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Norwegian Epic Already Making Changes

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Norwegian Cruise Lines has surprised us with a few changes for Norwegian Epic announced well ahead of schedule. We applaud their nimble and responsive approach to what have been a few areas of complaints.

Changes to Legends at Sea

The first announced change is the new lineup for the Legends at Sea Concert, which is a surprisingly good show with excellent talent. NCL previously informed us they would be changing the featured “stars” in the tribute show every six months, and I am surprised to see them make the announcement  three months early.

The new featured tributes will be Britney Spears, Rod Stewart & Michael Jackson beginning Sept. 25. The ones that opened the ship and who were scheduled to remain onboard through December were Elvis, Tina Turner and Madonna. NCL did not say why they decided to change the artists sooner, but I do recall reading a recent review where they said one of the artists was sick and could not perform. The three tribute artists travel as a package (as they share the same cast; band, singers and dancers) so if one goes down the whole show needs to be re-packaged.

There is something of a surprising generational shift here which is could be construed as emblematic of the average of passengers sailing on Epic. We have been predicting Epic would appeal to a younger demographic.

Elvis was popular in the 50s, Tina Turner was popular in the 60/70s and Madonna was all about the 80s.

The new line up represents a much younger demographic; Rod Stewart’s hit come from the 70s, Michael Jackson hit his prime in the 80s and Britney Spears belongs to now.

Now, having once been in the music business myself I can recognize a Michael Jackson or a Rod Stewart song immediately, but I cannot even name one Britney Spears song she has ever recorded. But I supposed the fact she is a modern artist simply plays a part in the selection, like most contemporary singers her stage show is as much about choreography as it is about lyrics or vocal style, maybe more.

Whether you recognize the songs or not, I am sure it is a lively stage show. In case you didn’t know, all of the artists perform on the same night in one big show (they do not do separate shows on separate nights). There is a very large cast for the show with the lead artists, a dedicated band and a team of six to eight very talented dancers and three backup singers.

It is a very professional cast, likely to be a whole new set of performers since the same ensemble backs up all three artists. This was one of my favorite shows on my Epic cruise last June.


Changes in Cirque Dreams and Dinner

The Cirque Dreams and Dinner show has been the recipient of many fervent reviews on the ship, some fervently in favor and some not. But one aspect of the show that has received almost universally bad reviews is the food; “tough steak and rubber chicken” had been the most commonly used description.

Well, they now have a new menu to reflect the new price of the show, which has doubled since the ship launched. The cost will be $30 for the prime seats and $20 for the back row seats as of September 25. The show remains the same, but here is the new menu below:


Salad Trio

Foie Gras with Fig Chutney

Heart of Boston Lettuce with Buttermilk Dressing

Chicken Sate with Cucumber & Tomato Marmalade


Surf & Turf Entree

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp and Roasted Beef Tenderloin

Cheesy Gratin Potatoes, Swiss Chard and Stem Baby Carrots

Madeira Sauce



Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Vanilla Bean Pot De Crème with Wild Berries

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Praline Crème & Crystallized Violet

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Comment from Dave Beers
Time September 25, 2010 at 3:22 pm

I must applaud NCL for making the change to the dinner menu so soon – obviously as a response to the criticism. I really don’t get the Britney Spears thing, especially since whatever stardom she may have had seems to be fading rapidly.

Comment from Peter Krasowski
Time September 26, 2010 at 8:22 am

The Epic Pools were terrible, the smallest yet, the food was ok yet never hot, it seemed that is was a kids cruise, and the adult were in the way. Adults like using the water slides but the inner tubes need to be given out at a different location and according to size of that person.

Comment from sal
Time September 28, 2010 at 6:07 pm

who cares about this. take the ship out of service for one week and change the stupid sinks and beds. the majority of complaints on this ship are the room arrangements. whoever designed the room arrangements should literally be shot. somebody at ncl totally dropped the ball. was there not a mock up of these rooms. was ther only skinny little people thought about. no body remebered that 40% of north americans are chunky butts. cabin and bathroom arrangements stinks.

Comment from Bob Erickson
Time October 24, 2010 at 2:30 pm

We’ve cruised on NCL many many times but won’t be going on the Epic…
Bathrooms and Showers that aren’t private…sinks in the room??..Geezzzz

Comment from Mark G
Time November 14, 2010 at 5:37 pm

Just got off the Epic on 11/13/2010…I was glad to be off the ship. Bad weather (not NCL’s fault though) reaked havoc on the trip. Had to skip a port altogether due to high winds…so that meant another day at sea looking for a quiet space or four deck chairs located together…good luck. People claim their “base” for the day and then leave their towels and stuff and wander off leaving half the chairs unoccupied but claimed. As a mentioned the weather, the rocking and rolling of the ship caused the ceiling in our stateroom to creak…wakes you from a dead sleep. This happened three nights. A friend of ours was locked out of her room for four hours when the lock failed. She couldn’t take her medication…all they would do for her is offer a bottle of wine…she doesn’t drink because of the medication. The entertainment was great though.

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