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Summary: Princess is one of the most consistently excellent cruise lines in the upper mainstream to premium group. All the diversity of larger ships but personalized service.


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62 Reviews

Regions:Canada, Caribbean, Europe

Good for: Families. Overall Service. Value for Money.

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Regions:Alaska, California Coastal, Panama Canal

Good for: Teens. First-time Cruisers. Families.

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Regions:Caribbean, Europe, South America

Good for: Teens. Children`s Programs. Families.

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Regions:Alaska, Asia & Africa, Australia

Good for: Families. Teens. Children`s Programs.

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Regions:Canada, Caribbean, Europe

Good for: Teens. Children`s Programs. Group.

62 Reviews

Regions:Alaska, California, Hawaii

Good for: Teens. Children`s Programs. Group.

79 Reviews

Regions:Alaska, California, Hawaii, Mexico

Good for: Families. Overall Service. Teens.

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Regions:Alaska, California, Panama Canal

Good for: Seniors. Group. Singles.

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Regions:Asia & Africa, Australia, Europe

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Regions:Asia & Africa, Australia, Europe, Hawaii

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Good for: Seniors. Value for Money. Group.

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Regions:Caribbean, Europe, Transatlantic

Good for: Overall Service. Teens. Children`s Programs.

35 Reviews

Regions:Alaska, California, Hawaii, Mexico

Good for: Teens. Children`s Programs. Families.

13 Reviews

Regions:Asia & Africa, Australia, Panama Canal

Good for: Seniors. Group. Families.

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Regions:Alaska, California, Hawaii, South America

Good for: Families. Overall Service. Teens.

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Regions:Asia & Africa, Australia, South Pacific, Tahiti

Good for: Seniors. Group. Families.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: June 4, 2008

Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess by Dianne T Eastern Caribbean June 4, 2008

This was my 14th cruise on Princess and a HUGE dissappointment.

The food on this ship was awful compared to other Princess cruises I have been on.

The crew had an attitude of indifference. I WAS a real champion of Princess.

I have 2 cruises planned for the next year BUT they will not be on Princess.

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Grand Princess
Publication Date: May 22, 2008

A complaint from a member re. the rising costs of cruising:

All the extra charges for dining and other nicities as ice cream, etc. are getting out of hand. You pay a high enough cruise fare and then are expected to pay even more for all of this which is uncalled fro especially with all the new ships coming out. It is nice to goout for a good meal with excellent service etc., but people can get roped into this and then just CHARGE IT UP.


We love cruising think it is the only way to travel meeting alot of nice people, good food and service and much more but cruiseline need to draw the line on this matter. It costs a family $10.00-$15.00 a shot just for icecream and $50.00 a meal it should be BOYCOTTED. Well that's my opinion as well as others I've talked to on the last few cruises we've been on.

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Western Europe
Publication Date: May 20, 2008

This is one of Princess' older ships and it is tired. It needs an overhaul and updating.

The crew was excellent and tried to do the right things, but some of the crew members do not understand English.

There also seems to be a little discontent among the crew and many were unhappy and were planning to leave Princess as their duties have increased with the economic changes in the cruise industry.

Overall this is a good ship and the cruise was OK, but nothing fabulous.

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Publication Date: May 17, 2008

Having cruised on both Royal Caribbean and Carnival, and having heard that Princess was the best cruise line on which to experience Alaska, we went on our 7-day cruise from Vancouver to Whittier with very high expectations. This is probably what led us to be pleased but not amazed by our Princess experience.

The ship itself - The Sapphire was much bigger than the RCCL ship I went on in 2000, but a good deal smaller than the Carnival ship I went on in 2005. The main issue was the fact that it took us a few days to figure out how to navigate the ship. There are a couple decks that are partly closed off, so there's a lot of up and down random sets of stairs if you need to get from one end of the ship to the other. Still, the decor wasn't completely out of date like some cruise ships, and it was always clean. I give it a 4 out of 5.

The room - I would rate our room a 3 out of 5. We had a giant balcony (bigger than that of our

friends who were two decks above us), but the bed was hard as a rock and the room itself was very small--much smaller than our plain old oceanview room on the Carnival Valor in 2005.

The food - I would probably give the food on this cruise a 3.5 out of 5 rating. It was good--and definitely better than the food on our Carnival cruise--but not as good as the food on my Royal Caribbean cruise. Some meals were absolutely amazing, while others were just okay. We ordered room service for breakfast a couple of times and the only time it actually came when we requested and was good was the morning we cruised Glacier Bay and paid for the champagne breakfast on our balcony.

