Cruise Packing List for Women

| October 19, 2007
The Interactive Women's Cruise Packing List:


    Sweater or wrap (in case it's cold) Small light blanket (you can't always count on getting one on the plane) Booties (take off your shoes for comfort) Snacks (trail mix etc., you don't always get fed) Ear plugs - Eye Mask Candied ginger (for motion sickness) Sea bands (for motion sickness) Toothbrush small toothpaste (for International flights) Anti-bacterial wipes (bathroom as well as other things) Reading material Any electronics you might like

There is a growing concern about leg circulation issues from long plane flights. It is highly suggested that you get up and move around at least once an hour. Stretching your legs by flexing and extending your feet helps to keep the swelling down and improve your circulation. Also I have found that wearing a good quality support hose, either knee high or full pantyhose keeps your legs from getting as tired, helps to minimize swelling, and reduces your risk of circulation problems.


    Phone Identification Passport Travel documents Money Medications

Note: make a list of phone numbers (doctor, neighbor, business assoc., travel agent, insurance company, credit card company, frequent flyer numbers, airlines. List of usernames and passwords (for Internet and ATMs frequent flyer numbers & pins)


    Shampoo Conditioner Hair gel or moose Curling Iron (all cabins have a hair dryer) Hair brush or comb Hair spray Body lotion Powder Facial cleanser & moisturizer Makeup Q-tips Antacids Headache remedies Antibiotic ointment Bug spray or wipes Sunblock Antibacterial wipes Nail file & clipper Nail polish Deodorant Toothbrush Toothpaste Dental floss Razor Band-Aids Perfume Jewelry (most cabins have a safe but luggage can be opened. Leave your best at home)
Note: There is a store onboard the ship where you can get many basic items like headache remedies, antacids, sunblock, toothpaste, etc. However they may not have your favorites. Enclose anything that can leak in a plastic bag or in a plastic lined toiletry bag. I like to bring an empty nylon laundry bag to fill as needed for the return home.


    Underwear Hosiery Belts Mix and match outfits: tops and pants Comfortable walking shoes Formal wear for each formal night depending on cruise length Formal shoes Evening purse or clutch Sweaters or wraps Sleepwear Booties Hat Lightweight rain gear


    Meclizine (sea-sickness) Dramamine Laxatives Antacids Ibuprofen

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