The Kuki Side of Cruising

When Paul and Anne asked if I would write for CruiseMates I thought they were “Kukier” than me!

Time in port is generally dictated by the proximity of the ports of call

This week I get to some of the very basics that will help lay a foundation for a successful cruise

Forget tradition, I have fallen for the idea of options and choices during my cruise

With the new iWatch you can tell time just by looking at your wrist

The modern industry of cruising has developed multiple personalities

My teen sons loved cruising, and I think I may know why

The Illusive but perfect travel agent is something everyone can use - how to find one

I’d give up all the gifts in exchange for a week long party.

10 ways for seniors to enjoy cruises; complaint departments, plenty of restrooms and early dining

Find the cruise best equipped to supply the most satisfaction

Like others who love cruising, as soon as I returned from a cruise, I was looking for a new one

One cannot predict when an event calamitous can occur.

The cruise lines were slow to join the Online game, but they now embrace it

To many cruisers lobster night seemed to define cruise ship dining.

In 2015 golfers can cruise with Crystol for golf instruction from Jim Maclean

Many people can tell you exactly how many cruises they have been on

Dining rooms will slowly disappear as restaurant rows appear on ships

Let’s look for some common sense behavior while you’re cruising.

Learn the currency conversion rates to know just how much things really cost

A cruise was denied for a couple due to the wife's dementia and no caretaker

More than most vacations, cruisers are generally looking to be social

Ship happens, but there are things you can do to avoid most common blunders

Kuki takes on the role of Cruise Ship Butler

Have you ever stepped onto a cruise ship and felt that you simply don’t fit in?

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