The spa - I had an amazing facial on the first day of the cruise; later in the week we had an average couples massage. We expected the high prices of the services; that's just the way it is when you're on a cruise. What I can't stand is how pushy they are with the products they try to sell you. There's no "no thank you" and moving on. They push and push and push until you're so frustrated that you no longer feel relaxed at all. Just a warning.

The ports/excursions - We went ziplining in Ketchikan and it was awesome. I've had friends that have gone ziplining in the Caribbean and talked about how they didn't feel very safe. I'm not sure if it was the tour company that we went through, or US regulations, but I felt completely safe the entire time and it was an amazing experience. I definitely suggest the Ketchikan ziplining tour to anyone.

We did one of the Princess-only tours in Juneau--the brewery, Mendenhall Glacier, cooking school one. I really enjoyed this tour, although honestly I think there is probably something else they could have done that would have been a bit more interesting than the cooking school. What was nice was that doing this tour still gave us time to shop in Juneau beforehand and make a stop at the Red Dog Saloon afterward, before we had to get back on the ship.

In Skagway we did the Yukon suspension bridge/Liarsville salmon bake tour. The drive/trip up into the Yukon and the suspension bridge itself left something to be desired, although I have to admit that it's neat to be able to say that I went to Yukon territory. The salmon bake was AMAZING, but in doing this particular tour we had to miss the night they served crab legs at dinner on the ship, which was disappointing. We also did the streetcar tour here in Skagway and that was definitely worth it and a lot of fun.

Glacier Bay was amazing, and again, I definitely suggest doing the champagne brunch on your balcony while the ship is cruising Glacier Bay. Unfortunately, it was very dim the day we went to College Fjord, and so late in the day by the time we got to the areas where there were glaciers, that there wasn't much to see.

Embarkation and Debarkation - It was quick and easy to get on the ship, as we had checked in online and were traveling with a handicapped passenger. Unfortunately, to get off the ship, we were all separated into different groups and they wouldn't change it for us. We were forced to get up ridiculously early, as we were boarding the train for a Princess tour, and then we just sat around for over an hour waiting to get off the ship. It was difficult to meet back up with the others in our party because they had separated us, and our handicapped passenger and his wife, who were elderly, were upset that we weren't allowed to be with or help them.

All in all, we certainly had a great time on our cruise, but some of the experiences (namely the size of the room, the food, and the spa and debarkation issues) left something to be desired. All in all, I would rate the Sapphire Princess and our cruise a 3.5 out of 5.

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Publication Date: May 11, 2008

On May 11, 2008, we embarked on our 1st cruise with Princess cruise lines. We sailed The Star Princess 7 day cruise to Alaska round trip from Seattle. We are Mother and Daughter age 41 and 17, and we have traveled on cruises many times in the past. We took a town car service to and from the airport to the port for $40.00 each way and that's per car, not passenger. The car holds approx 3-4 people.

Embarkation Embarkation was out of Seattle. It was the most disorganized embarkation we've ever experienced. We arrived at the port at 10:45 am; we boarded the ship at 1200 pm. We had booked the penthouse suite for my daughter's graduation and were to have priority check-in; however they started checking in everyone but priority which I felt was rude, and they were very focused on a wedding party that took precedence over everyone else.

Stateroom We opted for a penthouse suite and we were located on Deck 10 (Caribe Deck). The stateroom was great. We had a walk-in closet, a large bathroom with full-size jetted tub, as well as large shower, a small sitting

room with a loveseat, and a nice double balcony with a partial roof covering. I did like some of the suite amenities complimentary such as thermal spa since Alaska is COLD. The downside to the thermal spa is that everyone is sneaking in. Access needs to be better controlled to preserve the experience. Laundry and dry cleaning was free, and daily menus that you can order food from the dinning room to your room were provided. Downside of this is that since Alaska is COLD we ordered hot chocolate off the breakfast menu and they charged us for it daily which, when we were in the dining room, they did not.

Dining We had requested the early traditional dining table for two, however we had a table for four and they were unable to accommodate our request made one year in advance. Therefore we were placed in the Capri dining room with anytime dinning with a set table (#22) for 5:45 every night. This was a table for two. We were very pleased with the food and our wait staff (Bruno and Ricardo, and Alex when Bruno was out sick). We liked several of the meals at dinner such as Alaskan King Crab Legs, Fresh Ketchikan Silver Salmon and dill butter sauce, Pappardelle al Sugo di Lepre (braised rabbit), Gamberi alla Fra Diavolo (flambéed shrimp). The best dessert was the cheese cake.

