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Travel Gripes! Gripe about cruises or getting to one.(airlines, taxis)

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Old December 1st, 2005, 09:12 PM
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Perhaps you may be too sensitive, really don't know. I know you've kept this thread going much longer than the subject matter merited. I was not laughing at the conclusion the pp poster drew from David's rantings and basically pointed out perhaps he is not intoxicated but just gets his jolleys from ranting and raving, but could make a person wonder if he was intoxicated simply because his posts often make no sense. I didn't call him a drunk, the previous poster did by saying they knew he was drinking when he posted here. I think your post was directed at the wrong poster. Oh gee didn't mean to offend you by letting you know that, I know you're very sensitive and wouldn't want you to start a whole new thread about how upset this whole drunk thing made you. Good grief!

This thread is in response to a previous post from Sailing Gal that it would appear she has since edited.
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Old December 1st, 2005, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by pg.
Well, I hope that wasn't directed at me Banker, I have been on this board a year longer then you, yet have 1/2 the postings, evidently I do in fact have a life.

Wow, what impeccable logic. I couldn't have come to any other conclusion but that one. You truly do have a life.

Can I be your friend?

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Old December 1st, 2005, 11:29 PM
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[quote="Sailing gal"]I have to borrow one from Banker's post to answer what I thought was rude. I will more specifically call it snippy.

I also got a rude (I've been around people long enough to read into choice of words, facial expression, and body language to know what rude is)......
Karen: You mean you were brought to near tears and we have 5 pages of postings because a crew member:

MAY have LOOKED at you in a rude manner? (what does that mean?!)

Someone may have had rude BODY LANGUAGE? (Did she bump you, throw your tip back? Turn her back on you when you tried to talk to her?)

YOU READ into someones choice of words 'rudeness'? ( Did she say that you were thoughtless or embarrass you in front of your child by raising her voice?)

I thought all this time (in the back of my mind) that maybe the caregiver had in some manner been genuinely rude.


1. Discourteous in manner or action. (Would someone else seeing the incident have felt the same as you?)
2. Offensive to accepted standards of decency. (Was she so offensive as to accepted standards of decency that it brought you to tears?)
3. Showing lack of skill, training or education (although you never said that she did not care for your child in a proper manner, or that she presented herself as uneducated.)

People can really be very discourteous...but the incident is usually something very specific! e.g.:

They threw the money at me when I asked for a refund.

The Hotel clerk turned his back on me and walked away when I was speaking to him.

She raised her voice and called me a foul name in front of my child because I asked where the rest of our fast food order was.

I was next in line and the sales clerk ignored me and waited on someone else....then someone else...before waiting on me.

All the above happen to me. I view the incidents as being typical of rudeness, but not just because they happen to me, but because they fit the very defination of rudeness.

I can really see now how this whole incident was really no big deal, and there has been a lot of hoop la for nothing, and just maybe that's what you have been trying to say all along.

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Old December 2nd, 2005, 10:11 PM
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Can we let this thing go? Only one person on this board was really there, and the whole discussion is colored by their view of the incident.

I do know that I would be rude if I made bail on my child thirty minutes after closing time.

I also know that I would be rude if I called other posters names.

Live and let live and you will live longer.
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Old December 3rd, 2005, 12:02 AM
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Field Mouse certainly doesn't need my help as I was/am mostly in agreement with SG that she should have just had to pay the fee and staff should be able to deal with the unpleasant situations since the nature of the job ensures they will be frequent; BUT I didn't read FM calling any names. She was just pointing out the general impression was that there was some serious dissing going on, over and above crossed arms and a comment about lunchtimes. Most of the people here would probably have just told her to get over it--it's her job and she picked it--and gone about their business, in spite of the shock and dismay over the poor gal being late for her lunch. I myself have been known to have missed my lunch break (daily!) in the course of getting my work done. Who was going to stop her stashing a sandwich in her desk and grabbing a bite now and then?

Having worked the Christmas retail season, believe me, I understand the worker's impatience and she was probably close to tears herself, watching her break pass her by. An eyeroll and a sigh were probably controlled responses. Nevertheless, although we all/most try to do the right thing and be considerate, sometimes we make a mistake and get back late. I don't believe for a second that there is one person with children who has not at some time been running behind and made the caregiver work late, causing them stress and cutting into their personal time, for which an apology and compensation were rendered.

As for Live and Let Live, my first thought about the OP is that SG should get ready as she had opened up the floodgates and actually asked for opinions on her personal actions. (Very brave, SG!) If we were LALL kind of people we wouldn't read gripes or feel the need to comment on them. Nobody here is really LALL. We're all telling someone how we think they should have behaved. The LALL's are in Chat and are always very nice to each other, for which they are periodically mocked around here!

Gigi K
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Old December 3rd, 2005, 12:50 PM
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I'm ending this now as it is getting too personal.
24 cruises and counting!
Closed Thread


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