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CruiseMates Cruise Photo Gallery
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Gallery: Flat Stanley sails the Serenade of the Seas
by: Billy Rowe

These are pictures we took of our daughter's Flat Stanley while on board RCCL's Serenade of the Seas on 2/12/05. Also see for more information on Flat Stanley. Itinerary: San Juan, St Thomas, St. Martin, Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia. This was an incredible sailing. One of the best parts of it was the Captain giving us VERY close views of the Piton, Monserrat, Saba, Nevis, St. Kitts, etc.


Flat Stanley helps pilot the plane

Flat Stanley loves the view

Hey, there's my plane!

Safe and secure with a good book

Safe at sea too!

Serenade's beautiful atrium

Kitty Kat in the solarium

The solarium (can you find me)

Dipping my toes in the hot tub with the ladies

Jammin with Hott Sands

Relaxing with a virgin drink

My ship!

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Working off dinner on the rock wall.

Time for a ride on the slide

My blue friend. Didn' I see you in Vegas?

Can you tell it's me, Flat Stanley?

St. John USVI

St. John, south of Cruz Bay. Isn't it pretty

Christmas in February in St John

Flowers in St John

Another pretty St. John bay. I could live here.

I bet you know this place. Famous Trunk Bay

Annaberg plantation. Makes me crave salt water taffy

Tight security on the Serenade

There's my ride!

I like their colors! I blend right in.

Sharks! Help me! dun dah dun dah dun dah

They got me

Formal night. Check out my suit (and my date :-)

Another pretty girl on Serenade. I think she likes me!

Here's my head waiter. She's great!

Move over Captain Stig, I'm driving now

Jammin' in the Centrum. Serenade has good musicians

On Antigua with my new friend from Norway. They sure grow'em cute there!

Nelson's Dockyard and Falmouth Harbor

My buds Lawrence and Christopher gave me an Antiguan tour

Me and Bob the Pirate at Nelson's Dockyard

One of the excellent tour guides at Nelson's dockyard

I met some school children from Codrington Village Barbuda

My buddy the Hotel Manager

The Nelson Brothers (Ricky's sons). They put on a great show!

Yippee Ki Yi Yah

Barbados 4X4 adventure. I can't reach the pedals, so I just lay a brick on the gas pedal.


Wow! That's some show!

Well Mr Crabs, what are we doing tomorrow?

St. Lucia, oh so beautiful

I hope they're not leaving!!!

They put me to work making casava bread

St. Lucia's pitons (cameo elbow appearance)

There's some of my cruise buddies (I think they've all had too much drinkie - especially the lady be

St. Lucia's drive in volcano. Did someone cut the cheese?

Ah come on, let me in!

They let me in. This is Diamond Falls

There's my homey Bob the Pirate again

Now that's a close Piton!

Good eats on the Serenade

My own personal chef!

The devastation on Monserrat

Uh oh! Stig caught me driving the ship.

My boat's bigger than your boat.


Oops, missed my photo op with Frank on St. Lucia

The sun sets on another beautiful Carribean day

Beautiful Nevis
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