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Archive for July, 2012

First Trip To Europe – Do It On A Cruise

A few weeks ago, I returned from a Western Mediterranean cruise. Though it wasn’t my first trip to Europe, it did remind me why a cruise is an excellent way to visit Europe, particularly for those visiting that region for the first time. It’s certainly not that many parts of Europe aren’t worth a land trip, […]

Cruise Insurance

One of the sad facts of life is people die. People die on land, and people die on cruise ships. People get sick on land, and people get sick on cruise ships. People get sick on land, and recover, and people get sick on cruise ships, and recover. Those are just simple facts. When the simple […]

Calling From The Sea Creates Hefty Fees

Would returning home to find a $500 – $2000 cell phone bill waiting for you ruin your cruise?  This does happen, and, sadly, it happens to more people who’ve been on cruises than you can imagine. Astonishingly, some people will pay more for their cell phone usage than they paid for their cruise! I have covered […]

Dan Hanrahan Leaving Celebrity

I don’t know anything about Dan Hanrahan. As the president of Celebrity Cruises he never once introduced himself to me, although I we have both been on several Celebrity ships at the same time, me being there to write articles for this web site as well as another major news channel web site that has […]

Great Service Makes The Food Taste Better

It’s long been my theory that outstanding service makes the food taste better. It’s a philosophy I’ve held to throughout my 35 years in the bar and restaurant business, and was once again proven true on my latest cruise on the Carnival Breeze (which I disembarked from just yesterday). On this cruise we began with […]

Is It All About The Food?

Next to emotions, our taste buds may be one of our most personal tools for judging our levels of satisfaction. Simply put, we all (individually) know what we think tastes good. Yet, as admittedly subjective as everyone agrees the topic is, there’s rarely a “professional” or “user” review of a cruise ship written that doesn’t discuss the food. While there’s some room […]