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It’s Not Wrong to Admit You’re Addicted to Cruising?

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Somewhere along the line “that day” came for all us; when we were ready to stand in front of a mirror and admit that we are addicted to cruising.

It used to be that we’d keep that addiction private, veiled by our everyday lives, and cloaked from even our closest friends. But times have changed, and it’s become much more acceptable to publicly admit that the only vacation you’re interested in going on is a cruise.

If your spouse, family member of best friends insisted on a jaunt to Las Vegas, or a camping trip, or all- inclusive land vacation, you’d probably go, but reluctantly. Now, you’ll still reluctantly go, but you proudly make everyone on your trip crazy, comparing everything to your cruise memories.

Once you’ve admitted your addiction it is life changing.

When you go out for dinner at a nice restaurant with friends, when the check for dinner comes, you take great pleasure in pointing out that a similar meal on your last cruise cost $30, not $90 (or more).

Naturally, no longer do any of us ever buy any clothing that we don’t first visualize ourselves wearing on a cruise.

No trip to the bank, even if to complete the smallest transaction, occurs without some thought given to wondering if we’ll need any foreign currency on our next cruise…. Even if that cruise is more than a year away.

No one looks forward to sleep more than someone addicted to cruising. It’s partially because we generally don’t waste to much time sleeping while on cruise, and partially because we know that during many of our dreams, while sleeping, we’ll be on a cruise.

Unlike the majority of people in the world, we know what towel animals are. And we appreciate them.

From memory we know more airport codes for cities with embarkation ports than most commercial airline pilots, as well as the cheapest way to get to the port.

Cruisers can buy a new $30,000 vehicle online after a few short clicks, but we’ll search the Internet sites for 6 months to find a recommendation for a private tour operator in a port we’re going to visit, to save $6 per person.

There’s other cruisers, like me, who have never seen the inside of a spa on land, but rush the first day onboard to book a “hot rocks treatment; at the ship’s spa; not knowing whether they throw them at us, or we throw the rocks at them.

Cruisers returning from a cruise also have a distinctly different pattern from other vacationers. Perhaps we’ll pick up our family pets first (if it’s kids at Grandma’s place, they can wait). Then the very next thing we do is post on a message board that we’re home, and then write a review and post that separately. And it seems natural to us that every reader is going to want to know exactly what we ate at every meal, and see pictures of how we disposed of it later in the toilet, just so they’ll get a better idea of the size of the toilet bowel in their cabin.

We also gloat over how much money we saved, as we admire the future cruise certificate we bought onboard. To us, it demonstrates our superior intellect before we start doing all the laundry.

Our co-workers dread our return to work. They greet us respectively, but then glare, thoughts of homicide veiled in their eyes, when one of the dummies in the office slips up and asks… How was it? And oblivious to what has just occurred, we pull out all our pictures and bless everyone at work with our stories for the next two weeks.

Later, we’ll call all our “best friends and family” (while wondering why they hadn’t called us yet), and they all say…. “Oh, we didn’t realize you were home already”. (Particularly odd when more than a month has passed and they’re babysitting your children).

Yup- We’re sick! But in a very cute sort of way!

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –




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Comment from balabusta
Time September 24, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Kuki, cruising is a wonderful addiction to have. Not only is it the “best bang for your tourist buck” but where else can you have five star restaurant meals included in the price and go to ports mius luggage!

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