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24 User Reviews of Carnival Dream Cruise Ship

Best vacation ever! ~ Latasha
Publication Date: March 26, 2015

This was my first cruise and i enjoyed it! Will plan my next trip soon!

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Weather destroyed my fun!
Publication Date: December 4, 2014

It was a doomed trip from the very beginning. Our plane left 6 hours after the takeoff time due to weather on the east coast. Then we finally get into Miami at 12:30am! Then my friend's luggage gets lost and all she has is the set of clothes on her and a swimsuit. Finally we book, normal there. It was sunny that day, but by the next day, a storm with a cold front comes in and we are freezing. The temperatures are in the 60's! My friend's luggage shows up at our first port, Cozumel.

The airline was very dodgy about whether is would be there or not. Carnival tried to help her, gave her a voucher to buy essentials. My friend did buy travel insurance. Then the waves were to rough so we could not go to Belize or Mahogany Bay! Finally the weather started to calm down and made it to Costa Maya. We all got a 25% discount on our next cruise which I'm the only one to take that offer. This was the first time my friend was on a cruiseship and she said she

was never doing it again.

I really enjoyed the Sea Trek Underwater Helmet experience on Cozumel. Don't forget to take some money to buy the disc of your adventure. I know what happened was more of a weather fluke so I'm going again. Crew were nice, but I had a soda card. They require you to go to the bar and order there. It was a hassle, especially since it seemed those with these cards were, by my standards, considered low on the totem pole.

All the other customers were given drinks first, them myself. Its a good deal if you spend more than $50 on soda for the cruise, but by forcing you to get up and get it, I actually used the card less. Based on how much soda I bought, I paid less than what I paid for the card. The other thing is the sexual bias. Women in the shows are barely wearing anything, yet the guys are fulling dressed.

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Disappointing Dream
Publication Date: February 11, 2014

Although our overall experience with the Dream in Feb. 2014 was mostly favorable, there were 2 major problems that marred our 7-day cruise of the western Caribbean. One was the captain's decision to bypass Mahogany Bay in Honduras in favor of docking at Port of Roaton further south. This meant a $20 taxi ride to get to the beach. The captain said it was too windy to pull in alongside another Carnival ship already in port. It did not seem particularly windy to us passengers.


The other problem was that my partner, who booked the cruise directly with Carnival, asked specifically for dining room seat with or near 16 other relatives and friends in our group. The others all were clustered together, while we were put into another dining room altogether. The maitre did manage to switch us to a closer table a night later, but it still was a major disappointment.


Some other aspects of the cruise were below the level we experienced on 3 previous Carnival cruises, particularly in dining room food. We also disliked the smoke odor that permeated the casino and nearby areas. Our balcony enjoyment was marred a

couple of times by smoke wafting up from the deck below.


I'm an early-morning walker but one stroll on Deck 5 at 6 a.m. was downright dangerous when I found the prow of the ship plunged in darkness. (The sides and aft areas were well-lit). A fellow walker had a flashlight which helped us fumble our way to safety. Theater shows were mostly excellent, but daytime entertainment seemed a little lame (mostly trivia games).


Nothing in the way of educational activities. My partner became sick the last 3 days with a flu-like illness, and Alex, one of the activities staffer,s was kind enough to summon a wheelchair for us and speed us around the lines. This was in contrast to a young woman who berated us for sitting illegally on a lobby couch when my partner became too weak to stand.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: September 23, 2013

We have cruised on this ship about 4 times and always have a good time. This time was a little different. The room attendants did not introduce themselfs until we cornered them in our room on afternoon while they were "cleaning?"

The glasses for the ice bucket were not changed out daily, the beds were worn out. They took our robes we left sinde they were wet from the spa, but refused to give up replacement ones ! What the heck??

The dining was good, the food great, and service terrific! The same old shows, need new material.

The captain did take 3 hours to dock at Costa Maya, due to high winds and sea. He could have just not stopped but kept trying and they stayed in port an extra hour to make up for the delay for excursions could be taken as planned.