All three dining rooms are small and none of them are grand. The positives are that the dining rooms don't get noisy, and it works well with accommodating traditional and open seating passengers. The negatives are that there is no large, grand dining room that you find on non-Princess ships.

Lunch was open seating in the Portofino Dining Room. Our waiters, for the most part, were fast and efficient. Again, the food was good, not great.

Specialty restaurant Sabatini's was terrible -- 8 courses and nothing was good or great. I felt like I spent $40.00 on cheese cake since that was the only food I really enjoyed there.

Afternoon Tea was excellent, and I did like the fact that Princess has this daily.

Drinks were the worst ever; I would rank RC as the best, Carnival 2nd, and Princess as the worst.

Ports Ketchichen: We did the zip line tour and it was great.

Juneau: We did a whale watching tour with ORCA enterprises (1-888-733-6722 -- adult $109.00 each). It is an excellent tour and you can book this online and it is well worth it. The boat is new, with inside bathroom and seating. There are large windows that can be opened to take pictures and then closed again to keep warm. They also provide snacks, and hot and cold drinks which are included with the tour. We saw up close and personal a pod of 7 Orcas, Sea lions, bald eagles, and hump back whales.

Tracy Arm: The was spectacular -- a great morning to spend enjoying the open decks or hanging out on one's balcony.

Skagway: This port involved a boring long walk into town. Take the blue buses into town for $1.50 each way.

Victoria, BC: This is a beautiful city, however, the ship arrives at 5pm at night and leaves at 12 midnight. I would love for this to be a full day port and do away with Skagway if necessary to make up the time.

Entertainment The Star Princess Production Cast are not the most talented group. We had two comedians and they were very good. They had a very talented man named Greg Bonham who was the best I have ever seen on a cruise ship. He sang, danced, and played the trumpet like no other, so all the cruise lines should be booking him.

The casino on this ship was pretty dead.

Disembarkation We decided to haul off our own luggage. With that said we felt that the Captain's Circle and Priority members should have been allowed to leave the ship first with their luggage, which was not the case. There were crowds of people disembarking, not waiting in their areas and it was very difficult to move your luggage off the ship. I feel that Princess needs to address this issue.

Other Comments This cruise did not have a lot of activities compared to other cruise lines. It seemed geared toward the older generations 65 and older. I would have loved to see the indoor pool opened, and it was not. If you are going to Alaska, go around the 3rd week in June to see the salmon run and bears. For the best shopping, go at the end of the season in September since all the shops want to sell off the clothes and gifts since the towns are mostly closed during the winter months.

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Repositioning Cruise
Publication Date: May 3, 2008

My husband and two sons, age 13 and 16 years, took our 4th cruise. We booked the Golden Princess, and we were very impressed with the ship. (We have cruised on the Diamond Princess which is similar).

EMBARKATION We arrived early at around 10:30 am at the pier and our bags were taken straight away by a porter. We than waited for half an hour outside the pier and then were shown to another waiting area to find out it would be another hour's wait. After checking in at the terminal, we had to proceed to another waiting area. We finally got to board the ship around 12:30 pm.

CABIN We booked two balcony cabins on Baja deck. The cabins were very clean and spacious. We opened up the balcony door so we could walk between both cabins, which is a great idea if you have children.

DINING We had Anytime Dining, which I think is wonderful because you never know what you're doing late in the afternoon or early evening. So, eating at Anytime Dining worked well with us. We never had to wait long for a table, and could sit

with other guests if we wanted, which we did a couple of times. The food was fantastic, lots of choice, and we had very funny waiters who couldn't do enough for us.

KID'S CLUB Both of our children went to kids' club every night and they enjoyed it. They made some new friends, won prizes, and just had fun.

SHORE EXCURSIONS We booked a few shore tours, which we enjoyed. However, we hated the disembarking at each port. This was very disorganized as you had over 2000 people trying to get off the ship from one exit point. What a mad house! Getting back on the ship at each port was just as bad. Once again only one gang plank to get back on the ship. The only other thing that was annoying on this cruise was that there was way too many old people on the ship -- I'd have to say about 80% were over the age of 75.

SHOPPING Shopping on the ship was fantastic, with lots to choose from, and some really good prices as well.

CASINO We went to the casino every night, won and lost a bit, but it was fun just to do a little gamblinge each night after dinner before the shows.

