Gay Cruising / Lesbian Cruises

Welcome to our Gay and Lesbian Cruise Section:

CruiseMates is merely a website for cruise information and while we have many articles that were written specifically for the gay community we no longer have a host for this area 

Please join the conversations about cruising for all GBTL people in our Gay Cruising Forum.

Below you will find a number of timeless articles on the subject a GBTL cruises, whether it is through the larger group cruise organizers or whether you are simply traveling solo or with your partner on a regular cruise.

How to Find Other Friends of Dorothy on Straight Cruises

Almost any cruise will have a number of GBTL people onboard - some incognito

Answers to 10 basic questions about regular cruising from the GBTL perspective

My first all-gay charter cruise with Atlantis back in 2002

Cruise ships are safe for public display of affection only to a certain limit

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