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CruiseMates Cruise Photo Gallery
Notes: Please Post as many galleries as you want - but limit them to 50 photos apiece! This gallery is for cruise and port pictures only! Please do not post off-topic pictures here. To post non-cruise photos please go to our "CruiseMates Personal Photo Gallery"
Gallery: Flat Stanley's Miracle Cruise
by: Billy Rowe

Flat Stanley, after having so much fun on RCCL's Serenade of the Seas, takes a turn on Carnival's Miracle. Also see my other gallery:


My own private lifeboat.

Entrance to the theatre

Nakeness abounds on the Miracle

Taking a ride in the elevator

The pool area

Time for a spa treatment

Time to buff-up

Me & the band

Lots of ships at Horatio's

Me & Horatio

In the pink

Atrium artwork

Having a bad hair day

Doing the Monster Mash w/ Frank

Pretty colorful in Mad Hatters

Tea time

Where all pink goes when it dies

Ms. Arta in Bacchus Restaurant

Going on an excursion

The Miracle

Grand Cayman

Going snorkling with Hailey


Ray ridin'

Pretty birds

What's your name!?


Mayan attack!

Snorkeling at Paradise Beach Cozumel

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach with Brit

Paradise beach w/ Brit's sister

Yo Ho Ho

Me w/ another Brit

Cute bug

I was abducted by some hoodlums

Cave Tubing with Margaret

Leaving Belize

Me & the dog-eagle-giraffe :-)

Carnival Miracle crewmembers.

Arh matie

Bug babe :-)

Bar Swing at Paradise beach

At the Vortex disco
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