SUMMARY Overall I love to cruise and I love the Princess cruise ships. You're always treated like royalty onboard them. I just wish you could find out the average age group of passengers before you book.

Looking at booking our fifth cruise. We plan on going to the Caribbean next.

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Southern Caribbean
Publication Date: April 19, 2008

First let me state that I am an Elite member of the Princess Cruise Lines. I have cruised about 35 cruises with Princess and other cruise lines, so I say this to make clear that I do have some experience with most cruise lines. Princess has usually been our favorite, especially in the 80's, but since then we have noticed a decline in service, quality and personnel.

The ships are nicer and larger. The rooms as a whole keep getting smaller. I sailed on the old Crown Princess as well as the new one. I find that most of the staff are just workers, there to do as little as possible. It seems that the best staff members are the ones that make up the rooms.

Food on Crown is nothing to brag on. It does however keep you alive until you arrive back at your beginning point where you can get real food. But it is consistent, it is always cold and tastless. But I will admit that I am a picky eater and I don't eat sea food. I have always made it a point to eat noting

that lives in its bathroom, if you know what I mean. But to be fair, the food on the other cruise lines is about as bad. Carnival is only somewhat better.

But on Princess' behalf, they do have the best getting on and getting off program in the business.

They also have some of the worst destinations. Tortola and Grenada are among the worst places to stop in the Caribbean.

Prices are also higher on Princess than its parent cruise line, "Carnival." I will probably cruise on Princess again, but only if they become more competitive in price with other cruise lines. And by that I mean, some prices may be cheaper than others, but check it out, they make 2 or 3 stops on a 7 day cruise, where Carnival has cruises that make a stop every day of the cruise.

To sum this up, I don't expect anything extra on any cruise. I make no demands on anyone. I would be just fine doing my own room, and waiting on myself in the dining room as well as other places on the ship. A lot of the time the staff are in the way.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: April 13, 2008

Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess by Bogeyjim Eastern Caribbean April 13, 2008

My wife and I, along with another couple who are close friends (mid 50's to early 60's) just returned from a cruise of the Eastern Caribbean on the Caribbean Princess. I have only cruised once before, five years ago on the Celebrity Summit, so I can only compare the performance of the staff to those on that ship.

We chose to take a package with a Saturday night in Ft. Lauderdale, and transfers to the ship and return to the airport at the completion of the cruise. We had a bit of a problem initially at the airport as we could not locate the Princess personnel who were to meet us and provide transportation to the Marriott North. After having them paged, all went smoothly getting us to the hotel. The hotel room was very nice and we were able to relax after the day of travel.

We had concerns about being picked up late in the day on Sunday but those fears were put aside when we were told to be ready in the lobby at 11:30 Sunday morning. We

were on a bus by noon and on the way to Port Everglades. We arrived at the Princess terminal at about 12:30. The longest wait we had was in going through security, as it turned out two of the three personell performing that task were on lunch break. Once through security we proceeded to the Princess counter for our deck and within approximately 15 minutes were in our staterooms, it could not have gone more efficiently.

The rooms were fine. We had a balcony cabin and our friends an inside cabin, both at the rear of the Aloha deck. Our cabin steward was Rumiel from the Philippines. He was great, attending to every request that was made of him with a smile on his face always. He is truly an asset to Princess. Other staff was very good as well except for a very few exceptions. The wait staff was very good with several of our waiters (we chose anytime dining, and loved it) very friendly and personable. The food was not gourmet, but was very good in the restaurants. We did have dinner one evening at Sabatini's and it was excellent. Our biggest complaint on the whole cruise was the buffet in both the Cafe Caribe and Horizon Court. In a word these areas are "chaotic". There is no rhyme or reason to the lines for selecting your food and people are bumping into each other constantly. Also, no trays to put your plate or glass on, you have to carry them in hand. On the Celebrity ship the buffet was very orderly to the point where personnel were there to take your tray and carry it to your table when you came off the line. There were also occasions where personnel heading back into the kitchen and service areas cut in front of me, which would never have happened on the Celebrity ship, or at least not without an "excuse me". There were also several occasions in the Princess theatre where the cocktail waiters seemed as if they would like to have been somewhere else, instead of waiting on the guests.

The pool areas were very nice, and even on the "at sea" days we were always able to find four lounges next to each other. On the days that the ship visited the ports of call, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Princess Cays, we stayed on board having visited the first two on our previous cruise, and we had the run of the ship. We would have like to have gone ashore at Princess Cays, but did not reserve cabanas for the beach ahead of time. When hearing that they only have 200 of them, we opted to stay on the ship rather than bake in the sun on the beach.