This ship could use an update, as the interiors are very dated.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 13, 2012

Beautiful new ship & ship design:Deck 5 has 4 'bay'whirlpools. Decks 5,11 & casino have designated smoking areas.Passengers allowed to smoke on private balconies; this should be banned. Food mostly very good; but,2 times in dinning room my hot food order was barely warm. Pizza is the best out of 45 ships I've been on (Princess,RC and Carnival). Staff polite and efficient.

I recommend this ship.

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Carnival Dream more of a nightmare
Publication Date: May 22, 2016

My husband Joseph and I just returned from a cruise with Carnival to celebrate a birthday and a celebration with some friends also taking the cruise. I am writing to tell of our experience, as recommended by your guest service dept. on our last day of the cruise. We went on this cruise to try Carnival once again, as our friends invited us to join them. we have been on almost all of the other cruise lines, and decided to give Carnival another go, but it does not compare with customer service and trying to fix things. we were just patronized which makes it even more frustrating. we were always given an excuse for why the problem happened but never sincerely tried to amend the situation.

The customer service was terrible. we had many issues during the cruise that were never addressed properly. Starting with our luggage not arriving the first night, even though we had passed our suitcase about 4 times throughout the evening and asked if we could just take it. We were told it was a security issue and to wait for our last suitcase. When we arrived back

at our room late that evening at around midnight, it had still not been delivered. I called guest services, and they told me I had to come back to the front of the ship to identify my bag. Mind you we had just been there for the evening show and our room was the very last room at the back of the ship. When I got to the front desk, they quickly went to the back and brought my bag out without me even identifying it, and it had a new tag with our room number on it. We did have our names clearly identified on the bag anyway. No one even made an offer to deliver the heavy suitcase to my room then. When we first were told our cabin was ready, we arrived to find our cabin filthy with half-filled glasses, a half bottle of open wine in the fridge and cigarette butts and a sticky mess on the verandah, room not finished. also, we never got turn down service the whole cruise, and when we found out this was a service, we mentioned it to guest services but it never happened. over time if we mentioned a problem the guest services would say someone would get back to us and then would just show up at our room a day or two later, or at our door while we were either in the shower or leaving for dinner or call early in the morning to ask more questions. we purchased an expensive room specifically because of the size of the balcony and were not able to use it until they cleaned it 4 days later! we had no chair or anywhere to sit in the room, the bed was made at such an angle that you had to climb over the corner to get around to the desk area, and there was missing furniture on the balcony as well. The main reason we took the cruise was because of the size of the balcony and the time we thought we would spend using it, not being aware that it was so dirty and sticky and we had to wait half the cruise to use it, even though we repeatedly asked our steward to clean it and a manger came to see it a few days later and left his sticky boot prints after he viewed it. (eventually we got a letter on the 4th day of the cruise stating that they were going to wash the balcony and we had to remove everything and could not go outside for the duration of that afternoon) On the second day, to celebrate my husband’s birthday, we paid the extra $35/person charge for the specialty restaurant for 4 of us in our party. When we wanted to order the lobster as well as our steak, we were charged an additional $20/person fee again, even though it was lobster night for the rest of the ship, where guest could order as much as they wanted for no fee. These are just a few of the annoying issues that happened.

We were always upsold things and nothing was inclusive, as we were aware, but did not realize the extent to which you make the customer uncomfortable unless they purchase another something at that time, even if we didn’t really want it. feels like you are at a middle eastern bazaar where people are always pushing to sell you things-alcohol,watches, even creams in the spa-where our total relaxation mode after our service was broken because the clinician would not take no for an answer, or seminars in the gym-where we told there were free exercise classes but they were really seminars selling something at the end. you can't really get away from that. we even bought a soda package before we left, but it was more trouble that it was worth. occasionally they would give us a whole can, but most of the time the bartenders didn't want to bother getting sodas because they were already paid for ahead of time, given a small cup and told we had to wait 15 minutes to order another, and needed to tip again. also the majority of patrons were very loud and drunk and we could not relax because of all the noise. the pool was impossible to get in with all the screaming children, and there was no adult pool, just a jacuzzi that was right below the kids water slide so not exactly a "Serenity" area.

