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kbd1974 September 26th, 2012 04:59 PM

Wedding next year...whats the best ship??

Ive spent some time on here (and i'll be honest other cruise forums too!) looking around but i cant find a definitive answer. Can anyone help??

My sister in law is getting married next june/july and wants to do it on a cruise. She has never cruised herself and im the only person she knows that has - so shes asked me to help plan it

BRILLIANT! No pressure!

Ive only been on one cruise myself. RCI Navigator - about 5 years what the hell so i know about weddings on cruises!!??!!

Theres going to be around 14-16 of us (again - no pressure then!). I think a Med cruise would be best due to time of year.

So i figured the first thing i needed to know is - which cruise ship is the best OVERALL???

I know they all have differences, and some are better than others at certain things - but is there one overall winner out of all of them??

Id love some help.

Thanks in advance.

Donna September 26th, 2012 06:24 PM

Since you do have a goos size group that is going on the wedding cruise, I would contact a good cruise travel agent and let them help you. I know Princess and Royal Caribbean do many weddings on their ships. I would also check ships and itinaries and see what best fits your time schedule....You may even be able to book this as a group cruise and save some dollars as well...

Trip September 26th, 2012 08:00 PM

If you decide on a Med cruise, realize that, if you plan on enjoying all there is to offer in the wonderful Med ports, your days will be like 8-10 hours long for excursions. I think I only had 2 sea days, on my Med cruise on the Magic, last spring, and wouldn't a sea day most likely be your choice for the wedding? This is where the onboard wedding coordinator will be your best friend, figuring out the logistics for your group, onboard.

Another thing to remember is, June/July is in the midddle of high season, and, ports will be very crowded. Does the couple want a leisurely, or a busy busy honeymoon? Have they considered a Caribbean option? I know there are less ships there at the time, so, your choice of ships is considerably less,& as Donna mentioned, Princess, and, RCI are the ships doing weddings.

Your relationship with a cruise specialist in this instance, is cruicial, to make this joyous occasion the best it can be. Do not book through the cruise line. You should also get a free berth with 8 cabins. Also make sure the group buys travel insurance, in case of any kind of emegency.The TA can fill you in all all your options. Good luck,and klet us know how you make out.

kbd1974 September 26th, 2012 08:25 PM

Evening Donna and Trip

Thanks for the replies. Lots to think about there already - especially the 'days at sea', and 'ports being crowded in peek season' points. Thanks!

I guess my problem with going straight to a travel agent with the question is that they are all on commission and so they are probably going to try to push one cruise on me over another because they may earn a few extra $$$......and to be fair who could blame them! (happy to be corrected on this. Tell me if im wrong).

Rather than that i was hoping i could get an honest recommendation from regular cruisers ie members of this forum.

Trip September 26th, 2012 08:46 PM

Firstly, a phone call to a cruise specialist for info concerning your cruise, does not mean you are married to them. In your specific case,with a wedding, there is specific info that would not change, no matter what ta you talked to. Example: the ships available in the Med,and or the Carib. Availabilty for the wedding, etc...Put yourself in the hands of an expert.That may not be the very first person you connect with, but you need a cruise expert, not an order taker who answers the phone at the 1-800 number. You need someone to be pro active,and has your best interest at heart....

Once you know what ships fill your bill, then, you narrow it down.

You do have a complicated booking, not hard, but,lots of details..air, possibly ,hotels for a night before, selection of many cabins, etc, plus, the wedding to handle, with communciations to the wedding coordinator onboard, so, all this goes off without a hitch.

kbd1974 September 29th, 2012 10:51 AM

OK - thanks everyone for the advice.

Im just back from my local high st travel agent. Had a good chat and ive come away with a handful of brochures, so i'll spend some time going through those this afternoon - and like you say, try to narrow it down to a few ships.

She also said that if just what to know what is the most popular cruise ship theres a site that collects comments and votes (over 15,000 votes!) from regular cruisers: Best Cruise Ship.

Its not quite what im after as its not wedding ship specific - but at least it gives me an idea of where to start!

I'll let you know how i get on.

Donna September 29th, 2012 11:16 AM

As soon as you have a list of ships and itinaries, let us know what your choices are...Have fun with the reading. Half the fun is the hunt for the right cruise...

Stanley Kilcher November 15th, 2012 12:11 AM

I know this is a bit unrelated, but have ya'll considered an online wedding planner? I have a friend that had a cruise wedding and I know he found using a wedding website very helpful, he used but there are several options out there. I found the following website was very helpful in regards to finding the best wedding website for your personal use: Hope this helps!

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