We saw several shows in the Pricess theare, the best of which was the "Beatlemaniacs". They were terriffic and their show was a trip down memory lane, most of the audience singing along with the group. Bert Stratton's piano/comedy show was also very good, and there was a comedian/magician, Michael James, who was also very entertaining.

I guess the word is that the ship is just about due for a trip to drydock for some rehab after four years of operation. While there were some areas that were showing some wear, overall the ship was kept in excellent condition.

When we returned on Sunday for disembarking, our instructions were to meet in one of the dining rooms at 8:45. We got there early and were released from the ship at about 8:15. It took us about 10-15 minutes to locate our luggage and we were then put right on a bus to the airport. Again, this process went like clockwork.

Overall, while the service level may not be quite up to what we experienced on Celebrity, I would have no second thoughts about taking another cruise on Princess.

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Transatlantic Crossing
Publication Date: April 12, 2008

This was our 4th cruise with Princess and our first transatlantic. It was also, at 20 days, the longest cruise we had taken. The attraction to this cruise was the itinerary and the price. Princess did a great job of turning a regular transatlantic into a grand adventure. We went to the Caribbean, Devil's Island, Brazil, Senegal, Morroco, Gibraltor, Cannes, Pisa, and then Rome. It was a near sell out.

We only had 2 overcast days and could not tender into Devil's Island. Other than that, the weather was beautiful. The 3 day crossing between Brazil and Senegal was beautiful. We sun bathed all the way into the sea day in the Med.

The Grand is 9 or 10 years old and shows some wear in comparison to our cruise on the brand new Crown Princess. But overall it is still a beautiful ship and more than got the job done. We had a rear facing balcony on Carib deck. We had really looked forward to this but did find it a little noisier than we would have liked. It is a little bouncier over the stern as the propeller shaft

tends to send the back of the ship sideways and then snaps back. But the views over the wake forgave a lot of the above.

The food was okay. I think Princess is continuing to slide in okayness. The buffet was always bland and predictable. Dinner in the main dining room did offer some exceptions with some very good fish dishes. I think a major weakness are the salads. The cold soups were very good. I thought too many of the entrees had been prepared with alcohol which makes them off limits for me. But overall I ate everything and then wondered if I should stop or not.

The wait staff was excellent. We had anytime dining, but we liked our servers so much we requested tables in their area. This was great and there was never much of a wait, if any. The head waiters always made a fuss over us and always were great with arranging my wife's special, sugar free, desserts. Princess broke out the new china during the cruise and were also preparing to introduce the new menus. We heard this was the first in ten years.

I think we may have had a few of the new items. We also heard that special chefs from corporate hq were onboard to try and bring the food back up to the level it was supposed to be. The staff mentioned that they were inspecting every dish before it got out of the kitchen.

Our room steward was great and really made our cruise special. This is often where a cruise becomes special and that's what a cruise is about. We always were well taken care of and always had fun conversations with him easily 2 or 3 times a day. He was always there when we needed him.

A recommendation would be for the purser's desk to have postage stamps for the countries that the ship is going to stop in. This would go a long way in being able to mail post cards. It has to be with stamps from that country. Brazil and Morrocco visits were on Sundays (post office closed) and Senagal was a walk thru the industrial port and then some.

The onboard future cruise office was slow and with limited hours. The internet host was outwardly rude and the purser's desk said he was going to get canned at the next convenient opportunity, but he was still there at Rome.

The fellow cruisers were the most travelled group I had ever met. This was a great thing about the cruise. Everyone seemed to have been all over the globe. I learned many things from them and had many wonderful conversations. They certainly were an inspiration to keep growing in cruising.

There were about one-third Europeans onboard. Many Dutch. This really added a lot to the cruise. I always enjoy talking to them and hearing their perspectives. Many of their insights are not heard in the United States. Definately a big plus to transatlantics. It really lends a world perspective to life.

I would definately recommend transatlantics. This itinerary will be repeated in reverse this fall. It's like a trip to the edge of the earth.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: March 30, 2008

Princess Cruises Caribbean Princess by Mellocroozr Eastern Caribbean March 30, 2008

Our focus for this cruise was to relax and enjoy the outstanding atmosphere we were expecting on this first trip away from our children (ages 4 & 1). We really bought into the "small ship feel" and "excellent food" reviews (we are I guess what you would call "foodies") and advertising and while we did have a good cruise, we had to really work at enjoying ourselves which is definitely not what we expected to have to do.