We travel a lot and generally do not complain, but we felt that we were giving Carnival another try with all our choices and were really let down with the amenities, service and the way upper staff handled certain situations. They never made us feel like they would resolve or wanted to make it right at first. Always had to check with someone and made us feel belittled by complaining even though we were told to let them know right away if there were any issues. And we never felt that they made that extra effort that makes you feel like a valuable customer. I think with more attention to service, especially in management this could be a better cruise line and more competitive with other lines. Since nothing was attempted to be fixed during our cruise, we feel some sort of renumeration should be refunded due to our experience. We would certainly like to give Carnival another chance when we book our next cruise but this did leave a bad taste in our mouth.

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A Dream Came True on Carnival
Publication Date: September 19, 2014

We got on the Carnival Dream on August 17-24, 2014. We had a great time. Here is how it was like:

Embarkation: We came the day before. We Stayed at the Courtyard Inn in New Orleans. The hotel was great and pretty nice. We had the best hotel we ever had before. We walked to the terminal and it was hard to figure out where to go. We finally made it. They also served water in the terminal. The problem was the long lines.

Activities: We had alot of choices. The water slide was fun. We went on the slide alot of times. The arcade is good. It was a little hard finding it. Table Tennis was fun. The problem was the lines. We got a sunburn which left me behind with bumps. Another one is that 2 of my trunks had a hole in it. The hole was not too bad.

Food: The food was ok in the Dining room. They need more options. The desserts were good in the Cafe. The Problem was that the burgers didn't taste right.

Cozumel: Cozumel was great. We went to Paradise Beach. It

was fun. The problems were the people making you waste money to get broke. They kept calling us to their booth.

Grand Cayman: The port was good. They have the best rumcake ever. We just went shopping.

Cabins: our cabins were good. We had a balcony. We only had one outlet. The beds were comfortable and balconies are my favorite. The problem was the air conditioner. We woke up sweaty in the morning. Our beds were stinky.

Debarkation: Debarking was good. There were long lines when we were getting off.

Overall, we will totally recommend people about this ship. It was a fun ship. Please try this ship because you may like it.

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Publication Date: February 9, 2014

This is a beautiful ship with lots to do. I am 22 years old and was never bored morning day or night. Theres lots to do its easy to navigate around and the crew is absolutely amazing. I couldn't have asked for more.

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Carnival Dream ~ November 30, 2013 ~ December 7, 2013
Publication Date: December 10, 2013

Carnival Dream ~ November 30, 2013 ~ December 7, 2013

Overall I thought the ship was beautiful with lots pleasant spaces. When I passed the Page Turner Library I actually wondered who Page Turner was.....until it dawned on me. I loved the chandeliers in the dining rooms but I thought all those single red light fixtures were a bit of overkill. I found myself singing "Red Solo Cup" all week. Even though they made it bigger I think they added too many people to the larger space. I think a capacity of about 500 less would have made it feel less crowded. Never in all of my cruises have I ever waited in line for meals for so long. I did like the idea that they added a barbeque on deck 5 for lunch time. I imagine it took some of the pressure off the dining rooms and the lido offerings.


I tried the Mongolian Wok and loved it even though the wait time was about 20 minutes because they cook it right there for you. My only regret was that I did not take enough. They had 3 different sauces

and I asked which one was the least hot. I took that and I was sure I had third degree burns in my mouth. Very tasty even though it packed some heat.

Of course I got to the Deli for a Pastrami sandwich. I have not found pastrami here in Florida so I enjoyed that very much.

Pizza was good too as usual and I enjoyed 2 slices one day.

