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3 User Reviews of Favolosa Cruise Ship

avoid costa at all cost
Publication Date: July 4, 2015

Costa Favolosa was the worst cruise I have ever been on. I have been on many cruise lines.

The food quality was only a little better than a high school cafeteria food. If people like this cruise they have never been on any other cruise. The entertainment was poor. The ship had no real food choices but italian and that was very poor. All other ships have multiple food types and different places to eat. If the main dining hall was open the buffet was closed along with any other options.

The lines were always very long because they only would have one place offering anything at one time on the ship. They nickled and dimed you for every thing and the quality was poor.

The spa hot tubs stem rooms and relaxation rooms were extra. they had no ice cream unless you paid extra and only at limited time offerings . They had no soda drinks or even juice with out paying more. all other ships I have been on at least had juice through out the day or soda during the main meal of the day included.

They had no piano bar jazz club. no comedy club. the excursion desk was disorganized. One of my excursions was even cancelled and

another was set for the wrong language. The management told the room staff not to waist towels making towel animals which on all other cruises is a custom. There was no onboard welcoming party. The alcoholic drinks were watered down. If this was my first cruise I wound never do another.
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how to be treated like cattle
Publication Date: January 3, 2015

Filthy buffet area chairs. Unchanging and low grade buffet food the entire 7 day trip. Reminded me of how we used to treat the livestock on the farm. (Well treated animals, but pretty basic menu). Pleasant but tired and disheartened-appearing staff.

Nice cabin. (recently built luxury Italian ship. what's not to like?). Cabin attendant/housekeeper excellent but tired.

"Entertainment' appeared contrived and pushed hard . And, holy cow, was the bass LOUD to the point of drowning out the singers in nearly every venue. where did they get these sound engineers?

Whole scenario seemed like they didn't really have their act together. really poorly timed and very few ports of call, make excursions really brief and poorly executed. Rio fireworks ( about 1/2 hour) was spectacular. rest of the trip was a bust.

Finely tuned ripoff experience. Nothing to drink, not even water, unless you pay for it, at their supposed fine-dining dinner experience. Marginally palatable food. Palatable, but definitely not excellent, or even good, cuisine (I was raised by and married to fantastic Italian and French cooks, so, yes, I do know what I am talking about.)

Experienced cruise travelers and ship staff all

commented on how badly the Costa line has deteriorated since "that American company" (Carnival - actually and American/Israeli billionaire owned company) took over. Sad, but apparently true. Too bad, they no only killed any remote inclination of mine to ever set foot on an ocean going cruise liner again, but they also seem to be informing the world of what ripoff masters large American corporate enterprises are.

I could go on with examples of an overall unpleasant experience. But you get the picture. Without exaggeration, a root canal is a more pleasant experience.

If you like cruising, research carefully. And pick anything but Carnival associated enterprises.

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Eastern Mediterranean
Publication Date: August 4, 2011

If you are a first time cruiser who really like smoking, kitsch decor, understand italian, do not mind waiting in cues everywhere from restaurants to boarding to elevators, this is your cruise.

If you have ever been to a proper cruise before, do not like smoke everywhere and do not enjoy waiting in your vacation stay away from Costa, and it is not even cheap (compared to big cruise lines). This was our 7th cruise and we love cruising, but we geniunly disliked the overall experience of Costa. The times at ports were just couple of hours, combined with long boarding/unboarding, it was simply not worth the trouble. There were a few safety related issues that we have observed like razor sharp edges (unrounded sharp edges of mirrors on walls).

In short, stay away from Costa.

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