Embarkation was flawless, except for the rudeness of some of the embarkation staff which was unexpected and uncalled for by locals wearing Princess uniforms. Some were outright abusive to people, but worse upon debarkation.

Our stateroom was OK. We had a mini-suite which was OK. The room was nice, but the bathroom had a few caulking issues and the sliding door to the balcony was whistling and water poured in on the last day during a big storm. This ship seems so dated in the décor. I could not put my finger on it but I guess you could compare it to buying furniture

at Wal-Mart and then walking into a furniture store with a higher end product afterwards. It looked fine at the time but it wasn't until I toured the Westerdam after our cruise that I realized what was wrong with everything. It all looked cheap.

Service Our cabin attendant and the Palm Dining Room Staff were great. The Buffet staff were hit and miss but everyone working on the ship seemed tired. There was no one that really went over and above to WOW us. The cabin attendant remembered our name and he did a great job keeping our room tidy and fully stocked with towels.

As mentioned in many reviews. Princess has a problem enforcing rules -- some with very potentially serious consequences: no unsupervised children in the hot tubs and pool, using hand sanitizers when entering the buffets, shirts and shoes in the buffets, and the not so serious but really irritating no children in the adults only pools, reserving of deck chairs (some sat empty with towels from 8am until noon or longer).

Itinerary We enjoyed St Maarten including the beach being so close to the ship, but found St Thomas expensive and the people not as friendly. Princess Cays is a great day at the beach. The Cabana was a good investment when a brief shower rolled through for about 20 minutes soaking everyone else.

Entertainment The new Piano Bar singer is not very good unless he was singing a Billy Joel song. Sarge returned to the ship in St Maarten and was very funny. We did not see any other shows, as we found it not worth the struggle for seating each night.

Dining This is going to be a sore spot and you will have to excuse me if I rant. Food in the dining room was mediocre at best. The Halibut was so overcooked on the second night that I did not think you could dry out such a succulent fish to the point it was a solid brick. The sauces were never quite rich enough, or flavorful enough. When I ordered my meat rare, it came out rare, but grey on the outside. We gave up dining at our appointed time after the second night until the Chef's night when surprisingly, the lobster was not overcooked.

The Breakfast Buffets were so disappointing and the shortcuts that were taken were noticed by us in a big way. The bread is bad. The on-board bakery needs a good shake-up. The toast bread was dry and old tasting, and all buns lacked a crust. No decent rye. No offence to Americans, who generally had no problem with the bread, but Europeans are really big on bread -- that is, FRESH BREAD. Don't bake it, put it in a plastic bag for the day and then sit there and pretend that it is fresh. It is such an easy thing to do when you have a bakery 2 floors from your kitchen. Bake fresh bread. JAM -- 5 gallon pails of the cheapest stuff they could buy is what is served; and why the salad dressing ladles instead of spoons? Orange and Apple Cocktail? Not juice. Powdered scrambled eggs, or at least that's what they tasted like. The fresh fruit selection was always nice and on a few mornings they had Eggs Benedict available. I think the above shortcuts could have been upgraded without any effect on the budget had they just eliminated the smoked salmon every morning.

On the last evening, after all comment cards had been turned in for the "big draw," (this is the only explanation we could think of for this) we went to the Caribe Buffet for a light dinner. It was very packed and very hard to find seating which is to be expected after a day at the beach. There were no salt and pepper shakers on the tables in most sections. Did they think we were going to steal them? There was no rhyme or reason to the food offerings -- pasta with undercooked cans of crushed tomatoes as a sauce. Jerk chicken which looked like they took the leftover chicken from Princess Cays and tossed in spices, Curried Chicken Salad which had very little flavour and tasted dry -- not quite sure how a mayonnaise-based salad can taste dry, but it did. It was just a mish mash of leftovers. When you walked to the pool areas, all the deck chairs were being packed up, no movie was offered. At one point, both pools were closed but I am not sure if it remained that way. We really got the feeling that Princess was ready to be rid of us all. We decided to grab a couple of pieces of pizza -- which were always outstanding -- and head to our cabin to order a club sandwich from room service. Our final impression and last night on the ship was probably the worst of all the evenings. We felt unwelcome.

I will not be booking another Princess cruise without assurances that this was not typical. We really looked forward to this trip. After (my wife) being on maternity leave for a full year, we really stretched to book ourselves on this cruise but needed the time together. While we did have a nice time, it was in no way due to anything Princess did to make our voyage enjoyable. I will be looking elsewhere for our travel needs in the future.

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