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CruiseMates Cruise Photo Gallery
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Gallery: Russia - Viking River Line - Yaroslavl
by: Paul Motter

We leave Moscow and begin our journey up the rivers and canals towards St. Petersburg. Our first stops are Uglich and Yaroslavl. Yaroslavl is a major city of historical significance.


Yaroslavl apartment building. Throughout Russia, but especially outside Moscow is delapidated

Yaro - student health building. Note Soviet touches on facade - very common

Local market. Babushkas sell garden goods for extra rubles

Will you need a carrot or cucumber today?

Carrots, beets, cabbage and turnips make a tasty lunch!

We are welcomed into the local butchery

They sell everything except the "oink"

Don't expect English subtitles ANYWHERE in Russia. May I have your order please?

A local folkloric show - the Skomoroshina ("The Fools") - typo in English programs says, "The Tools"

Interior - Church of Elijah. Magnificent decor covers every inch inside

Gilded icons inside cathedral

Priest's private entrance behind the altar

murals cover every inch inside

A local quintet offers hymns - acoustics are amazing

Towards Goritzy - one of several locks we traverse

While waiting in the lock friendly lads come to talk to us. One had a decent command of English

More local boys - note the classic Slavic features of boy on the right

Typical scene of restoration of cathedrals along the Volga River
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