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Not bad, just not exceptional either.
Publication Date: October 16, 2016

Our room porter and the service in the dining rooms was excellent. The bartenders were hit or miss, unfortunately, mostly miss. The casino was in the center of the ship and allowed smoking so most of the ship smelt like an ashtray. The adult pool was too small and thus too crowded. The waterslides were great. Too many young children ran around the boat unattended in the bars and nightclubs, and I wish there were more adult only floors and that the areas that were supposed to be adult only were better regulated.

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Our Dream Cruise became our Biggest Nightmare!!
Publication Date: September 23, 2016

Our dream cruise became our biggest nightmare!!

We took our 5th cruise with Norwegian last August. My mom had a reaction to a glass of wine she drank and was sent to the cruise medical center against her will. The medical center hooked her up to an IV, EKG and catheter and wouldn't let her out. They gave her tons of medicine and blood thinners that she didn't want. Then they kicked her off boat the next morning (Day 3) claiming she had a heart attack. They sent her to a third rate hospital by ambulance in Florida. We had her checked out at home. Her heart is that of a 40 year old and perfectly healthy. She never had a heart attack and has no heart damage. Then we got the medical bill from the 16 hour visit in the medical center... $11,600.00 for ONLY 16 hours in their medical center. We have never seen such charges anywhere in American hospitals. I opened a dispute with Norwegian via certified mail, email and online case submission. I was promised an answer in 10-15 business days. I finally heard today (Day

27). They have decided to do NOTHING to rectify the situation. They will not remove the medical charges for the malpractice that they performed nor are they offering any cruise discounts or credits for future cruises for my mom or any of us.

I will NEVER cruise with NORWEGIAN again!

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Poor wheelchair accessibility
Publication Date: October 5, 2016

Wheelchair accessible stateroom was good but rest of ship very frustrating. All public rest rooms and all outside doors on floors were not automatic, resulting in haven't to find assistance both inside and out to access. Try finding someone evertime you need to use a restroom. Even if they had one door per floor and/or one restroom, emergency telephones in hallways unable to to high for wheelchair bound.

Food and entertainment mediocre, no tables for disabled in d.r., in the theatre seats at very rear resulting in unable to see or hear. Movies in venue with only stairs. Ability to see glaciers close only available with stairs. The metal threshold on doors and floors not level and very high resulting in my wheelchair getting hung up and having to find assistance.

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