or because you want to go on the cruises. I personally prefer to do things on the cruise which I cant do at home. Since we dont have nice beaches but do have stores here I prefer to spend my time on a cruise at beaches or in some countries cultural travel.

As to shopping on the ship most ships carry many of the the same items even same brand names as are sold in our local department stores only the ships charge more.

In regard to buying jewelry you have to be careful. The stores on cruises are far away and not accountable in the same way as stores at home. I bought a few small inexpensive (under 5 karat) rubies and saphires on a cruise which had Sri Lanka as a port and luckily they turned out to be real but there were some very nice looking larger and more expensive stones (but much less then they would cost in the US which I did not buy because I was concerned that I would get them home and they would turn out to be fakes Im not a gambler.

I agree with you that a person should not finance (loan, run credit card, etc) any part of a vacation and that that is not a responsible way of living .

People do however need a credit card on a cruise so they are free to get what they want or need without having to worry about not having cash. They may choose as I do not to spend any money other than the cruise itself (and tips) and not to use the credit card but they should have one on them.

Also as a last minute travelor a credit card is a necessity. I decide I want to go on a cruise, I call the cruise line, charge my fare and pick up the tickets on the ship. I want to get a lesser airfare so I book through a ticketless airline by phone or over the internet who sends a confirmation via email but does not issue any tickets. these airlines require a credit card

PS: what is a "bimmer"?
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Old July 31st, 2005, 12:12 PM
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Default Re: Re: We can't afford----- so is it alright if we -----???

I assume a bimmer is a BMW which I would not buy anyway.

We have been very fortunate and have never paid one cent of interest on a credit card. I use a credit card only because I get points on it which I can use for resturants, motels etc.

We have never gone on a vacation which caused us to go into debt. As I stated earlier, save until you can afford the cruise, and you will enjoy it more.

A cruise can be one of the cheapest forms of vacation if people stay 3 or 4 in an inside room,take their cokes and smuggle their liquor on board, don't book any tours and save their shopping for Walmart when they get back home. The show, lounge music, food , gym, onboard activities and walking through the ports are all included in the cruise price.

However, I regard money for tipping as part of the cruise price and feel that it should be figured in.
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Old July 31st, 2005, 12:52 PM
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Default Re: We can't afford----- so is it alright if we -----???

With regards to a credit card I totally agree you need one; a good one. I was referring to not paying your trip in full, again I am not trying to judge anyone, it is not the way I choose to live.

A bimmer is a BMW. I don't know how else to spell beeemer?!?!

You are right about being careful about shopping for jewellery. We usually do both, we usually hit the beach (they don't exist here), shopping, I don't mind looking like the unfortunate husband moving from store to store in complete servitude parking myself on a bench outside pretending to be interested in the store signs. And we usually like to have lunch at a nice restaurant whatever port we happen to be in.

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Old July 31st, 2005, 03:30 PM
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Default Re: We can't afford----- so is it alright if we -----???

Can't afford a suit coat , is a shirt alright for formal night?
Can't afford drinks ,can I sneak liquor aboard?
Can't afford onboard extras?
Can't afford to tip?
Can't afford excursions ???
And so on.
Here's my point. If you can't afford the minor expenses and even such basics as clothes, the why the H--- are you cruising?
I disagree with this. Although I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford these, I have cruised with some people who cannot...and yet they still have a great time. There is a lot to enjoy w/o taking in every endulgence offered onboard. I agree that if you can afford these, then the cruise is more enjoyable, however you can still have a great time without them.

I know a lot of people that do not own a suit or sport coat. For them, they have no need for it, other than for this trip. For them, I suggest that they eat at the buffet (Windjammer) or order room service on formal nights. I think it would be inappropriate to go to a formal dinner not dressed appropriately (although I personally don't think it is required for children).

Drinks are easily avoided. If you can't make it a week w/o a drink of alcohol, well.... You can always pick up a cheaper drink in port to enjoy if you want one. Many questions on sneaking a drink on board is due to the ridiculous price. $2 for a Coke?!?

On board extra's. Easily avoided. After numerous cruises, I avoid most of them. I have enough cruise photos, I don't gamble (including bingo), I don't go to the spa, I don't pay for Lattes...etc. ....and believe me, I really enjoy cruising. It's a personal value statement. I don't think many of these "extras" are a reasonable value.

Excursions, also easily avoided and you can still enjoy the islands at little or no expense.

Tips are the one area that I think is mandatory, and to be honest, I think the cruise line should just include a mandatory service charge. Many inexperienced cruisers do not realize how little the service staff make. I think the cruise lines a negligent here is declaring them "at your own discretion". Even here though, I've known people that eat every meal at the buffet. I think this should be one of the dining choices offered when you book a cruise, e.g. no dining room seating.

So, to net it out, many of us on these forums are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy these endulgences, but there are those less fortunate that can still have a great cruise vacation and minimize the onboard costs.
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Old July 31st, 2005, 10:34 PM
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Default Re: We can't afford----- so is it alright if we -----???

PaulB You said save until you can afford the cruise, and you will enjoy it more., thats not the point. Sure it might be more enjoyable to spend more on the cruise, or a nicer cabin, or a nicer cruise, the point is that some people have the choice of no cruise or a cruise without extras, those people choose cruise without extras. Other people may have the choice of one cruise with extras or multiple cruises without extras they choose multiple cruises.

Another point is that some cruise expenses can be minimized such as not paying the cruise company for an excursion to a free beach or an excursion which is half as much through a private company. Also to some people liquor and gambling are just not that important, certainly not worth no going on the cruise at all.The photos are frequently a waste of money if someone wants photos they can take their ownat a much lower cost. Some of the "extra" are just plaint undesireable. One one post someone listed as an item cruiser should bring money for on the cruise was whitening, who wants to go to the dentist while on a cruise. In my opinion that would detract from the cruise experience not add to it.

Also saving shopping for when at home doesnt mean shopping at Walmart, it means not paying more for the same item and spending time in port for things you can only do in port and not at home. You must not have a lot of money if you relate shopping at home to shopping at Walmart.

The point is that no one has the right to make judgements about how other people spend their money unless that person is paying the money

I agree money for tipping is part of the cruise price and should be figured in

Banker -its ok to go along with your wife shopping even though you dont like shopping. Men and women tend to like different things so they each go with the other.
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Old August 1st, 2005, 12:25 AM
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Default Re: We can't afford----- so is it alright if we -----???

Again, the point of the original poster is if you can't afford anything extra then in most likelihood you are not in a financial position to take a cruise anyway. He was NOT claiming people who can only afford the price of the cruise cannot have a good time on a cruise, ONLY that they probably should not be cruising, given their situation.

There are people who will live their entire lives always spending every nickel they have. They will never have a savings account, or investments, or retirement because their standard of living will always increase to match their income.

It reminds me of an employee I once had who went to Daytona for the week and when she returned she told me on the day they were to return home she told her husband she still had $50 left and she wasn't going home until they spent it. So they went down to a bar and blew the last $50 they owned.

banker, I think it's spelled BMW'er.

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Old August 1st, 2005, 11:39 AM
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Default Re: We can't afford----- so is it alright if we -----???

I think Thomas summed it up beautifully.

The argument is not whether or not you WANT to spend money on lattes and the spa, but whether or not you can.

And yes, I consider tips as part of the cost of cruising, so don't factor them into my extras budget, but rather in my basic cruise cost budget.



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