I went through the buffet line on Italian day and the Veal Parmesan was to die for. Every day the offerings on lido looked excellent. I checked them out every day even when I was eating in the dining room.

Desserts, What can I say but Oh MY God they were good. My blood sugar level has finally started to come back to normal.

The Punchliner Brunch fell short of my expectations. I would rather have had the normal breakfast and lunch offerings.

At breakfast I was disappointed in my former favorite, Eggs Benedict. The Hollandaise sauce was not hot and as a result was congealed when it was served. I think some changes in the breakfast menu overall are overdue.

Lobster night was a disappointment to me. First it was the only night the wait staff seemed to be out of step and wait time was longer than usual. When I finally got my long awaited lobster it was rubbery for a girl from New England this was disappointing.

Food over all was mostly very good to excellent.

I was assigned the forward Crimson dining for "Your time Dining" I was dismayed at this because my room was nearly all the way aft. My legs are not as good as they once were. I asked to be changed to the Scarlett Dining Room but it was for fixed seating which I did not want and all that was left was late dining. I like "YTD" because it affords me the chance to meet more people. Imaging my surprise when some people at my table said they were from Bristol NH. A town where I spent a good portion of my life from 1953. How nice to meet someone from home. Jack if you are reading this they owned Mocha Cottages, up near the old Pasquaney inn, Now known as "The Inn On Newfound Lake"

Service was mostly excellent and I liked that they always knew our names and addressed us by name.

My cabin was a bit larger than I remembered and had 2 bathrooms. One with a small vanity and a tub with a shower. The other was a standard vanity, toilet and shower. I had 4 closets and not enough clothes to fill them I also had 5 drawers. The safe was operated with a pin number rather than the old credit card system. I liked the pin system much better.

My cabin steward was outstanding. He came and introduced himself the first day and he addressed me by name all the time. My room was always nice and neat. Hard for anyone to keep up with messy Laura but he managed very well.

I slept so well on this cruise I hated to come home to the terrorists upstairs.

I did not see much of the entertainment. The show lounge was so far from my cabin. I did manage to see the Marriage Game which is always amusing. I always find it a bit sad too as I keep remembering the times I watched Ray and Helen in the game.

I only got off the ship at St Thomas and went walking in Havensight. I saw many things I wanted to buy but I restrained myself. It was showery off and on all day so I started my walk back earlier than I planned. I was glad I did as later the heavens opened up and poured. I got on an elevator full of soaked people that had just come in. St Thomas had grown quite a bit in the last 20 years. I am not so sure progress is always good.

One thing that took me by surprise was seeing the Kon Tiki tour. I took that tour on my first cruise in 1983. I was surprised it was still operating. I managed to be on deck when it returned and docked on the main pier right near our ship. As I listened to the people coming off that boat I realized they still served the infamous rum punch. Everyone seemed happy :roll:

Except for the size of the ship being more than I can handle physically I really enjoyed this cruise and can't wait to go again. I did not even mind that my efforts in the casino did not make me "rich" I spent the money to have fun and that is exactly what I did.

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Publication Date: July 7, 2012

Upon arrival on 7/7/12, as Ernest and I entered our room i met a gentlemen by the name of Daniel who introduced himself as our section house keeper. Ernest and I introduced ourselves as well. he seemed to be very nice, very enthusiastic, and had a big smile on his face but I felt something mysterious about him and I mentioned it to Ernest immediately. as the day went on I would notice as we both cross paths with Daniel approximately four to five times, he would say "hello brittany" with a creepy smile but would not greet Ernest.

