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Windstar. Where the ordinary world melts away. Windstar Cruises, 180º from ordinary.
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Windstar - My Dream Vacation

  • The Sybaritic Life
    We each have our own idea of the perfect vacation and cruising style. Mine is leaving the high heels and dress-up clothes at home, dining on food that excites the palate while indulging in warm, pampered service.     by Anne Campbell

  • Windstar Cuisine- Unrivaled, Innovative
  • Like No Other Cruise Cuisine    by Anne Campbell
    It was a night I'll never forget: In the shadows of a castle towering over the beautiful harbor of Bodum, Turkey, we dined al fresco on lobster and steak grilled right on deck.
  • Sample Windstar Menu
  • Meet Chef Joachim Spilchal
  • A Windstar Virtual Cruise
    Take a break from the everyday and experience the many pleasures of a Windstar cruise. Sublime destinations broaden your view. Glimpse shipboard luxuries. Water invites you to play. A glimpse of what makes Windstar unique.
  • Windstar Virtual Cruise

  •   Out-of-the-Ordinary Destinations
  • Windstar Cruising Regions
    I doubt that even the most avid Windstar cruiser tires of the exclusive ports frequented by these stunning motorized sail vessels.
  • New Itineraries for 2006