(Day 2) 7/8/12. The same exact incident occurred with daniel every time we passed him, he would only greet Brittany with the same creepy smile but now there is waving involved. Later on that evening at 7pm, we were leaving our room to meet our ten family members for dinner. There was a very nice couple leaving their room directly across the hall in room 8353 at the same exact time. As Ernest and I were leaving the room Daniel appeared out of nowhere, meeting us at the door as if he

was trying to barge into our room. We were a bit startled. Daniel stated he had to clean our room and Ernest and I stated the room was fine the way it was and it was previously cleaned that morning and we did not need room service. Daniel refused to accept our denial of his services and told us it was mandatory that we allow him to clean our room, he would not take no for an answer. Daniel even slammed his hand on the door and would not allow us to close the door. This situation took about three minutes until Daniel got his way. As we left I realized i left my purse in the room on the dresser. At that time we were to dinner because family was waiting and i figured I could leave my purse in the room because I did not feel like I needed it for dinner anyway.

Since Daniel forced himself into our room he did not use his keycard for entry. The couple room 8353 said that they seen him enter our room and closed the door but we noticed other house keepers keep the door open as they clean, even leaving multiple room doors open at a time. After dinner we continued our entertainment until 1 pm. As we entered our room I noticed immediately that something was not right. I looked on the dresser and it appeared that my purse had been tampered with. When I looked into my wallet, I noticed that my one thousand dollars was gone. I was left ten dollars in ones and one five dollar bill, which was not a part of my one thousand dollars missing. Ernest and I immediately went to guest services and filed a report for this incident with the lady at the front desk. It was like no one knew what to say or do. We had to go through multiple supervisors and they still could not help us in any way. Finally the three security guards, Matilda Vikrant, Mewada Petar, and Kresimar Biskup came to escort us from the front desk to our room so they can perform a room search. They made us empty all our belongings and found nothing.

(Day 3) 7/9/12. We spoke with Donato Beece, the hotel director and he stated that this could happen to anyone, he stated we could be lying, as he laughed and chuckled at us the entire time we sat in his office. I did not expect this low level level of professionalism from someone of his caliber. He also defended his staff member Daniel and said he has been working for 25 years and a incident like this never occurred. I did not feel like Denato Beece put the customer first, it made me feel completely defeated. we requested to speak to the captain and Denato Beece said it would be impossible to speak to the captain and he would never speak to us.

(Day 4) 7/10/12. We were escorted from our room to Donato Beece's office by security. As we arrived, Captain Massimo Milano was there to greet us. Even though he was a lot more sympathetic to the situation compared to the rest of crew, he still said there was nothing that could be done and anyone could have stolen the money from our room.

(Day 5) 7/11/12. As Ernest and I walked back from breakfast at 8:30 am, we saw Daniel. We did not get the routine greeting or any eye contact at all, he looked down as we walked passed him. this was very unusual behavior compared to the previous days when he would go out of his way to greet us. As we approached him and asked him "is there something on your mind"? His first response was "I did not take anything from your room"!

Ernest and I never asked him about the incident but his guilt made him respond the suspicious way that he did.

We are not trying to blame any particular person for stealing from us but we want to target Carnival's negligence, their cleaning policy, there should be a more thorough screening of the immigrants they hire from these poor countries. Before our incident the house keepers all around the ship cleaned multiple rooms at one time while leaving the doors open. After our incident we notice the house keepers only cleaned one room at a time. They changed the policy to prevent further occurrences but did not compensate Ernest and I at all in any way. Ernest and I endured much pain and suffering from Carnival and this was our first luxury cruise experience. Ernest is a U.S. NAVY veteran who spent the past four years on a warship complete opposite of a luxury cruise and he still had to experience HELL. Our family planned this cruise based on Ernest's departure from the NAVY and his birthday happened to be on July 11th, so this cruise was supposed an unforgettable experience of paradise, but instead this cruise was the total opposite. Please feel our pain Carnival customer service and Carnival corporate said there is nothing they can do and I should have used a safe. I feel like if I refuse room service that should be it, the house keeper should not be allowed to force their way into anyone's room. I just want the world to be aware of my situation so this does not happen to anyone else. This was not a vacation, we had no money to enjoy our cruise itinerary. From this experience, we will never go on a cruise again.

Please contact Brittany Southall if you can help: [email protected]

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